Sexy Saturday Round Up
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November 9, 2018

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round UpHey sexy ladies-

You survived election week and now you can settle back to reap your reward: a mega-SSRU this Saturday.  As always, we’ve got news about strong women, gender, and whacky sex stuff. Enjoy!

From Madeline:

Jezebel looks at fatness, race, and food policies in America.

Slutever asks: Is it feminist to wear a strap on?

The Atlantic explores: How does puberty affect a girl’s confidence?

Guts Mag looks at how to become a butt slut: sexual mindfulness while having anal sex.

The new Colette movie focusses on the author’s bi-sexuality.

Trans women on losing their virginity-twice.

Squirting 101: Soak Up the Pleasure, Soak Up the Fun

Aftercare is not just for bottoms/subs.  Turns out tops and doms need aftercare too.

Beware of SWERFs: Sex work shamers who claim they are feminist.

BBC on how online dating is changing our perceptions of beauty.

Are you gassing up your friends? Here’s how and why you should.

Saggy boobs matter! A memoir/self-help book written by a young african-american reflects upon experiences of those often ignored by self-help books.

VENOM! Here’s a review about the latest Tom Hardy movie.

Simple tips on how men can last longer while having sex.

People had mixed reviews of the Sabrina reboot on Netflix–this Atlantic article explores the depiction of female power in the new series.

Last but not least–we wouldn’t be Lady Smut if we didn’t this female reporter exploring the latest in creepy Sex Bot technology. 

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