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Achievement Unlocked!

Here at Lady Smut, we talk a lot about women. We talk about women’s bodies, women’s sexuality—we talk about women’s sexuality a lot—women’s relationships, women in the media, women’s issues. We’re particularly passionate about women’s issues. To do this, we’re personal and vulnerable to you, our readers. We share from our hearts, from our own

Jane Eyre Movie

Red As Blood: Women & Gothic Romance

Lovely readers — I attended a panel at #WisCon that made me cry out with perverse desire.  It was called Red As Blood — a panel on women and the Gothic genre.  Loosely organized, it revolved around the interesting desires and situations that comprise Gothic joy and perversity. “A young woman meets an interesting, mysterious

Monday Morning Meeps

by Kiersten Hallie Krum That’s “meeps” lovely Lady Smutters, not “Peeps”. I get the confusion, especially on this Easter Monday when, if you’re a person who celebrates the Easter holiday (which I am) you have church and family (and wine because of the same) hangover like nobody’s bidness. This is also the day Easter candy

Reasons To Bang The Bad Guy, Pt. 1

by Madeline Iva Saranna DeWylde got me thinking yesterday about why we’re so attracted to awesome villains like Loki. Because we are. I am.  Before I unleash my perverse romantic side, let us be clear: I’d never go near an evil dude in real life.  (I can’t help thinking of this guy who said to

Bang-able Villains

Hello Lovely Readers! Elizabeth Shore is away today. Instead, we have a happily edgy post from the amazing and kick-ass Saranna DeWylde here.  I asked Saranna to do a guest post after I saw this exchange on facebook: Yes! Exactly! So I asked Saranna to talk to us about why we women are sometimes (often?)

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