Sexy Saturday Round Up

4 Aug

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Holy s**t, it’s August! I’m seeing back to school ads and summer’s trying to get away from us. Could someone plese call it bacK? “Heeeere, Summer Summer. Heeeere, Sumer Summer.” Barring that most elusive of seasons  giving us months more of her time, we’d bettter take as much advantage as possible before it’s swept away in a swirl of dead leaves. Thankfully, no danger of that this weekend, my lovely smutties. The temps are warm and the cocktails cool. So grab one, why don’t you, and enjoy the fun reads we’ve gathered up for you this weekend. And if you happen to be at the Barnes & Noble in Edison, NJ on Saturday between noon and 4:00, stop by to say hello. I’ll be doing a “meet the romance authors” event. 10 romance authors – and chocolate.

Introducing the new lovehoney happy rabbit vibrators. What’s not to love?

Kink as your mental health therapist.

Do you ever get stuck trying to name your fantasy character? Fear no more! Here, all the fantasy, mystical, witches, vampires and more names in one giant convenient database.

And here, if your characters are talking smack, Shakespearean insults in a handy little guide.

Sexual harassment, The Bachlor style.

Alt-right dingbats say Sarah Jeong is a racistThe New York Times says f**k off.

Forget pills. Here’s how to speed your metabolism naturally.

The Appalachian feminist revolution.

Teens are snorting condoms why, exactly? Because they can?

Fake news evolving into fake events, and why it’s really scary.








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