Sexy Saturday Round Up
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June 16, 2018

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Hello Sexies! It’s Pride month, it’s Dad weekend – it’s summer! Much to get excited about, including some most excellent reads we’ve rounded up for this weekend. So settle in, kick your heels back, maybe make some rainbow pancakes for brunch. Enjoy an awesome weekend and bring Dad along for the fun.

So hey, what exactly is there to know about pride month? Well, since you asked

Sexual abuse rocks the highest echelon of the literary world – the Nobel.

Whats an ex-president to do once he’s out of office and has time on his hands? Why, write one of the year’s best selling novels, of course.

The hottest of the hot lesbian sex moves! All about tribbing.

The stigmas behind older women dating younger men.

How to know if you’re asexual.

Serena Williams on body shaming.




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