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Lady Vice: The Historical Scandal Behind Wendy La Capra’s Debut Novel

WELCOME TO FRIDAY ROULETTE where a variety of fabulous authors post on range of excellent LadySmut-worthy topics.   Today we welcome historical romance author Wendy La Capra. Wendy is here to share with us the infamous inspiration behind her debut novel LADY VICE. A few years back I purchased a non-fiction book by Hallie Rubenhold called

Tormented & Tortured: Books You Can’t Forget

By Madeline Iva Picture me drinking cocktails, lit neon red, crunching on spicy fried green beans &coconut rice (heavenly!) celebrating the anthology launch with two romance buddies. (Haven’t heard about our Lady Smut anthology– where have you been? Check it out HERE.) The talk turns to erotic romance books that were AWFUL–by which it turns

Hero for Hire: Male Prostitutes as Romance Heroes

by Kiersten Hallie Krum Happy New Year! And what better way to start the new year off than by hiring some male prostitutes! Now that I have your attention… We’ve talked about professional escorts on Lady Smut before in various ways. Elizabeth Shore has written two posts about Showtime’s “reality” series Gigolos and I’ve touch upon the

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