Sexy Saturday Round Up

26 Mar

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

It’s spring! Finally! In the northeast it didn’t feel much like spring this week as we were slammed with another snow storm. Argh!!! Yet not to worry. It’s melting already and soon we’ll see buds on the trees and flowers in the ground. In the meantime, being cooped up is an excellent excuse for all kinds of indulgences, so give in, I say! Give in! And just like that walk through the tulips we’ll all be doing when spring actually appears, you can take a walk through the fun and fab reads we’ve rounded up for you this week.

Say “hi” to the raw cannabis smoothie – the next awesome superfood.

The true big boys of fashion: plus-size male models.

Need a workout, wanna do something for the environment – what to do?! Why, go plogging, of course.

So what’s actually inside that Mickey D’s shamrock shake?

Where are all the uncircumcised men?

Victorian perfume advice.

From Madeline:

From Cosmo: Would you rather — a sex quiz.

Pucker up! From Lifehacker: How to eat Ass

From WaPo: Iranian woman are pulling off their headscarves in the streets! (If this doesn’t inspire your spirit of rebellion nothing will.)

From Jezebel: The male birth control pill is just around the corner — but don’t hold your breath.


Okay, who’s the a**hole trying to sow division amongst women? Some say Gen X women and baby boomers are telling Millennials to suck it up, buttercup when it comes to obnoxious dates.  Not so, says VOX.  And they’ve got a sexual harassment poll to prove it.

Jedi master? Try cunnilingus master.















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