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Why We Like Arya Best

I spent the weekend bowing down like we must all do to Season Three, Game of Thrones. A lot of great characters–and what’s more rare–a lot of great female characters. There is much to discuss with season three.  The controversial finale, for one.  Mostly I just relished how good all the casting was.  The actors

Stranded on a Desert Island: A Lady Smut Quiz

Pick the answer that best describes you: 1. I dream of being on a deserted island when: a) What dream? I’m heading for a scuba-diving trip to Guam right now-who’s with me? b) When I’m hanging out with my special vibrating ‘friend’. c) Every damn day since the school year ended. d) Whenever I add to

Vacation All I Ever Needed…

Hi dolls! I’m on vacay today, but will check in with you on Thursday…Hey does anybody have any summer reading rec’s? Meanwhile, in case you are missing me, here are some oldie-but-goodie blog posts to check out: Horror Sex Camp Sheik It Baby Unexpectedly Sexy…Elves Smoochies! xo Madeline

Angel, Devil

by Madeline Iva. I wish I knew more about angels.  They have their rankings, but I can never keep them straight–can you?  I know that the middle age was all about hierarchy, and there are orders of angels, and they’re in choirs or something.  It’s a complicated system, but not–sez I, who loves order–not necessarily

Seriously Stacked: Extremely Curvy Women

There are certain women in popular culture that rivet our attention with their seriously stacked, uber-curvy feminine bodies.  These bodies at the extreme end of the female spectrum–exaggerated and seemingly made for sex–fascinate us and drive a celebrity image. There is something larger than life about all these women.  They are not simply actresses –they

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