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My Girl Crush on Gong Li & Why Miami Vice Is The Crime Film of the Future

by Madeline Iva I was thinking the other day, i.e. doing the dishes, and watching MIAMI VICE (the movie, not TV show) staring Gong-Li, Colin Farrell, and Jamie Foxx.  [SPOILERS abound below—you’ve been warned.] FIRST LET US DISCUSS THE OUTRAGEOUS HOTNESS FACTOR OF THIS MOVIE: I mean really. Jamie Foxx. Damn. Colin Farrell–mullet, mustache and all,

He's Hot, He's Tied Up, and He's All Yours–Now What Are You Gonna Do?

by Madeline Iva Let’s talk about women in seriously tight leather, wielding whips. While everybody hates a shrieking bitch, we all respect the woman who has her sh** majorly together.  This woman is my role model when I encounter her–be she a mom or a boss. She is unflappable when it comes to getting results.  ‘Results’

You Have to Read This! The Devil's Doorbell Erotic Anthology

by Madeline Iva I don’t know how many ways to say this: buy this anthology now!  THE DEVIL’S DOORBELL would be my vote for best anthology of 2016. (That said, why doesn’t RWA have a best anthology category for the RITA’S?) Why should you buy it? Let me count the ways: 1) I’m really a hard

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