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Rules? There *Are* No Rules–When It Comes To Love

by Madeline Iva Life is messy.  We know that.  I grab a romance to escape from all that chaos that whomps down on my head every so often.  Okay, frequently.  I call romances happiness machines. Though sometimes we love romances that it makes us ugly cry.  So…okay, catharsis machines.  And yet…sometimes I yearn for less

He's Hot, He's Tied Up, and He's All Yours–Now What Are You Gonna Do?

by Madeline Iva Let’s talk about women in seriously tight leather, wielding whips. While everybody hates a shrieking bitch, we all respect the woman who has her sh** majorly together.  This woman is my role model when I encounter her–be she a mom or a boss. She is unflappable when it comes to getting results.  ‘Results’

You Have to Read This! The Devil's Doorbell Erotic Anthology

by Madeline Iva I don’t know how many ways to say this: buy this anthology now!  THE DEVIL’S DOORBELL would be my vote for best anthology of 2016. (That said, why doesn’t RWA have a best anthology category for the RITA’S?) Why should you buy it? Let me count the ways: 1) I’m really a hard

Bring Horns: Watching, Cuckholding, & Other Things Couples Do on Dirty Dates

by Madeline Iva Curious about cuckholding—a kind of couples kink? (Say that three times fast!) Then you wanna check out CROSSTOWN CRUSH.  Samira is married to Mike.  So Samira comes home from girl’s night out covered in men’s cologne so Mike can get jealous. (Cause it turns him on.)  Then he confronts her on it,

Getting Hammered With Charlotte Stein

by Madeline Iva My latest phase of obsessive devotion is pretty evenly divided between Armie Hammer and Charlotte Stein. I posted HOT MEN FROM U.N.C.L.E and that’s when my friend Adriana Anders and fellow Charlotte Stein fan-cum-semi-stalker said, You know Charlotte Stein has based a lot of the male characters in her books on Armie

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