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Sexy Saturday Round Up

29 Jul

By Elizabeth Shore

We’re into August next week, dear friends. Where is the time going? Don’t let summer slip into fall without doing something fantastically fun – including catching up on some awesome reads that your intrepid Lady Smut has gathered for your enjoyment. So kick off your shoes, grab a piña colada, and savor the lazy, hazy summertime weekend.

Who makes the best lovers on Game of Thrones? Why, male virgins, of course.

British man decides the cure for boredom while his wife grocery shops is to masturbate.

Go ahead, get your grumpy on. Why science tells us that being in a bad mood can be good.

Idris Elba! Matthew McConaughey! The Dark Tower, based on Stephen King’s epic 8-book series, is just one of the exciting books-into-movies out now or coming your way soon.

Is it hot to have a bunch of paintings of naked people?

What exactly does it feel like to squirt?

One woman’s answer to receiving a guy’s unsolicited dick pic – sending it to his mom.

You say your partner has a really unattractive sex face? Here’s what to do – besides just closing your eyes.

Holy smokin’ nudity! A video of hot, naked, romance book cover guys. Grab the popcorn and settle in.

The awesome things that can come from dating a younger guy.

Leave it to the fashion world to give us the ultimate in WTF-ery: zits are now cool.







Sexy Saturday Round Up

15 Jul

Don’t look now, friends, but we’re midway through July! Yikes, where’s summer going?? You better be sure to set aside ample time for some fun or summer will fade as frighteningly fast as your tan. But don’t worry about having to hunt around for great reads this weekend, ’cause we’ve got you covered. Just check out the fun stuff we’ve gathered below.

From Madeline:

Please do not put glitter in your vagina.

This mom wants you to know that she f*cks.

This one’s for you, Alexa Day: abduction fantasies played out in real life. 

I wanna see Atomic Bomb! How Charlize Theron navigates playing a female spy who kicks ass and takes names.

How you make a relationship work when you identify as a pansexual man and your partner identifies as a lesbian who likes casual hook-ups.

Are your hook ups practicing good hook-up etiquette? Are you demonstrating good boundaries with your hook-ups? See what these women have to say about how they expect to be treated when doing a little bonk-da-bonk with no expectations.

From Elizabeth Shore:

One gutsy woman’s response to a guy trying to rape her – biting off his tongue.

Are you a THOT?

A two-fer: 10 yoga poses that double as sex positions.

Yeah, Dirty Dancing turns 30 this year – but here’s how not to celebrate that.

Finally! Game of Thrones season 7 kicks off on Sunday! Get caught up on everything you need to know before the big event.

And watch the trailer to get yourself in the mood to fly atop dragons and kick some Lannister butt.





Sexy Saturday Round-Up

24 Jun

By Elizabeth Shore

It’s summer solstice time! Long days, frozen drinks, and all things hot: the weather, the beaches, and the sizzlin’ summer fun! Too hot in your neck of the woods to be outside? Worry not. Sophia Coppolla’s historical thriller The Beguiled opens this weekend. Sexual tension, dangerous rivalries, Colin Farrell! It’s a recipe tailor-made for savvy Lady Smutters who prefer their heat coming from the inside. 😉 Oh, and we’ve got a round-up of some pretty awesome clips from this past week, as well. So grab a frozen margarita or three and enjoy.

From Madeline:

Love your period? This woman does.

Watching porn: “jizz journalist” Lynsey G. deconstructs the medium and its global fanfare

An Oral History of Quentin Tarantino As Told To Me By Men I’ve Dated

Got relationship woes? Relationship anxiety may be to blame.

Abstinence for your feminist-type.

Jessica Chastain shudders over the representation of women at Cannes

From Elizabeth Shore:

Grab a book, hit the sand! And if you’re wondering what to read, here are some picks for best summer beach reads.

Here’s something you may not have seen coming: John McEnroe says Andy Warhol ruined his sex life.

Here’s some messed up s**t: in North Carolina, no doesn’t mean no.

Feel like stalking your ex? There’s an app for that. Thanks, Snapchat.

It’s Pride month, everyone! In celebration, here’s what kind of gay porn is searched for, state by state.





Sexy Saturday Round Up

17 Jun

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey, Sexy Readers! We’re halfway through the lovely month of June – Pride month, Rose month, African-American music appreciation month, and dairy month. To top it off, next week it’s officially summer! So as we streak toward the halfway point of the year, celebrate June by grabbing a pint of rocky road, chilling out to some Coltrane, and diving into the array of fun links we prowled through the web to find for you this week. Oh, and don’t forget to give dad a great big Dad’s Day hug.

Where do old toilets go to die? Why, New York City, of course – reincarnated to an oyster reef.

And the #1 key to selling more books is…

Seeing a new guy? Want to have sex with him? 4 questions to ask yourself before sharing your goods.

Do you have rhythm? Tap to the beat on this website and it’ll let you know – and even give you a score. Weirdly addictive…

Think you know what turns him on? Think again.

Why you must see the baddest badass female to grace the silver screen – Wonder Woman.

People searching for lesbian porn often have a hard time spelling it.

Searching for that most blissful of orgasms – the “blended” kind? Hand him this cheat sheet and he’ll get you to the promised land.

10 tips for first-timers having girl-on-girl sex. Tip: cut your nails!

Original and a bit wacky but a lot of fun Father’s Day gifts.

Dairy month definitely means ice cream. Go homemade with these 40+ super easy recipes.

Talking sex robots with heated genitals are about to become a thing.

Give him a Father’s Day gift for the ages – a blow job that’ll blow his mind. Here’s how.










Sexy Saturday Round Up

10 Jun

By Elizbeth Shore

It’s the weekend! If you’re in the northeast as we Lady Smutters are, you can also get jazzed about the fact that it’s also finally warm. Beach weather, baby! And what goes better with the beach than some good beach reads. You want ’em? We got ’em. So kick off the flip flops, dig your toes in the sand, and settle in with some hot Lady Smut reads. Happy summer, everyone!

How long should sex last? Exactly this long.

Wild weekend getaway. Checking out men thrusting their torsos – with your mom!

Bill Cosby feared being called a “dirty old man.” Ah, Bill? Got news for you, buddy. You ARE!

Doing a little shopping this weekend? Check out this guide to the best jeans for women.

The nude selfie. Feminist stance or a case for slut shaming?

The hottest romance book covers featuring naked hot men. Anyone got a problem with that? We didn’t think so.

What do people in Ireland love besides a pint o’ Guinness and singing sad songs? Pubic sex!

Did you know that yesterday was National Sex Day? No? Well, don’t worry. You can still celebrate this weekend – even if you’re single.

Why are you telling a perfect stranger personal things about yourself? Cause you’re sexually excited by him, that’s why.

What Japanese men do when women are skeeved out by their nipples.






Sexy Saturday Round Up

3 Jun

By Elizabeth Shore

Happy June! It’s National Dairy Month, Rose Month, and Gay Pride Appreciation Month. As we make our way toward the end of 2017’s first half, grab an ice cream, smell the flowers, and show some love to our LGBT brothers and sisters. And while you’re thinking happy thoughts with your dessert, your roses, and your heart swelling with LGBT pride, Lady Smut adds to the fun with our weekly roundup of great reading. I’ll take a mint chip on a waffle cone. Make it a double. 😉

Pull up a chair, ladies! And get some awesome oral lovin’ while you’re at it.

She’s Wonder-ful! How model and actress Gal Gadot got her ass-kickin’ body in jaw-dropping shape for her starring role in Wonder Woman.

A dating app says, “no pictures, please.” You have to actually get to know one another first.

Are you watching American Gods? Are you utterly confused? Author Neil Gaiman describes what the heck it’s all about.

You mean people other than English women with royal blood wear hats? They do indeed – and the official hat maker of the Kentucky derby shares her secrets.

Although we’ve technically missed National Doughnut Day (it was yesterday, y’all), fear not. Oreo has just released their latest flavor – jelly doughnut Oreos.

Thinking aboug becoming a Playboy Playmate? Think again – it’s not all the fun it’s cracked up to be.

Something else to worry about – your vagina might be depressed.

Give some love to the back door. Why butt plugs are the toy you shouldn’t forget.

In a baking mood? How about salted chocolate and almond butter cookies. Here’s the recipe.






Sexy Saturday Round Up

27 May

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey Sexies! Happy long weekend. It’s time to pull out the grill, shake out the blanket, and get the summer started. While you’re enjoying the extra day off from the daily grind – and remembering to thank our brave men and women for their service – we’ve got some delicious reading to recommend. So if you happen to be in the northeast where the forecast is less-than-summery this weekend, at least you can still enjoy the heat. 😉

You know how you assumed that the Dirty Dancing remake was going to be bad? Honey, that was going easy on it.

We’ve almost reached the end of May, which means the end of Masturbation Month 2017. Send it out with a bang – or a slap – by indulging in mutual masturbation.

Fidget spinner porn. Yeah, it’s now a thing.

Do you want to give your man the best, most mind-blowing intense orgasm on the planet? According to Mr. Racy, try milking his prostate.

Who better than Bon Appétit to give us 30 simple Memorial Day weekend grilling recipes.

30 songs of summer 2017 that you won’t be able to get out of your head. You’ve been warned.

Like ’em or loathe ’em, suddenly everyone is talking about male rompers. Or romphims, as some say.

Winter is coming, at least for some of them. The top 7 candidates likely to meet their maker in Game of Thrones upcoming season 7.

Hey guys, got ED? Skip the Viagra, just get a Botox injection.

Oddly fascinating. Forensic scientists solving murders by using bugs.

Horror stories from those in the XXX biz.

From Thien-Kim

Shameless plug: I have a brand new author Facebook page. Will you give it a like?

Have you ever tried cannabis lube? I’m fascinated after reading this review.

Add these panty-melting beach reads to your ereader for the long holiday weekend.

These fairy and mermaid fishnets would add another dimension to your role play. Do you hear the sirens calling?

Are you #TeamBeard or #TeamClean? According to science, women find scruffy men more attractive.

May is almost over. Have you celebrated National Masturbation Month yet?












On The Hunt For Ethical Porn

17 May

By Elizabeth Shore

Do you read Dan Savage? Does anyone not read Dan Savage? He’s been writing his internationally syndicated sex-advice column, Savage Love, since 2002. Writers to Dan’s column seek advice on everything from relationships to whether dogs should be allowed in the room during naughty time, and everything in between.

If you’re not reading Dan’s column, I’d suggest re-thinking that strategy. It’s cool. You learn stuff. For example, I now know all about Chaturbate. For those who, like me until a few days ago, weren’t hip to it, here’s the deal. Chaturbate is a sex webcam site where viewers can watch males, females, couples, or transgender folks do decadent naughty things. You can watch for free but pay in the form of tips to have certain sex acts performed by those whose cameras you’re tuned in to. Ooooh, kinky!

The reason the topic came up in a Savage Love column is because a reader wanted Dan’s opinion on whether he thinks Chaturbate is ethical. The reader’s motivation behind asking the question was because he felt as if webcam sex is “one of the safest ways for girls to do sex work.” Yet, admittedly, he wasn’t sure. He enjoys his role as voyeur but wants to do “as little harm as possible.” Enter, Dan Savage.

Dan responded by saying that in his opinion, Chaturbate seems A-OK. Good with the ethics. According to the owners of the site, as posted in Dan’s response, “The ones who are there to make money don’t work “for” Chaturbate, they work on it. When they do work on CB, although they are independent, they must agree to comply with legal documentation requirements and they must agree to act ethically and legally as set forth in our terms.”

Note to those out there seeking money-making opportunities: Chaturbate performers can make decent cash. If they promote themselves and build up a fan base, the tips can actually translate into a way to make a living. A wild way, to be sure, and one I’m not certain I’d do, but that’s because I’m a corporate sludge and have to be prim and proper in the daytime world. Someone grabbing a screen shot of me doing something blissfully sinful could splash it all over the virtual world and there goes the end of Corporate Elizabeth. But I digress…

Anyhoo, Dan’s answer on the ethics question springboarded onto another intriguing conundrum. More and more people are apparently wanting their porn to be not only hot, but ethical. (And here some folks thought porn viewers are primarily dirty – and unscrupulous – old men. Not so!) To that end, a woman recently asked him where one goes to find feminist porn. Hmmmm. Feminist…porn? It seems as glaring an oxymoron as truthful politician. Does such a thing exist? Well, of course it does. And women are watching it. According to Pornhub, women now make up one-quarter of their global audience. Since there are 64,000,000 people visiting Pornhub on any given day, that’s a lotta women watching a lotta porn.

Dan didn’t cite any specific places to go to fulfill one’s feminist porn desires, but he did point out something obvious but worth repeating: you get what you pay for. It’s easy enough to find ethical, feminist porn (Google is a wondrous tool), but be prepared to pay for it, and be OK doing so. Being an ethically responsible porn consumer, writes Dan, means this: “Paying for porn downloads helps finance projects and create careers for filmmakers and performers we like (and get off to). If you gets all your porn from Tumblr and/or the various tubes, you forfeit your right to complain about the porn that’s out there. Buy the kind of porn you like and more of the porn you like will be made.”

Ethical and feminist. A different way to think about porn. Kind of wild. Speaking of, this week we’re celebrating our own Kiersten Hallie Krum’s finalist nomination for the RONE awards for her book, Wild on the Rocks. We’d love it if you showed her a bit of wild love and hopped on over here to cast your vote for her, and then for only $.99, go ahead and score a copy to see what all the fuss is about.

To go along with Kiersten’s fabulous book, we’ve got a scavenger hunt going on here at Lady Smut. Collect our various wild confessions in our posts this week for a chance to win $10 in spending cash over at Amazon.

Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires




Decent Acting, Gorgeous People, And BDSM! So Why Didn’t Anyone Watch Submission?

10 May

By Elizabeth Shore

A few days ago I found myself without anything to do. Well, technically, there’s always s**t to do, but nothing I felt like tackling. The solution? Cruise my way down couch jockey street, flipping channels until I landed on some mind-numbing goodness for a few hours of escape. Drink in one hand, remote in the other, I found Submission, a 6-episode series that aired last year on Showtime. Wait…last year?! Why hadn’t I heard of it? Admittedly, I’m not always hip to the latest on TV, but still. This show was right up my erotic romance alley and yet until recently had gone undiscovered.

Naturally, I binge-watched all six episodes. Not terribly impressive since they were each like 28 minutes long. Yet once I finished watching I really was perplexed about why no one’s been talking about this show. Let’s run down the list of attractions: beautiful actors (standard fare for TV shows, but still); not bad plotline, decent writing, money from Showtime. Oh, and sex. Lots and lots and lots of sex! BDSM, F/F, regular M/F, even ménage. And it was hot, too. A scene between one of the series’ main characters and an impromptu meet-up in the ladies’ room had me coming back ’round for a second viewing. De-lish!

It’s not surprising that the sex scenes are a major focus of the series. Its two creators, Jacky St. James and Paul Fishbein, have well-established creds in the adult video world. Fishbein, in fact, is the former CEO of Adult Video News and creator of the AVN awards show. So on paper it seems like this series would work. It’s even got parallels to 50 Shades. But I don’t know a single person who’s seen it and the show’s outlook for a season 2 is shaky, to put it mildly.

Here’s the plot: sexually frustrated Ashley ditches her boring boyfriend and decides to roommate with an old friend, Jules. Jules has an additional roomie, Dylan, who’s night and day different from Ashley. Dylan’s a sexually open, do-it-with-anyone kinda gal. She’s also a submissive. When Ashley meets Dylan’s master, Elliott, and becomes the object of his desire, giving Dylan the boot, things get interesting indeed. Nothing like a pissed-off subbie out for revenge. Dylan, as it turns out, knows something about Elliott that he’d rather keep secret. So unless Ashley does exactly what Dylan wants, Elliott’s in a heap o’ trouble. And naturally, adding fuel to Elliott’s fire, by this time he and Ashley are in love. Conflict abounds! Late-night smutty TV at its best. Oh, and then there’s the sex. Did I mention that?

I looked up deets on the show on IMDB and wasn’t exactly shocked to learn that the character of Dylan is played by former adult video star, Raylin Joy, whose stage name is Skin Diamond. Her character is the most sexually daring of the bunch. But here’s the interesting thing about the actress. She was born in the U.S. but lived most of her adolescent life in the U.K. She studied Dramatic Arts and her favorite subjects were ancient Greek theater and Shakespeare. For her acting final exam she played Antigone in the Sophocles play. With a theater geek background, why porn? She’s quoted as saying, “as an independent and highly sexual woman, taking charge of my own personal sexual growth in this manner was immensely empowering.”

Certainly comparisons can be drawn between Ms. Joy’s statement about her acting and why some of us choose to read and write erotic romance. There is indeed something personally empowering in creating sexually open characters and having them delve into all kinds of hot wickedness, wherever our naughty little minds choose to take them.

I personally think Showtime dropped the ball by not advertising the dang series. No one’s gonna watch if they don’t know the show exists, amiright?! Who knows if Submission will go beyond a single season, but if you want to see it for yourself, it’s streaming on demand. So if you’re sitting around with nothing to do, now you’ve got some options. 😉

Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires

The end of an awful marriage might be the beginning of something smoking hot. Click to buy.






The Erotic Thriller Everyone Hates

26 Apr

The Great Divider. Bestselling erotic thriller Maestra.

By Elizabeth Shore

Last Christmas I was in the Helsinki airport awaiting a return flight to New York when I realized I didn’t have enough to read. Panic ensued. Facing an 8+ hour flight without backup material wasn’t in my deck of cards. No siree. With only minutes to spare, I made a beeline for the English-language section of the airport bookstore. I scanned the thriller section faster than a Google search and landed on Maestra by L.S. Hilton. I’d not heard of either the author or the book, but “The International Phenomenon” and “Gripping Thriller” blurbs on the front were enough for me. Book in hand, I boarded my flight.

As it turns out, I never did start the book then. Who knows why. Maybe I had more left of my book in progress than I remembered. Or maybe I actually fell asleep on the flight. Whatever the case, I finally read Maestra a couple of weeks ago. And once I’d started, I was hooked.

To begin with, author L.S. Hilton is a heck of a good writer. “Sharp and extremely well written,” says The Daily Mail. “Hilton can both actually write and plot,” exclaims the BBC. But it was the story itself with its unpredictable heroine Judith Rashleigh that made Maestra un-put-downable. This book took me on a fun sexy wild ride, one I absolutely did not see coming. Heroine Judith did a 180 on me, turning out to be very different from how she first appears. And my oh my did the sex scenes ever sizzle. Huh, thought I. Why have I not heard of this book? And who’s this L.S. Hilton?

Turns out, Ms. Hilton comes with seriously respectable creds. She’s a historian and biographer, graduating from Oxford with a degree in English before studying art history in both France and Italy. She’s written gobs of books on royal monarchs, her latest being The Stolen Queen, set in medieval Europe. Scores of respected magazines have published articles by her, including The Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Vogue, Elle, The Royal Academy Magazine, and a British cultural and political affairs magazine called Standpoint. So what’s up with the foray into the world of erotic thrillers? Hilton says blame it on her agent. He’s the one who planted the idea.

Apparently that agent gives good advice. Maestra is the first in a planned trilogy. Hilton has received tons of rave reviews from around the globe. She got a huge movie deal. The second book of the series, Domina, just came out this month (in the U.K., although Americans have to wait until July). But everything’s not all roses and sunshine. If you check out the reviews on Amazon they’re more mixed across the board than I’ve ever seen for a single book. Lots of people love it. Lots of people despise it. The way it has divided both critics and readers makes Trump look like a dilettante. As Lisa Hilton herself stated in a Guardian interview, “Everyone hated my book. My agent hated it, and my publisher hated it, and pretty much everyone I showed it to hated it. Even now that Maestra has been sold in 42 countries and garnered a film deal, it still seems to make a lot of readers furious.”

Author L.S. Hilton

Before her book became the bestselling erotic thriller everyone hates, it had to get published. Hilton shopped it to scores of publishers, all of whom passed. It was rejected so many times she started considering self-publishing. She applied for a teaching position. Then the magic happened. She finally got signed, not just for one book but three. One day in the morning, Hilton received a letter that she wasn’t even going to be granted an interview for the teaching position she’d applied for. That same afternoon, she received word that film rights for Maestra had sold for seven figures. Hilton say in an interview in The Telegraph that when she heard the news, “I was so stunned I thew up.”

The critical reviews are by and large nothing short of raving. Readers are less impressed. The Washington Post review may have said it best: “Maestra will be one of this year’s most talked-about novels.” People are talking, all right, though not in the way the Post envisioned. While Publishers’ Weekly gives it a starred review and Booklist raves that it’s “edgy, decadent, erotic, and irresistible,” the latest reader reviewer on Amazon calls Maestra “one of the biggest literary disappointments I have ever had.” Ouch.

Books are so much like music or food or art or anything else on the planet where subjectivity is the name of the game. I personally thought Maestra was a good-time romp in the world of erotic thrillers, and Domina is immediately added to my TBR pile. One can’t help but draw comparisons between this book and Fifty Shades. Both authors even use two initials for their first name! But for all the naysayers who scoff at this book, plenty of writers would be more than happy to take a bath in negative reviews in exchange for an L.S. Hilton moment in the sun.

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Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires




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