Sexy Sunday Snippet: Winning Casey by January Bain

10 Jun

Happy Sexy Snippet Sunday! This week we have a hot bit from Book One of January’s Brass Ring Sorority series,



Headstrong archeologist Casey spends her life exploring the world for hidden treasure and ancient artifacts. A free spirit, her dedication to her calling means she’s often in conflict with the more narrow-minded higher-ups at the university where she’s employed as an associate professor. Timetables, rules, protocols—they all go out of the window when Casey’s on the hunt.

The inscrutable Professor Truman Harrison falls for Casey at first sight, literally, tumbling into a pit at her feet on first meeting. Now, if he as Casey’s new, detested department head can just talk her into helping him search for the legendary treasure buried in the Money Pit of Oak Island, Nova Scotia, maybe he can also get her to fall into his bed. But first he needs to prove to her he’s not just another tunnel-visioned box-ticking management ‘suit’.

But the romance of this scorching-hot couple proves to have all the twists, turns, false starts and trick corners of a multicursal labyrinth. Luckily, both Casey and Truman have no small skill and a little bit of practice in navigating those…


“Do you have a boyfriend, Casey? I was wondering, as I can’t imagine his wanting you to be wandering all over the countryside without his protection. I know I’d have some objections if it were my woman going off with a strange man looking for ancient treasure.”

“What! I am quite capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much!” And just when he wasn’t looking quite so annoying he came out with that old line.

“You didn’t answer my question,” he said.

“No,” she admitted, the alcohol freeing her tongue. “My track record on that score is dismal. Never seems to go past one or two dates. Most guys just don’t get it.”

“Don’t get what?” Truman sat so close heat radiated from his warm flesh. She shivered.

“The last guy I went out with liked ketchup on his burned steak for heaven’s sake! Who does that to a forty-dollar steak?” The alcohol loosened her tongue further. “And then there was the guy, an accountant, talked about his retirement plans on the first date,” she said with a snort. “And his married brother with their two perfect children. Showed me photos on his facebook page and everything. He just wanted a wife and one point seven children.” She took another sip of the liquor to stop herself from going any further. “Sorry, you don’t want to hear about my dating woes.”

“No, it’s quite fascinating, really.”

“My bullshit meter says differently,” she said with a snort.

“I understand about commitment issues.”

“Why, have you been burned professor?” Hardly the question one should ask their boss, but he’d started it.

“Yeah, you could say that.” He had someone specific in mind, obviously.

“Care to talk about it?”

“No, done enough of that already,” he said, a twinge of bitterness exposed.

“Therapy is overrated,” she said. “My personal philosophy is ‘suck it up buttercup’ and get on with things.”

It was his turn to snort. “Yeah, well maybe next time.” He got to his feet. “I’d better make us some coffee, darlin’. I’m starting to feel a little too good.” He froze. “Did you hear that?”


“I hear something large moving in the bush directly across from us. I’ll bet that Byrne is up to something,” he said grimly as he got to his feet. “You stay here. I’ll check.”

“Like hell!” she said scrambling off the chair. She had more training than him on defensive moves, she’d bet her bottom dollar on it.

He gave her a quick look.

“I’ll head to the right. You take the left,” she whispered before he could speak. As quietly and fast as possible she maneuvered around rocks and debris taking a wide berth into the stand of trees, all senses on high alert. Truman headed in the opposite direction, moving like a shadow. Not bad. For a suit.

Bright red eyes glowed fiery in the darkness. She froze, a twig crackled under her shoe making her wince. Every sense on high alert. The eyes were approximately a meter above the ground, the right height for a very large dog or giant wolf.

The head moved slowly as it caught her scent. The piercing eyes bore into hers. Fuck. What was it?

She trained to ward off humans—but this–this was something else entirely. Her breath quickened. Raspy. Too fast. She longed for full body padding. A gun. Bear spray. Any weapon.

Calm down.

She racked her brain. It could only be one thing. The Devil Dog.

Legendary guardian of buried treasure. Byrne had to be playing at creating one to frighten them off. It wasn’t real. Couldn’t be real. Someone in a costume most likely. She took a step closer. Her eyes remained riveted on the spot. Prayed she was right. Because if she was wrong…

The dark shape moved closer. She stood her ground. Swallowed. Hard. Was it going to attack? Her alcohol befuddled mind froze. Time froze.

Then in a flash it turned and began moving toward the shore, away from them. She heard Truman following as she rushed forward, not worrying about being heard now that whatever it was knew they were onto it.

They reached the beach. Casey whirled around.

Gone. Nowhere to be seen.

“What the fuck!” she exclaimed.

“My sediments exactly,” Truman said coming up to her. With only a sliver of moon the beach navigating the beach was difficult, filled with lurking potholes and large objects. He pulled a flashlight from his pocket and shone it on the ground, looking for prints in the sand. Nothing conclusive.

“Hologram?” she asked, musing aloud. Let out a deep breath. “Laser eyes? Little person in a costume?” Now safe, she could let out the stress.

He gave a bark of laughter at the last one. “Not sure, it moved silently. I wouldn’t put it past him though to come up with some crazy way of doing it. He wants us gone. He’s made that abundantly clear.”


Get your copy of Winning Casey direct from the publisher or Amazon. Book Two, Chasing Lacey, is being released June 19th.


If you are looking for January Bain, you can find her hard at work every morning without fail in her office with two furry babies trying to prove who does a better job of guarding the doorway. And, of course, she’s married to the most romantic man! Who once famously remarked to her inquiry about buying fresh flowers for their home every week, “Give me one good reason why not?” Leaving her speechless and knocking her head against the proverbial wall for being so darn foolish. She loves flowers.

If you wish to connect in the virtual world she is easily found on Facebook, twitter and writes a weekly blog about her journey on Blogger. Oh, and she loves to talk books…




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