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Sexy Saturday Round Up

15 Dec

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Dashing through the snow, dashing through the mall, it’s all madness to us. With only a bit over a week to go until Christmas descends, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of present buying and cocktail party attending. In the throes of it all, it’s important to take a little time for ourselves. We’re glad you’ve decided to spend some of it with us. Relax and unwind – we’ve got some links up for you.

Jezelbel’s take on the best books of the year.

Pot and sex…we’re talking about cannasexuals. Yes, it’s a thing.

Sex lives of historial queens. We’re talking about you, The Favourite.

Get yourself out of that office holiday party early. Trust us, just do it.

It’s here! A compilation of the worst holiday moviesevah!

It’s the Pornhub review of the year.

Just in case you’re wondering what Jason Momoa is up to. Hello, Aqua Man!



Sexy Saturday Round Up

23 Nov

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Full up on turkey and shopping and relatives, oh my? Take a break from early onset holiday madness with our round-up of this week’s fun reads. We promise it’ll be the perfect pause that refreshes you.

Feeling like the TV is the place to be this holiday weekend? Then check out the shows you should be watching.

Dumb crook alert! Laundering money doesn’t mean actually laudering money. D’oh!

The quest for good sperm. A gay woman’s tale.

An easy way to drive him wild? Smell like pumpkin.

Think you know about a thing or two about the Big O? Think again.

How not to go broke this holiday season.

The 69th annual National Book Awards.

Keep your sex appeal forever. Here’s how.

Why the decline of newspapers is bad for the environment.

Ever been curved? Hope you haven’t.



Sexy Saturday Round Up

17 Nov

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

How things change in a week! We started out getting more and more election results from last Tuesday, ended with a bizarre snow storm in the northeast, and are now on the cusp of Thanksgiving. Whhhaaattt??? But changes keep life interesting – as do cool reads from our weekly round-up. So if you’ve finished shoveling out the car, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy. It’s the weekend! Ahhhh….

From Elizabeth:

Masters of literary fiction dish on their own masterpieces.

Tarot card predictions for this weekend for every zodiac sign.

Have sex, save lives.

So classy! Moronic prez Trump honors dead Supreme Court justice by praising all the sex he had.

Thanksgiving alert! How to buy a turkey.

From Madeline:

Historically important interracial relationships.

Two nerdy history girls relate the logical thoughts of a famous Regency courtesan.

Hilarious: “12 Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women

The price of a bigger penis.

The difference between spontaneous and responsive desire.

That old tried and true Hollywood romance story from the male point of view is basically a blueprint for stalkers. YOU is a TV show using that blueprint and combining it with a modern sensibility.

Sex robot brothel–that’s not realllllly a sex robot brothel.




Sexy Saturday Round Up

2 Nov

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

The calendar page just flipped to November on Thursday when I heard Let It Snow on the overhead at my local Starbucks. Gaaah! Say it isn’t so! We’ve gone from all things pumpkin to all things peppermint in the blink of an eye. But here at Lady Smut, we’re taking it all in stride. Despite ongoing madness in the political world – don’t forget to vote on Tuesday! – here we offer a sea of sexy tranquility. Read on, Lady Smutters, read on.

If you want to be friends with your ex, just ask a lesbian how it’s done.

An eerie mystery in Italy may be solved with the discovery of skeletal remains on Vatican land.

The best shower accessory you didn’t know you needed.

Why you must vote…from the world according to John Legend.

How men’s and women’s sexual fantasies differ…and are very much alike.

Booze-free bars…the future of going out?

Canada votes to legalize marijuana and then they ran out of marijuana.

Listen to the wisdom of nature. Ahhhh…

Your November sex horoscope.

Ryan Reynolds says wife Blake Lively has sex with ghosts.

And finally: woman who says she has supernatural sex now claims she’s engaged to a ghost. Spooky!


Sexy Saturday Round Up

26 Oct

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

We’re cruising the pumpkin highway this time of year – pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cereal – and pretty soon the great pumpkin! (ABC is showing the perennial Charlie Brown favorite on October 26th). But lest the clock strikes midnight and we all  turn into pumpkins ourselves, better catch up on our reading. We’ve got plenty of good stuff to keep you entertained, so sit back, relax, grab a pumpkin latte, and enjoy this week’s hot reads.

Still got pumpkin on the brain? Try carving a Martha Stewart serpent pumpkin – and just accept that you’ll suck at it.

The model who played Melania Trump in a rapper video is now receiving death threats. People, chill. Seriously.

10 male misconceptions about female masturbation.

Fickstutenmarkt – just the ticket for when you get an urge to have sex with a strangers while wearing a bag on your head.

From Madeline:

Halloween just got hysterically perverse with these “unique” maternity photos. 

Mom, his puberty is all you: study links start of boy’s puberty stage to when their mother’s puberty years hit.

Are you ready for sex? Mental vs. physical arousal.

Slutever explores the difficulty of finding a Happy Ending massage if you’re a woman.

Are you a SWERF? Or do you support sex workers? (Dudes, I might be a SWERF. It’s hard for me to envision some future utopia where sex work is ever a really good professional choice to pursue and gets the same level of respect that being a gymnast, model would. (I’m thinking here of  professions people inevitably age out of.)

Tops need aftercare too.

Squirting 101: Soak Up the Pleasure, Soak Up the Fun

The queer love story at the heart of the new Collette movie.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

12 Oct

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Happy weekend, sexies! Don’t know about where you’re at, but here in the Northeast it finally feels like fall. Crisp air, leaves starting to change, and boot weather to boot! Your ever-faithful Lady Smut has also gathered up some great quick reads for you. Seems like the makings of an awesome weekend. Have fun!

Love thyself – even if you’re fat. That’s okay, right?

Silver foxes….ooooooh yeah. So hot. So sexy. But why?

Stop working so much! It impacts your sex life.

The GOP’s take-away from the Kavanaugh debacle is to appoint 15 more male judges.

The bunnies are baaaaack! Playboy Club New York opens.

From Madeline:

What are the effect of embracing anti-heroes in our TV culture?…Are we possibly setting ourselves up to feel numb towards unsavory characters in real life?

Hey Guys! Here’s a Lifehacker tip on how to last longer during sex.

#HimToo speaks out! Turns out that his goofy mom’s goof is to blame for his sudden twitter notoriety. But his brother’s really happy about it.

Faux-cest porn–made by a woman.  Super-angsty guilt driven porn is the hot new trend–all you Stepbrother romance readers out there ready for this?

A new self-help book written by a black woman & Why Saggy Boobs Matter

Are you gassing up your friends? Man speaks to this friendship trend.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

5 Oct

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Nothing like a fall chill in the air to get our blood running hot. Warm apple cider, cozy sweaters, and sexy reads – or a movies! –  will do the trick. And for a bit of inspiration, check out our round-up this weekend. We bet it’ll get your blood running hot, too.

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga…we sure are happy these stars were born. And did somebody around here say Academy Award? Trust us, there’s buzz…

OK, let’s just get this over with. #MeToo girls, we’ve still got work to do. Lots of it.

At work and horny and don’t know what to do? Start with these suggestions.

Slumber parties aren’t what they used to be! Now they can come with sex ed lessons.

Cotton vagina – the downside of smoking too much weed.

Love and sex in China – where there are waaaaay too many men.

The 50 best and worst fall foods. According to men, that is.

Overwhelemed, overstressed, and wanting to be over it. How to take care of yourself emotionally.

Here’s a way to save some money – stop with the vitamin D supplements. Besides, they don’t work.

Here’s one for the guys: the science behind low-hanging balls.

Orgasmic meditation. It’s a thing.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

7 Sep

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Raise a glass – another fabulous weekend is upon us! Time to relax, unwind, and catch up on your reading – and viewing –  pleasure. We’ve got love life predictions, a round-up of classic romance, and oh. Did I mention rapper Milan Christopher goes totally bare?  Come on in, Smutters. The water’s fine.

Turns out, men exaggerate their number of sexual partners. Are you kidding me??

Now you see it, now you don’t. Oscar kills the new “popular film” category.

The Marquis de Sade’s wicked, wicked mind – as evidenced through illustrations.

Get your fans out! Rapper Milan Christopher lets it ALL hang out – literally. My, oh my.

This month’s new moon is only days away. What it means for your love life.

A BookRiot podcast on classic romance bestsellers.

Should you be concerned about your date rape fantasies?

Rev up your sex life by understanding your body. Did you know that you’re partly a wild woman?

Why people believe in witches, as explained by science.

Progress! India finally lifts its ban on gay sex.








Sexy Saturday Round Up

1 Sep

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Happy September, lovely Smuters. We’re creeping up into the time of sweaters and cider and boots – oh my! But all is good in Smutland because we’re still rounding up the goods for you all the year round – no matter if it’s beach weather or the time of falling leaves. So kick back on this long weekend and indulge yourself in some good reading. It’s all right here for you.

Flying solo this weekend? Fantastic! What better excuse than to spruce up on some new masturbation techniques.

Labor Day sales!

Cuteness alert – proof that baby goats like it when you smile at them.

The secret to ageless skin may be in your blood.

You know a certain someone complains endlessly about fake news, but what about fake milk? That’s what’s gotten the dairy industry up in arms.

If you’re fretting over that latest Lancet study about one drink a day being bad for you, check this out.

How do you not get jealous if someone else is going down on your husband? Why, by going on a swinger’s vacation, of course.

Clear your mind in 60 seconds with this weirdly cool online meditation tool.




Sexy Saturday Round Up

18 Aug

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

For you, our lovelies, we have Bond, James Bond (but oh, so much better), we have hygiene rules for the lady bits, and badass elf princesses, just to name a bit of the round-up. Enjoy!

Unleash your sexual fantasies because…

What kind of friend are you? Take this quick visual test to find out.

Should you be cleaning your vajayjay with soap?

What Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn can’t live without.

From Madeline:

Swim caps for black hair — the conundrum that keeps many black women out of the pool.

Idris Elba as James Bond–a history of the casting you’ve been waiting to see for 10 + years now.

Best one night stand stories–from Man Repeller.

Luthien–Tolkien’s original badass elf princess.

Who else is excited about seeing Crazy Rich Asians? Here are five movie things to know….

The FDA is about to approve an app that prevents pregnancy by tracking your natural cycle.  But does it actually work?







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