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Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires

Hello Kittens! Cold? Unhappy? Wet? If you’re looking for fun on a grey rainy day, well, our anthology is on sale alllllllllll over the place for only $1.99. Read about sexy goblins and Tech-savvy vampires. Cavort with Gods locked up in spooky places and solve the mystery of where the girl with sexsomnia goes at night and

Risk It

Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along in the middle of the Great Grey Beast of February? Change is hard (there’s science to prove it, it’s called the Ellsberg Paradox). It’s about now that people start to relinquish their hopes and fade into

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers Hello Sexy! How I love the weekend, don’t you? Catching up on reading is always at the top of my to-do list—well, along with a few other things. Wink. Here’s our list list week. Enjoy! From Liz: The Sex Toy Graveyard Feminist moments at the Golden Globes.

Be More Sexy

by C. Margery Kempe I’m sure a lot of people have started off the year with resolutions. Maybe it’s losing weight or getting fit, stopping some bad habit or other, but of course here at Lady Smut, we know what matters most: being sexy. Like any change you want to make you have to develop

A Solstice Gift for You

My wee erotic romance sampler FourPlay will be free over the weekend. Four short super-steamy stories for free (and regularly only 99¢/77p so it’s not breaking the bank at full price). If you’ve wanted to give a new author a try, here’s a great way to give me a read without any risk. Let us celebrate

Bah Humbug

by C. Margery Kempe My birthday is next week and the present I got myself is returning to Scotland which is all the gift I really need. I understand the need people have to replay all those crap holiday songs — I prefer a John Waters Christmas. I know people will relive their childhood with

Spinning Gold on Tour!

C. Margery Kempe here. I’m grabbing my Fresher Fairy Tales and heading on tour next week: join me to win prizes! There’ll be a Rafflecopter giveaway of an Amazon gift certificate at the end. Thanks, Writer Marketing Services & Lucy Felthouse!   8th December 9th December 10th December 11th December 12th December   I hope

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