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Sexy Saturday Round Up

11 Aug

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Happy weekend, sexies! From peeing on the president to career advice, it’s all here for you in this weekend’s round-up. Enjoy!

Some people who dislike the president vent their frustrations by peeing on him. Sort of.

Throwback film review! Two costume drama nerds discuss the perfectly perfect A Room With a View. I still swoon over that kiss.

Tips for the uninitiated about the giving a mind-blowing bj to the uncircumcised.

Why Diane von Furstenberg hates viagra.

And now for something completely whacked. People post edited photos of themselves and then get plastic surgery to actually look like the edited pics.

You’ve heard about blue balls, but blue vulva? Yes, it’s a thing.

It’s a job hunter’s job market, but how do you pick a career that actually suits you?

Mother of the year award! Mama duck leads 76 (!) ducklings across a river. So cute!

Sitting around this weekend with nothing to do? How about making chocolate liqueur. It’s easy!

5 movies and shows that create hilarious sex questions.




Sexy Saturday Round Up

4 Aug

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Holy s**t, it’s August! I’m seeing back to school ads and summer’s trying to get away from us. Could someone plese call it bacK? “Heeeere, Summer Summer. Heeeere, Sumer Summer.” Barring that most elusive of seasons  giving us months more of her time, we’d bettter take as much advantage as possible before it’s swept away in a swirl of dead leaves. Thankfully, no danger of that this weekend, my lovely smutties. The temps are warm and the cocktails cool. So grab one, why don’t you, and enjoy the fun reads we’ve gathered up for you this weekend. And if you happen to be at the Barnes & Noble in Edison, NJ on Saturday between noon and 4:00, stop by to say hello. I’ll be doing a “meet the romance authors” event. 10 romance authors – and chocolate.

Introducing the new lovehoney happy rabbit vibrators. What’s not to love?

Kink as your mental health therapist.

Do you ever get stuck trying to name your fantasy character? Fear no more! Here, all the fantasy, mystical, witches, vampires and more names in one giant convenient database.

And here, if your characters are talking smack, Shakespearean insults in a handy little guide.

Sexual harassment, The Bachlor style.

Alt-right dingbats say Sarah Jeong is a racistThe New York Times says f**k off.

Forget pills. Here’s how to speed your metabolism naturally.

The Appalachian feminist revolution.

Teens are snorting condoms why, exactly? Because they can?

Fake news evolving into fake events, and why it’s really scary.








Sexy Saturday Round Up

28 Jul

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

We have Aquaman, we have people bonking bushes, we have marriage getting kicked to the curb. It’s all here, sexies! A most delicious round-up of some jolly good fun we’ve found trolling the web this week.

Sex with a topiary is a thing. At least for some people.

What we can all learn from Mr. Rogers.

Top 10 names that guys give their junk.

Aperol spritz is the drink of the summer. Here’s how to make it.

Man on a Mission – smokin’ hot super man Henry Cavill.

From Madeline:

We’ve said in the past that there is no ‘normal’ when it comes to sex — but this study sez a lot of us just want to fantasize about love, romance, and good ole vanilla sex.

A documentary about how when it comes to wealth and excess women always tend to wind up on the losing end of the stick.

As Etta James would say – at laaaaaaast –

While Jezebel wants to know: WTF? Why isn’t Aquaman nekkid?

Man Repeller on women who got married—fast.

It’s an instagram summer fashion showdown: Outer Space V the Prairie.  Live Long and Yee-Ha!

Apparently many middle-aged women are DONE with their marriage. Buh-bye!

It’s hot outside — but why not let it get a little steamy inside too? Here’s a lot of erotic movies ranked worst to best–but I started you off on the best page, cause you want the best right?

The pelvic floor is still an utter mystery to scientists.




Sexy Saturday Round Up

21 Jul

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Eliabeth Shore

Hot days, hot reads! Enjoy, lovely sexies.

Female newscasters doing hair their own way and ditching that boring ol’ bob.

Getting naked in a nightclub along with everyone else.

She looks STUNNING. You’d never guess that Christie Brinkley is 62. Say whaaat?

The relationship between fashion and human sexuality.

Women, it turns out, love hairless “billiard balls.”

Roe v. Wade…the movie??

Why you should get out of a bad marriage – it’s for your health.

Wanna know how to be a better kisser? Of course you do.

The seven best places to meet someone during the summer.

The growth of trans literature.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

7 Jul

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

We’re in the hot, hot throes of summer! Beaches, barbeques, and (hopefully!) vacations are on the horizon. So grab towels, your shades, and plenty of reading material to make your time in the sun extra fun. Can’t decide which books to bust out? Here at Lady Smut, we’re doing our part to help you out by rounding up some great reads. Layer on the sun block and sit back in that beach chair. It’s summer, it’s the weekend…ahhhh…. 😉

Frosé is passé. Quench your thirst this summer with the very latest in frozen libations. Schappsicle, anyone?

Is VR sex considered cheating? Depends on who you ask.

Why everyone is banning plastic straws.–Though some people with disabilities really need them.

And while you’re doing good for the planet, how about edible coffee cups?

How many times happier are men in relationships with chubby girls than those who aren’t? Try TEN TIMES happier, yo!

The meanings and myths of rape fantasies.

From Madeline:

The museum of broken hearts.

Can sexual pleasure help you learn better? Rats say yes.

One woman’s HEA: When my boyfriend moved in with my husband and kids.

OMG – have you ever heard of ASMR???? Check out this intro to ASMR on Man Repeller.   BTW, this is SUCH A THING. I have one friend who hates it–simply cannot stand it– and another friend who’s been secretly obsessed with this for a long long time–she feels the tingles and everything.





Sexy Saturday Round Up

29 Jun

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Don’t look now, awesome peeps, but it’s the weekend before the 4th! Hopefully you’re like half the people in my day job office who had the wise foresight to take next week off. But if you didn’t, that’s OK, too. Wednesday for much of us will be a time of relaxation, a break in the middle of the road, a day for slacking off and having fun. And speaking of fun on this weekend before the 4th, exercise your independence early by checking out the fun reads we’ve gathered up for you. No better way to get the party started.

Are you part of the rarest personality type in the world?

Harry Potter…and smut? One writer’s quest to write erotic fan fiction of HP. Am I the only one finding this just a bit creepy?

If an app can pick a date for you, why not let your parents pick your spouse. The case for arranged marriage.

Justice Kennedy’s retirement threatens safe and legal abortion. How to stop it.

Looking for beach reads on the wild side? 50 must-read werewolf romances.

It’s not porn – it’s making love! Here’s a sneak peek so you can judge for yourself.

The “sex ed guys” know little about sex ed. But at least they’re kinda funny.

Girl Boner August McLaughlin chats with the queen of lesbian sex 101, Stevie Boebie.

#Metoo from a man’s point of view. Author Amber Tamblyn’s new novel features a female serial rapist.






Sexy Saturday Round Up

16 Jun

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Hello Sexies! It’s Pride month, it’s Dad weekend – it’s summer! Much to get excited about, including some most excellent reads we’ve rounded up for this weekend. So settle in, kick your heels back, maybe make some rainbow pancakes for brunch. Enjoy an awesome weekend and bring Dad along for the fun.

So hey, what exactly is there to know about pride month? Well, since you asked

Sexual abuse rocks the highest echelon of the literary world – the Nobel.

Whats an ex-president to do once he’s out of office and has time on his hands? Why, write one of the year’s best selling novels, of course.

The hottest of the hot lesbian sex moves! All about tribbing.

The stigmas behind older women dating younger men.

How to know if you’re asexual.

Serena Williams on body shaming.




Sexy Saturday Round Up

11 May

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

There once was an author named Faleena
Who said, “Hey writers, I’ll ream ya!”
She took the word “cocky”
And tried hard to block thee
But writers told Faleena, we’ll see ya

If you haven’t been following this story, you should. #cockygate has the romance world up in arms, not just as romance writers but as writers. Period. As author L.M. Brown put it: Suppose… A sci-fi writer TM’s “space” and “alien” A fantasy writer TM’s “sword” and “magic” A mystery writer TMs “murder” and “mystery” You see where I’m going with this? This is NOT branding and it impacts ALL writers.

And so it does. We’ll stay tuned to see where this goes. In the meantime, Sexies, there are other things to read. Such as:

Get your nooner on!  How to perfect this wickedly decadent diversion.

5 ways to tell he’s falling for you.

What exactly is in that sex toy, anyway?

Don’t let this happen to you! Masturation horror stories.

Breaking up is hard to do – even with your smartphone.

Linguini lovers rejoice! New study says pasta isn’t bad for you after all.

A social app made for socializing. Wait, what?

It’s the most wonderful gay time of year – the Eurovision song contest.

From Madeline:

What’s it like for female people of color with a job in the media?

Popular places for sex–outside the bedroom

Got black hotties? Check ’em out. (Fanning myself.)

There are too many men in the world.  China and India are feeling the impact. We knew it would come to this.

WTF is #cockygate? A quick explanation of the bru-ha-ha that’s rocked the indie publishing world this week.

As techies dig in to this new industry–the sex bot revolution is here. “They’re not nasty dirty men who can’t get a woman.” Really? (Raising eyebrow.)




Sexy Saturday Round Up

4 May

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

The weekend’s here! A time of binge watching, binge eating, garden puttering, and just about anything else fun you want to jam into these next two days. Certainly the fun should include catching up on our weekly round-up of good reading. So kick back, grab a snack, and enjoy.

Ready to give up on men but don’t know how to replace them? How about with some good ol fish sex.

The Stormy Daniels/Roseanne Barr smackdown! Strap yourself in.

18 movies to watch over and over and over….for the sex scenes.

If you’re feeling a wave of guilt for not wanting to clean your apartment this weekend, here’s why you needn’t have it.

Model Ashley Graham struttin her stuff and looking fabulous in her size-inclusion swimsuit collection.

Publishers Weekly most anticipated spring books are finally coming out. Check out the list of good reads.

DJ Khaled brags that he’s way too awesome to go down on his partner. Why she’s lucky.

Bondage for beginngers.

Is this the end of the road for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition?

Kid as critic on classic children’s literature. Dare you not to smile.






Sexy Saturday Round Up

21 Apr

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

What’s going on, Sexies? I’ll tell you what’s not going on – finally! – is snow. At long last – I think maybe pretty please we’re begging you – we appear to be finished with the snow. So let’s hear it for spring! Cherry blossoms, lighter clothes, and a young man’s heart turning to love. As you know as Lady Smut, we all love love. So come celebrate with us as we present for you a round-up of some love-ly links that we’ve come across over this past week.

From Madeline:

You can’t get enough of Danai Gurira, can you? Here she talks about her role in Black Panther — fierce yet still feminine. discusses: We need to move past the idea that #metoo harassment is driven by male lust.  Sometimes, people are harassed and humiliated because they’re not deemed attractive.

There are 14 different words for love that don’t exist in English.

Ethical porn anyone? In an era of #metoo, how are woke porn directors dealing with consent issues?

From Elizabeth Shore:

Wearable pins to promote queer culture.

It’s a purse! It’s a book! It’s both! Presenting book purses.

So many books, and they’re all so cheap. Surviving the library book sale.

How Amy Schumer is making us all feel pretty.

Good reasons to ban anything by Karl Lagerfeld.

Heard this one before? Common excuses men use who are cheating.

Does your job make you sexy?

Sometimes vaginas bleed. What to do? Throw an “on my period” party!




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