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Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires

Hello Kittens! Cold? Unhappy? Wet? If you’re looking for fun on a grey rainy day, well, our anthology is on sale alllllllllll over the place for only $1.99. Read about sexy goblins and Tech-savvy vampires. Cavort with Gods locked up in spooky places and solve the mystery of where the girl with sexsomnia goes at night and

Confidence is Sexy

I am crazy busy as usual (writing under so many names!). The joy of my summers is that I have a looser schedule than when I am teaching (never mind that I am in Scotland instead of New York, so very very happy). So many good things are happening — spending time with my family,

Magically Sexy: Strange & Norrell

I hear that Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell has made it over to the other side of the pond now, so I want to say a few things about how much I love this show. I’m reading the novel now and it’s one of those rare cases where the pleasure of the programme increases the pleasure

Back to Scotland

Hurrah, hurrah, the day is here. Semester is over and I am heading back to Dundee. You will hear the biggest sigh when I get there. But rushing through grading, another writers conference, sorting, packing, making lists so I don’t forget anything essential hasn’t left much time for blogging, so apologies. It’s not like this

Beltane, Baby!

by C. Margery Kempe Hey, who knows the Celtic holiday of Beltane? Traditionally considered the time when it was safe to return to ahem fornicating in the fields, there’s a lot of folderol and myth built up around the holiday that occurs in May first. Of course I want to get my oar in early

Love in the Cards?

by C. Margery Kempe Okay, here’s a cool thing: I was showing my friend Mary my tarot app on the iP*d and she said, “Oh, I have to show you something.” She came back with this deck of cards and now I have to do some research! The box says ‘Fifth Avenue Playing Cards.’ They look

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