Sexy Saturday Round Up

23 Nov

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Full up on turkey and shopping and relatives, oh my? Take a break from early onset holiday madness with our round-up of this week’s fun reads. We promise it’ll be the perfect pause that refreshes you.

Feeling like the TV is the place to be this holiday weekend? Then check out the shows you should be watching.

Dumb crook alert! Laundering money doesn’t mean actually laudering money. D’oh!

The quest for good sperm. A gay woman’s tale.

An easy way to drive him wild? Smell like pumpkin.

Think you know about a thing or two about the Big O? Think again.

How not to go broke this holiday season.

The 69th annual National Book Awards.

Keep your sex appeal forever. Here’s how.

Why the decline of newspapers is bad for the environment.

Ever been curved? Hope you haven’t.



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