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Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires

9 Nov

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Hello Kittens! Cold? Unhappy? Wet? If you’re looking for fun on a grey rainy day, well, our anthology is on sale alllllllllll over the place for only $1.99.

Read about sexy goblins and Tech-savvy vampires.

Cavort with Gods locked up in spooky places and solve the mystery of where the girl with sexsomnia goes at night and who she’s doing it with.

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We’re Warming Up For Summer!

17 May
Doesn't everyone have a pre-summer beach practice run?

Doesn’t everyone have a pre-summer beach practice run?

Hey there, neighbors!

The ladies of Lady Smut are taking a bit of a vacation this week, in order to properly prepare for the summer. There’s just so much to do. Scheduling pedicures. Shopping for sundresses. Popsicle-licking classes. The annual changing of the cabana boys. (That one might be just me, but if you’re interested, you know where to find me.) We’ll be back in time for Memorial Day, though, with loads of summer fun to keep everyone hot and bothered in the coolest possible way.

While we’re gone, consider this a week-long open house. Check out the Shop and some of our most recent posts. And enjoy one of my favorite summertime anthems.

(A lot of so-called “official” videos of this song are only four minutes long. Just think that over, little lobsters.)

Get ahead of the game, and hit that Follow button now. See you soon!

Don’t forget to head over to Goodreads and get in the drawing for a copy of The Lady Smut Book of Dark DesiresYou need some hot beach reading.

The Ultimate Down And Dirty Bromance – Why Ladies Love Gay Porn

18 Mar


Hello, dear readers. I’m off this week but will be back next. In the meantime, in case you missed this post the first time around, how about a little gay porn, hmm? Enjoy. 😉

By Elizabeth Shore

As we celebrate the release of C. Margery Kempe’s Man City: Martin this week, it got me thinking about M/M love and M/M romance and eventually it turned my naughty Lady Smut thoughts to M/M porn.  Super fit, hot-bodied guys doing the bump and grind with other hot-bodied guys.  Any problem with that? As it turns out, for many women it’s no problem at all.

Now, obviously, that’s a strong generalization because there are woman a-plenty who poo-poo gay porn – and regular porn – the way Miley Cyrus spurs common sense. But in doing some research for this post, I was more than a little surprised to learn how many woman get off to guys getting off.

You’ll probably remember 2010’s The Kids Are Alright with Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple raising two children. And you remember that scene, right? The one where Bening and Moore are getting cozy in the bedroom and decide to turn up the heat with a little porn. Gay porn. It was a funny scene but as I’ve heard also accurate. A significant portion of the lesbian population apparently likes watching M/M porn. Seems  like a curious statistic. Wouldn’t lesbians prefer watching two hot gals getting busy over two hot guys? Wrong-o, daddy-o. They like the dudes.

A lesbian couple in my building confimed this unexpected bit of trivia. “Oh, lesbians love gay porn!” my neighbor chortled, a knowing smile lighting up her face. But wait, there’s more! Because as I was talking to women and reading up on this topic, I discovered that it’s not only the gay gals who like gay male porn – our straight sisters are liking it, too.

One obvious reason behind many women’s turn-off toward straight porn is that, frankly, we’re not the target audience. Straight porn is made for straight men. From the submissive nature of the female actors to the viewpoint of the sex scenes, it caters to the guys. There’s a reason the male actors are often shown from the chest down, ’cause the viewing male wants to imagine it’s him pounding away on the gal and not some other dude. Gay male porn shows the guys in all their hot, sweaty, ripped-body glory, including their gorgeous faces.

And about those hot bodies . . . yes, that’s another high reason behind why women like the male-male lovin’. Gay porn actors are romance cover models come to life.  They’re fit, they’re muscular, they’re just plain hot. And if there are no other women around, there’s no competition. They’re all for us. How delicious.

When I asked a friend about why she enjoys M/M she cited a reason I’ve seen over and over: power dynamics. Straight porn brings to the screen what many women experience in real life. The guy has the power. He comes, he sees, he conquers. The women happily do whatever he wants. Here’s a conversation I can imagine in a straight porn movie:

“Suck me, baby.”
“Ooooh, how hard?”
“Until you choke on it.”

And off to the races she goes, cheerfully gobbling his manly tool. But in M/M porn, as one lesbian said, it is, for once, the man who’s getting f**ked. The power dynamics normally seen in straight porn are tossed in the garbage like a used condom.  As my friend added, “Watching man-on-man sex and seeing a man giving in to something that seems almost taboo is an intense, erotic experience.”

A further problem in straight porn is how fake it is. Nary a real breast in sight, positions that sometimes look more sadistic than sexy, and the gleeful exuberance that female porn actors show while getting their faces covered in sperm just doesn’t do it for the ladies. Even lesbians, who get no sexual jolt from guys, prefer gay porn to most F/F scenes which, clearly, are made by men for men.

What do you think? Have I missed any of the reasons? Sound off in the comments below and let me know. And while you’re at it, be sure to click on the follow button, too. You never know what titillating topics will pop up here at Lady Smut.

Risk It

17 Feb

Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along in the middle of the Great Grey Beast of February? Change is hard (there’s science to prove it, it’s called the Ellsberg Paradox). It’s about now that people start to relinquish their hopes and fade into disappointment, so I’m going to channel Auntie Mame to be a cheerleader for you!

[pours martini just to be authentic]

Are you sticking with the way things are just because it’s familiar? You’ve got to live live live! You can handle it. You’re stronger than you think. Even making one significant change will improve your life. You know what’s not working. Value yourself enough to change it. You will be happy that you stuck with it.

Embrace change! You need fresh air to go on living, don’t you? Make it fresh by plunging into new things. Stop thinking of change as scary and instead consider it an adventure. Choose change and bring your child-like enthusiasm to the pursuit. Be truly alive.

Don’t aim low and don’t settle for less than you can get. I know, you worry what if I don’t get what I aim for? The truth is pursuing a goal — whether you reach it or not — will make you happier. Expecting something of yourself improves your morale. And achievement? You get to pat yourself on the back, say well done, and aim for the next higher rung.

Don’t listen to naysayers! People are fearful of change and they will resent you changing (yes, even the ones who love you). Be kind to them, but be an example to them. It’s easy and lazy to carp and criticise. Let it all roll off your back. If you feel the need to respond at all (and why should you? A withering look usually takes care of those folk) just tell them, “This makes me happy” and then ask, “What would make you happy?”

Why settle for a life that’s anything less than extraordinary? Life is a banquet; don’t settle for a nibble. Take a big bite!

If you need an inspiring movie, watch Auntie Mame or Holiday.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

24 Jan

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

AnthHello Sexy! Hope you are having a fabulous Saturday. Check out all of the fascinating blog posts we’ve found for you this week.

From Liz:

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From Madeline Iva:

Does he feel your pain? Maybe you’re feeling it for the both of you.  Call the Midwife — in Hindi! 

How people in India are learning about childbirth for the first time from a TV show.

24 Ways You’re Already Acting Like An Old Lady. In case you were wondering, yes, tea is my jam.

From Alexa:

This account of “A Day at the Porn Convention” raised a surprising number of the same questions I face every day as a writer. Check it out. A man with a foot fetish shares what he likes … down there.

Ruth Wilson explains that we won’t see sexual equality on TV until the men start catching up.

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

17 Jan

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

LS Fb squareHello Sexy! How I love the weekend, don’t you? Catching up on reading is always at the top of my to-do list—well, along with a few other things. Wink.

Here’s our list list week. Enjoy!

From Liz:

The Sex Toy Graveyard

Feminist moments at the Golden Globes. (Made me wish I’d seen it!)

Blow-job bib, anyone?

From Madeline:

Want to fall in love? Try THIS.  Here are The 36 questions you’ll need.

Surviving for better and for worse: More good reasons to get and stay married.  (Hmmm.)

Not gay? Reallllllllllllly? “My Husband’s Not Gay” premiere clip about SSA (same sex attraction.)

Wonk-o-mance blog post on “Confessions of a gay submissive sexelf”

From Alexa:

Book Riot’s just starting a conversation about diverse reading.

Also from Book Riot, check out this face-saving guide to frequently mispronounced authors’ names. I knew how to say Stiefvater, but you don’t want to know how badly I’ve been mangling Palahniuk.

If your love life were an erotic novel, which one would it be?

Click to buy at Amazon. :)

Click to buy at Amazon. 🙂

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P.S. A Word from Liz: Part 5 in my serial EIGHT LAYS AROUND THE WORLD is now available on Amazon. This installment is set in Mexico. If you haven’t read the first installment, it’s now free on Wattpad and my website.

Be More Sexy

2 Jan

One Night in Rome by C Margery Kempe - 200by C. Margery Kempe

I’m sure a lot of people have started off the year with resolutions. Maybe it’s losing weight or getting fit, stopping some bad habit or other, but of course here at Lady Smut, we know what matters most: being sexy. Like any change you want to make you have to develop a habit. But how do you make being sexy a habit?

Step 1

Be confident — nothing is sexier than someone who knows precisely who they are, their strengths and their weaknesses, and knows that they deserve the very best that life sends their way.

Step 2

Be adventurous — if you’re just going to fall into old habits and be happy with the same old thing, why bother? Try new things, meet new people, don’t be afraid to make mistakes or waste time. Don’t take everything so seriously!

Step 3

Be creative — be the change you want to see in your life. Try new things, but also try new ways of doing things you like. Mix and match your wardrobe instead of the samey pieces. Paint, draw, write, cook — make things instead of just getting ready-made and explore the fun of making things with your hands. I know a lot of you love that scene from Ghost where the gooey pot throwing gets all sexy. Why? Making things leads to strong hands.

Step 4

Be sensual — and not just in bed. When did you last savor your food? When did you inhale the aroma of something other than flowers (and were they hot house flowers, too? What about wild violets?!). Feel the fabric of your clothing, the veneer of wood, the coldness of your ice cream or the heat of your mug of tea. Close your eyes and let it fill your senses. Go to a museum and fill your eyes with color and imagination. Go to a concert and concentrate on the power of music to heal your body, to make you sway and dance. The beat of the drum mimics the blood in your veins. Let it lead you on.

Make it a habit to not just move through the world but to be alive to it, all of it. Yourself included. Don’t just accept your body: embrace it. If you can’t love yourself, no one else will be persuaded. Give love freely: the more you give, the more you have.

Be sexy.

Be adventurous!

And be sure to follow Lady Smut: we’ll show you all the ways to embrace your wonderful life.

A Solstice Gift for You

19 Dec

My wee erotic romance sampler FourPlay will be free over the weekend. Four short super-steamy stories for free (and regularly only 99¢/77p so it’s not breaking the bank at full price). If you’ve wanted to give a new author a try, here’s a great way to give me a read without any risk.

Let us celebrate the return of the light and with it hope for the coming spring!

Bah Humbug

12 Dec

Your festival does not amuse.

by C. Margery Kempe

My birthday is next week and the present I got myself is returning to Scotland which is all the gift I really need. I understand the need people have to replay all those crap holiday songs — I prefer a John Waters Christmas. I know people will relive their childhood with various holiday specials — they never play ones I actually like such as A Wish for Wings that Work. And holiday movies? Don’t get me started. I will slap you if you suggest Love Actually [glares]; I prefer a very different sort of holiday film experience.

When the Xmas season kicks in about August who isn’t sick of it by now? I refuse to have anything to do with Xmas until after my birthday and anyway my holiday is Yule on the solstice so it’s just for family that I celebrate Xmas. Admittedly now with kids in the picture I remember why people get all sentimental and sweet and there’s the tree and their happy faces and my sweetie cooking Xmas dinner in the kitchen and everybody smiling and cheery and relaxed, so it is kind of nice and the tree is so pretty even with Picachu on top of it and —

Hey, wait a minute. I was supposed to be grumpy. I am grumpy. I still have grading to do.

Jingle your own damn bells.

Follow Lady Smut across all media because we’re not usually grumpy but really sexy and fun. Well, most of us are.

Spinning Gold on Tour!

5 Dec

Spinning Gold by C Margery Kempe - 500

C. Margery Kempe here. I’m grabbing my Fresher Fairy Tales and heading on tour next week: join me to win prizes! There’ll be a Rafflecopter giveaway of an Amazon gift certificate at the end. Thanks, Writer Marketing Services & Lucy Felthouse!


8th December
9th December
10th December
11th December
12th December


Swan Prince by C Margery Kempe -  500

I hope our readers will tag along for the fun. In any case, you want to follow Lady Smut because we’re a gift you can get every day!


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