Sexy Saturday Round Up
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October 12, 2018

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Happy weekend, sexies! Don’t know about where you’re at, but here in the Northeast it finally feels like fall. Crisp air, leaves starting to change, and boot weather to boot! Your ever-faithful Lady Smut has also gathered up some great quick reads for you. Seems like the makings of an awesome weekend. Have fun!

Love thyself – even if you’re fat. That’s okay, right?

Silver foxes….ooooooh yeah. So hot. So sexy. But why?

Stop working so much! It impacts your sex life.

The GOP’s take-away from the Kavanaugh debacle is to appoint 15 more male judges.

The bunnies are baaaaack! Playboy Club New York opens.

From Madeline:

What are the effect of embracing anti-heroes in our TV culture?…Are we possibly setting ourselves up to feel numb towards unsavory characters in real life?

Hey Guys! Here’s a Lifehacker tip on how to last longer during sex.

#HimToo speaks out! Turns out that his goofy mom’s goof is to blame for his sudden twitter notoriety. But his brother’s really happy about it.

Faux-cest porn–made by a woman.  Super-angsty guilt driven porn is the hot new trend–all you Stepbrother romance readers out there ready for this?

A new self-help book written by a black woman & Why Saggy Boobs Matter

Are you gassing up your friends? Man speaks to this friendship trend.


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