Sexy Saturday Round Up

11 Aug

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Happy weekend, sexies! From peeing on the president to career advice, it’s all here for you in this weekend’s round-up. Enjoy!

Some people who dislike the president vent their frustrations by peeing on him. Sort of.

Throwback film review! Two costume drama nerds discuss the perfectly perfect A Room With a View. I still swoon over that kiss.

Tips for the uninitiated about the giving a mind-blowing bj to the uncircumcised.

Why Diane von Furstenberg hates viagra.

And now for something completely whacked. People post edited photos of themselves and then get plastic surgery to actually look like the edited pics.

You’ve heard about blue balls, but blue vulva? Yes, it’s a thing.

It’s a job hunter’s job market, but how do you pick a career that actually suits you?

Mother of the year award! Mama duck leads 76 (!) ducklings across a river. So cute!

Sitting around this weekend with nothing to do? How about making chocolate liqueur. It’s easy!

5 movies and shows that create hilarious sex questions.




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