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Of Men, Masquerades and the Monkey Trap: Naked Snctm is a Surprise

By Alexa Day (Strong and Sexy Week continues to celebrate colleague Elizabeth SaFleur’s new release, The White House Gets A Spanking, a fabulous and timely novella up for preorder right this second! But I couldn’t wait until October to go after Snctm again. I don’t do delayed gratification all that well. You know, sorry.) The

Guess the Lady Smut TBR Stack–Win $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Hi RT Orphans! Does your TBR pile have some of the same titles as ours? Let us know–leave us a comment below. 🙂 Want to buy the book on our TBR list? Click the link.  Meanwhile, here’s another fun game you can play at home. FIRST Read the TBR lists. THEN guess which list belongs to

Never Have WE Ever Ever! Lady Smut Bloggers Reveal All…

You shared your fun, sexy secrets  — Now we’re sharing ours! We just finished our game of NEVER HAVE YOU EVER EVER at Romantic Times and it was a blast!  Not to fear, RT orphans!–it’s your turn to play. Match our bloggers to their sexy/funny confessions below and you could win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

'Tis the Season to Ring Those Bells

By Alexa Day You know, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. There’s an abundance of food, drink, merriment and romance. People are being slightly less awful to each other. Snow has begun to fall. And most importantly, this is when I start looking forward to next year. I’ll be taking a

Nutcracker? Sweeeeet.

(Hello there, neighbors! It’s the Season of Deadlines in my corner of the world, but I didn’t want to leave you empty-handed this Tuesday morning. The Ovation network is starting the Tenth Annual Battle of the Nutcrackers next Monday. With that in mind, I’ve updated this classic Nutcracker post for your perusal and enjoyment. Enjoy!)

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