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Sexy-Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers Hello Sexy. Happy Saturday! A little history. A little Tantric Sex. With just a bit of pubic hair trends and masturbation techniques. We strive to keep you informed at Lady Smut. Sit back and enjoy your weekend with our blog picks. From Liz Everly: Bust magazine on

In Progress

By Liz Everly Summer calls to me, but I sit in my office and plunk away at the keyboard. I have two books and one novella due over the next eight months. The first book, due in August is in second draft mode. The next book is started—but has a long way to go. My

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello Sexy! I’m traveling this week so my offering are a bit scant. But the other Lady Smut bloggers have it covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. From Liz: On persistence in writing. Great piece on using Goodreads. The art of building characters. From Madeline: A new career prospect for women? A hair archeologist–yes, HAIR

Copy Edits, Kitchenettes, and Cacao

by Liz Everly So a few days ago I received the copy edits for the second book in my culinary romance series. This book, CRAVINGS, has a chocolate theme. Wow, maybe it’s a sin to have as much fun as I did while writing this book! Like many writers, though, I have a love-hate relationship

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