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Best Women’s Erotica

6 Feb

I’m thrilled to share an excerpt from my new anthology, Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4, out now in print and ebook from Cleis Press. I chose the themes of outsiders and risk largely because of the political times we’re living in, where empathy for outsiders is utterly unknown by many in power, and many women are taking risks to live out their ideals.

best women's erotica rachel kramer bussel alyssa cole alessandra torre

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

I wanted to see what those principles would look like when it came to women’s sexuality. The answer I got was totally hot and thought-provoking. In Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4, you’ll read about the daring of posing nude, how women overcome personal trauma by daring to be bold in their sex lives, a woman who creates her own perfect man, a tale of queer Amish love and lust, and much more. There are stories by popular romance authors including Alyssa Cole, Alessandra Torre, Megan Hart and Suleikha Snyder as well as writers making their erotic story debuts. Each of these characters is brave and sexy in their own way, whether going to a BDSM club for the first time, posing for a nude calendar or being naughty in a dressing room. You can read my introduction to the book and the full table of contents at the series’ website.

From “Words with Benefits” by Tamara Lush in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4.

My phone pinged, indicating a new match.

Gabriel C. wants to play!

I frowned. I didn’t know anyone by that name. I tapped on his profile. We had dozens of mutual friends. Wait—Gabriel Chandler? He was a longtime European history professor at my university, known by students for his detailed lectures and tough exams.

I’d seen him around over the years, most recently at a holiday party back when I was married. There were several things I knew about Gabriel Chandler: he had bright blue eyes framed by black glasses, a shock of longish, thick silver hair that curled over both his forehead and collar, and he sported a matching, trimmed beard.

When I’d last talked to him, he’d flashed a wicked smile that revealed straight, white teeth. A quick flick of the tongue to the corner of his mouth set me aflame. I’d immediately imagined him flicking that tongue around my clit. Later, as my husband rolled over to sleep another sexless night away, I fantasized about Gabriel Chandler fucking me in all sorts of ways.

I tapped on the words ACCEPT GAME. I was first up, and I cracked my knuckles in mock preparation then grinned at my silliness. Scanning my tiles, I wrangled a high scoring word.


Gabriel’s tiles flew on the screen.


“Ooh,” I said out loud. “Smart and hilariously inappropriate.”

The game quickly turned less bawdy and more competitive.

QIS, I played for 12 points.

JEST, he followed, for 13.

Two moves later, we were tied. I flicked the virtual letters into play. LIBIDO.

A yellow winner symbol flashed on the screen. Then, a message.

Impressive, Professor Stein. Your vocabulary is as attractive as your profile photo.

Ahh, so he knew who I was. My nipples hardened from the compliment. It took so little to turn me on these days. Some women said menopause left them with no interest in sex. Me? It was like I was in puberty again, but with drier skin.

Thank you. You’re pretty impressive yourself, Professor Chandler.

We played five more games, pausing only when I needed a second glass of pinot noir. I won three rounds, and he was a formidable opponent.

Playing the word ONANISM is enough to make a woman swoon. One more game?

That’s the sexiest compliment I’ve had in years. I’ll play on one condition. 

What’s that?

If I lose, I buy drinks on Saturday night.

Flirting with Gabriel made my skin tingle with an anticipation I hadn’t felt in a long time. I bit my bottom lip as I tapped out a response.

And if I lose?

I’ll still buy drinks.

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4 is available in ebook for Kindle, Nook, Google Play, iBooks and Kobo, in print at Amazon,, Powell’s, and IndieBound for your local independent bookstore and as an audiobook narrated by Rose Caraway.

About the book: In Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4, award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has gathered the hottest sexy stories starring outspoken women who daringly pursue love and lust. You’ll read about a single mom who goes back to college and gets some very hands-on education from her hot professor, an Amish woman tenderly revealing her most intimate desires, and a woman who crafts the man of her dreams. From outsiders who lustily claim their place without apology to women taking the boldest of risks with their hearts and their bodies, these sizzling stories are sure to make your heart pound. Featuring stories by popular authors including Alyssa Cole, Megan Hart, Tamara Lush, Tamsen Parker, Sofia Quintero, Suleikha Snyder and Alessandra Torre, along with a variety newcomers to the genre, these tales will turn you on and stay with you long after you’ve finished.

About Tamara Lush: Tamara Lush ( is a journalist by day and an erotic romance author at night. Her books have been called “smart smut,” and she finished her most recent novel on a cross-country train trip during an Amtrak Writing Residency.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

21 Oct

By Elizabeth Shore

What a round-up we have for you this week! From transgender Playboy bunnies to pumpkin spice cravings and everything fabulous stuff between. So grab a pumpkin spice latte and kick back. You’ve got some reading to do!

What Irish folks do while stuck indoors during a hurricane.

The first playmate of the month since Hugh Hefner passed is a transgender beauty.

Should you give your ex another chance? No. No, you shouldn’t. And here are 10 reasons why.

The dirt on all those dating apps, and which ones to use for what.

What sex addiction really is – as explained by a therapist.

Men who force women to watch them maturbate, and why.

The science behind your pumpkin spice craving.

From Madeline:

What kind of sex do YOU desire with your partner – tips for monogamous couples

The Atlantic talks about the #metoo movement

She’s in Pussy Riot, he’s far right — but can they stay in love?

From Vox: Twisting Rom-com tropes on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

From Romance Novels For Feminists: The pressing matter of racial diversity in romance — will RWA follow up?

From Is your man a mansplainer? A few helpful tips to nudge him out of this habit.

From Sex on a pirate ship: I Played Japan’s Best Selling Date Simulator

Heroes and Heartbreakers goes all snarky on that asshat from the NYTimes who belittled romance.

From Jezebel: Can’t stop, won’t stop: Reading Mary Stuart Retro Romantic Suspense






Sexy Saturday Round Up

13 Oct

By Elizabeth Shore

The leaves, they are a’changing. In some places anyway. So put some warmth in your cup to balance the chill in the air. We’ve got some fun and sexy links for you on this fun and sexy Saturday. Enjoy!

Need some fresh new sexting ideas? Here you go.

And while we’re on the topic, why straight men send other guys dick pics. Wtf? Is this a thing?

Is Harvey Weinstein really a sex addict or is that just a good excuse to stay out of jail?

Orgasm confessions.

Need to chill out or just shut out the bonehead in the cube next to yours? Check out these cool ambient noise sites. Oh, and P.S., it boosts creativity.

A comedy channel targeted to Vets doesn’t have everyone laughing.

From Madeline:

Entertainment Weekly published a report on the sad state of romance diversity in the publishing world. : (

Jezebel talks back to the numbers about romance diversity, and suggests authors who write diverse characters that we would all enjoy reading.

Two women tried having sex with ghosts.  Here’s what happened.

Talking about the gender gap in tech as a plot device at Romance Novels for Feminists.

Should we decriminalize prostitution…? Maybe not for punters and pimps. A former prostitute weighs in.








Sexy Saturday Round Up

7 Oct

The week has whiffled by and now it’s Saturday.  Time to cuddle with our sexy round up of crazy links from around the web.  Sip your hot tea, sit back in bed and enjoy!

From Madeline:

Taking the joke engagement photo to a whole new level.

Savage love breaks out into really good sex stories.

The infamous “romance round up” NYTimes article—was less an ode and more of a snarky, condescending hate letter.  A man named Robert Gottlieb, who despite supposedly being ‘a voracious reader of contemporary romance’  clearly despises the genre. Romance readers one and all were howling with rage after reading his article.  Now comes the  #sorrynotsorry response by Radhika Jones of the times.  In this article she attempts the difficult hat trick of sneering at a genre while at the same time trying to engage the genre’s fans.

Have you been put on the backburner?

The wonderful world of Renaissance fair kink.

Drag Queens Rule–at Bushwig.

Saudi women take the wheel — now to abolish male guardianship.

Harvey Weinstein’s name is synonymous with the term ‘aggressive assh*le.’  This article suggests feminism took a giant step forward in 2017 when women started not only speaking out against sexual harassment, but expected U.S. media to notice and listen.

From Elizabeth Shore:

“Medabation,” anyone? Getting in the mood to give yourself some love.

Does having less attractive friends affect your relationship with them?

What else (besides the obvious) could you use a dildo for? Why, putting on your foundation, of course.

Who are the most vocal clitoris activists right now? The French. Naturally.

Meet Simon, the BDSM furniture maker.


Chances To Ogle Lady Smut Bloggers In Person

19 Sep

By Madeline Iva

NOTE TO READERS: I’m now going to be blogging on Tuesdays at Lady Smut.

Breathless note!  Things have been super busy—but very exciting. I spent an exceptionally gorgeous day last Saturday teaching a writing workshop up in Louden County, and this week —

Alexa Day and I are at #Fred Fest this weekend, Saturday Sept. 23rd. I’ll be the one with 100 lavender votive candles to give away. Perfect for your local coven meeting.

(The lovely Elizabeth SaFleur gave them to me.)

I mean, really, it’s going to be an EXTRAVAGANZA! Lots ‘o romance writers and our very own 3 tents, Q1 – Q3 will have historical romances (by Sue London), BDSM romances, Y.A., Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy Romance.   And that’s just us – Washington Romance Writers & Virginia Romance Writers will be there as well.

Now, what am I going to wear?

The time to register for Hearts to You – aka the Washington Romance Writers luncheon for readers and bloggers — is upon us.   Kiersten Hallie Krum will be there with an awesome Lady Smut basket to give away.  Alexa Day, who last year got to sit all lunch long with Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches Trashy Books (ooh, I was so envious) will be back again this year.  Elizabeth SaFleur enchanted readers last year at her table with some excellent girl talk about sex and BDSM will also be kickin’ around in her elegant high heels.

Me? I’m not a squeal-y type of person, but this event gets my voice pretty high pitched. It’s just mega-fun. I’m not sure why.  Is it all the give away baskets, the excellent location, the chance to take home a ton of free books? Maybe.  Ultimately, I put it down to the rockin’ energy of the WRW tribe.  They just make me want to stand up and testify to the power of romance.

So register at the WRW blog. It’s pretty inexpensive. I love it.  We love it.  You’ll love it too!  Come meet us in person, chat romance, enjoy the day.  (There’s even a rumor that some folks are going out for drinks afterwards.)

Okay — I’m off running around again.  See you next week. 🙂

Madeline Iva writes fantasy and paranormal romance.  Her fantasy romance, WICKED APPRENTICE, featuring a magic geek heroine, is available on AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo, and through iTunes.  Sign up for Madeline Iva news & give aways.

Viking Warrior Princess–Bitches!

14 Sep

by Madeline Iva

What you need to know:

For a long time, many asshats in the archeological world wouldn’t admit this mighty Viking warrior in the grave was not a dude.   And that’s despite a lot of people saying “Um, that skeleton looks, um, female?” Because: swords—lots o swords. But until more asshats can disprove it, DNA tests seem to confirm that the warrior was female.

We’ve got horses on the side, and some games and weapons. Yup, that’s a warrior. But, um, this dude looks like a lady.

Let me pause a minute to express myself to all those archeologists who weren’t willing to admit hard scientific evidence:

I myself have always wanted to be a Viking warrior princess.   I think I’ve got the hair for it, frankly. (You’re looking at my photo – don’t pay attention. I don’t really look like that.)

Scandanavian genes? Check. Not that I think these are necessary for a warrior princess…just if you want to be super Viking-y about it.

Warrior Princesses are HOT, no matter what ethnic flavor.


Ability to fight with swords? Check. (Technically, it was fencing, but whateves. I could take you, is what I’m saying.)

Do people fear me? Well, no. But they did in high school. I was one of those tall, strapping girls who looked perpetually irritated with the world.

I did say one time about someone who was flirting with my sweetie that if I caught her doing that again I’d rip her tits off. Jokingly. I mean, in my defense, it was only one time. And I didn’t even say it to her directly. She wasn’t even there. It was more an aside to others. Of course for the next few days every time she saw me she crossed her arms protectively over her chest. Jokingly.

But I think the whole Viking warrior princess thing is a state of mind, really.

Viking Warrior Princess state of mind? Check.

An anecdote to illustrate:

Once, a good decade ago or more, I was hanging out with these three guy friends while I was working a summer job. My sweetie was working about an hour away, so for the first time ever we were living apart. That lasted exactly one week then one night sweetie said on the phone, “Hey! Guess who I ran into today?” It was his ex. The next week I got him a job where I was working. However, these three guy friends were rather curious to meet my sweetie. But later on, I asked them why they were so quiet when I introduced them. They said: “We were kinda underwhelmed.” Why? I asked. “He’s just not who we were expecting,” one of them mumbled. Who were you expecting? I asked. “Thor, god of thunder.”

Moving on—let’s discuss the perks of the warrior princess job:

1) Being called a Warrior Princess, obviously. I think this is an epithet that we cannot throw around too much. Let’s use it to replace bitch, slut, bossy pants, etc – all those negative terms we seek to pin on women who get shit done, who take charge, solve problems, and frankly, make the world go round.

We will know we’ve overused the term by the time Forbes says “Like the other 5000 warrior princess CEO’s of top American companies in the corporate world…XXX, who, before becoming president earned more than every other CEO to date, has finally gotten an equal pay amendment passed by congress.” At that point I’m happy to retire the term.

2) Fearless Sex. Viking Warrior Princesses have sex outdoors up against trees—where anybody—including squirrels–can see them.  They have sex in pottery studios – a la Ghost but with less clay-goo and more biting. They are fearless about shower sex. I should know this – because I’m a Viking Warrior Princess and I’ve done all these things.

3) Weapons of choice. My weapon of choice these days is no longer a sword (technically a fencing foil). It’s a pick mattock – your garden’s version of a pick axe.

It looks like this:

Scary, no? Mine is dull and needs to be sharpened as I tame this jungle we call our yard. Viking Warrior Princesses do not like dull weapons, btw. (Try hauling that thing over your head ten times fast while chopping out ash trees. It gets your heart rate right up there, lemme tell you.)

4) An excellent side kick. Warrior Princesses are lucky because superior side-kicks come in so many varieties these days. Take this quiz below and see if you know your awesome sidekicks.

Don’t be surprised if I suddenly have a warrior princess series coming your way.  Like they say–write what you know.

HEY! We’re also celebrating Elizabeth Sa Fleur’s latest release— check it out if you’re all into strong women like we are:

Madeline Iva is the author of the fantasy romance Wicked Apprentice.  Follow her on Wattpad to read her latest novel WICKED ENCHANTRESS. New chapters are posted every Friday.  Join her newsletter.


Welcome to On Fire Week at Lady Smut!

17 Jul

by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Welcome to On Fire week, where we’re celebrating the release of my new Cleis Press anthology On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories, which comes out as an ebook tomorrow, and a print book on August 8th. And stay tuned for the audiobook, which will be narrated by the fabulous author and podcaster Rose Caraway.

I’ll be sharing more later in the week, including a very sexy excerpt from the book, but I wanted to give you a little glimpse into this sexy book, which features couples having all sorts of erotic adventures, from exploring a stocking fetish to planning an orgy to diving into cherished BDSM rituals.

This is the official blurb:

In On Fire, today’s top erotic authors take us inside the passions of couples who go above and beyond in pursuit of sexual and romantic satisfaction, from kink to fantasies to outrageous, stimulating adventures. You’ll treasure the stocking fetish in “Sensitive to the Touch” and travel to “A Place as Beautiful as This.” You’ll go “Beyond the Blindfold,” find out what lurks in the “Art of Darkness,” delight in discovering “The Sweetest Thing,” and observe a feisty femdom couple in “Dreams Made Flesh.” These steamy stories by Kristina Wright, Delilah Devlin, Giselle Renarde, Kay Jaybee, Victoria Blisse, Jade A. Waters and others are perfect bedtime reads for your lover or for your own pleasure.

Here’s my introduction to the book, and keep reading Lady Smut all week for all our fiery posts!

Introduction: Fired Up

What does it mean to be On Fire? The characters in these stories know! It means to burn with need for your partner, to be willing to do anything for them, to take risks because you know they’ll be there to catch you. In this collection of erotic romance stories, you’ll read about all kinds of ways that desire plays out between couples. They know each other inside and out, know what makes the other tick, and use that to their advantage. When the narrator of Jacqueline Applebee’s “Approaching Hardcore” reveals, “I’m a filthy girl. My husband, Dan, always says so,” we know that we’re in for a treat as we find out just how filthy she can be.

Yet these stories are both tender and dirty, sometimes within the span of the same page. That is the beauty of these erotic storytellers—they don’t skimp on love or lust, instead entwining them in tales that will make your pulse pound, your heart race and your breath sigh. Some of these are about new lovers, like the one who helps Deb get over her ex in “Just Knowing.” Some are about long-term relationships where a new revelation leads to the type of intimacy neither partner had imagined, such as in “Every Second of It,” by Lynn Townsend, in which she writes, “Twenty-three years of marriage, and if he knew that she masturbated, he had never mentioned it. Until now. ”On the opposite end of the spectrum are couples who know each other so well, they know exactly how a command like “No underwear” will go over when given from a Dom to his submissive in “My Wife, My Sub, My Love,” by Victoria Blisse.

The couples here also learn how to understand and embrace each other over time, using the power of love and trust to further their sexual and emotional closeness, as is the case in the fun “Sensitive to the Touch,” by Donna George Storey, about a stocking fetish fulfilled. These are transformative, powerful moments that I hope will move you as much as they did me.

Sometimes the most wondrous thing is for lovers to watch their partners with someone else, with their full approval and consent—the couple made all the stronger for their extracurricular passions. This is the case in the paranormal “Masquerade,” by Angela R. Sargenti, and with the swingers in my own “The Dance.”

However these couplings happen, whatever fire warms them from the inside out, transferring from one person to another, all of these tales are ones that are daring, taking risks of the body and soul, in order to reach a new height of pleasure.

Rachel Kramer Bussel

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Intrigued? You can buy On Fire for Kindle, Nook, Google Play, iBooks or Kobo.


Rachel Kramer Bussel ( has edited over 60 anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1 and 2, Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, Begging for It, Fast Girls, The Big Book of Orgasms and more. She writes widely about sex, dating, books and pop culture and teaches erotica writing classes around the country and online. Follow her @raquelita on Twitter and find out more about her classes and consulting at You can follow Rachel on BookBub to get notified about new releases and ebook sales.

Sexy Sunday Snippet: A Heart’s Desire by Kris Michaels

16 Jul

This week we have some hotness from Kris Michaels, the alter ego of a happily married wife and mother who loves to write erotic romance with a twist of military flavor.

About the book:

Agent McKenzie is nobody’s ‘yes’ boy and has the letters of reprimand to prove it. He smells the stink of political maneuvering in this case, and he can see the handwriting on the wall. Hell, the words are three feet high and written in crayon. Someone in his own agency wants a target on Liam Mercier’s back, but McKenzie would be damned if he’d put one there. The damaged man currently in his custody needs his protection, not manipulation. That’s why he’d agreed to use a safe house that was off the grid. Throwing away his rarely used FBI procedure book had nothing to do with the protective urges he felt around Liam. Nope, not a damn thing to do with heavy doses of desire, or spikes of lust. He was just doing his job, after all, he has a killer to catch and a victim to keep alive. Protecting his best bet of taking that sick bastard down was his civic duty.

Forced to face the nightmares of his past or lose his pension, Liam Mercier did the only thing he could do. He walked back into his personal hell. The man assigned to protect him is everything Liam wanted and needed—four years ago. Leaving the small island of sanity he’d been existing on could cost him everything. But being hunted by a genius, sadistic killer without the protection of the sexy, intense, agent was a guaranteed death sentence. Fate had dictated Liam’s course four years ago. The only thing he questioned was when his killer going to finish his work.

Book excerpt:

Steele pounded up the staircase. Worry tore at him. For the last four days, Liam had been withdrawn. He’d claimed it was a side effect of going off his medication, but in his gut, Steele knew better. Since their first morning together, Liam hadn’t slept more than a handful of hours and barely talked, other than short replies to direct questions. The man literally ran himself into the ground. The intensity of facing what Miller did, not only to him, but also to each of his victims, nearly consumed Liam. Running seemed to help him cope, but without proper sleep and food, Steele honestly didn’t know how much longer Liam could go on.

When Steele tried to comfort him, he’d pulled away, become distant. Doc Morgan said it was a typical response to the stress. She’d held extra sessions with Liam to help him cope with the memories the autopsy reports had dredged up. She’d told Steele that giving the briefing would be a big milestone in his recovery.

Steele wouldn’t classify the briefing today as big. Massive, gigantic, or colossal perhaps. Big didn’t hold a candle to what Liam was dealing with right now. Alone.

Steele knuckled Liam’s bedroom door, opening it without waiting. The room was empty but the sound of the shower drew Steele toward the en-suite bath. Steam billowed out as Steele moved in.

Liam stood naked beside the shower. Silver and red scars decorated his body in a sick twist of ivy and heart scrollwork. Seeing the scars in the daylight and in their entirety filled Steele with anguish and rage.

“This is what he did.” Liam focused on the falling water.

“I know.”

“He took my dignity, my sense of safety. He raped me, physically and mentally. The others didn’t live. He told me I was his special gift from God. He believes we are meant to be together for eternity. He won’t stop. He’ll come for me.” Liam lifted his gaze and Steele witnessed the devastation held in the chocolate-brown depths. “By the time they deciphered my notes and found me, I’d given up. I wanted Miller. When he… I wanted to please him, to be good enough for him so he’d stop the pain. I wanted to be what he said I was.” Liam’s voice broke into a sob.

Steele shut the bathroom door and stripped out of his suit, placing his automatic on top of the hurriedly shed clothes before he crossed the room. His hand fell on Liam’s shoulder but the anguished man didn’t move or acknowledge the touch. “Liam, let me help.” Steele brought his chest to Liam’s back and peppered his shoulders with quick, light kisses.

Liam closed his eyes and nodded his head. A slow, fat tear trickled down his cheek.

Steele continued pouring attention on the man. “Do you know what you are?”

“An abomination. A sick, twisted abomination.” Another tear dropped, traveling the same path.

Steele paused at the comments. Why would Liam think he was the abomination? Miller was the fucking animal. He turned the shattered man toward the bathroom’s full-length mirrored wall. “No, you’re a survivor. Open your eyes, angel.”

Liam opened his eyes and winced at the reflection. Steele slid both arms around Liam’s waist. He belted the shorter man to his body with one arm and snaked the other up his chest, lightly grasping Liam’s jaw. He leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “You’re strong. So damn strong, babe. You did what you had to do to survive. The man you have trapped in your memory isn’t the man I see. You are neither his creation nor his exhibit. You are bruised and a little broken, but you are so much more than what he did to you.”

“I’m not. How can you say that? How can you even touch me?” The anguish and sorrow behind the question nearly floored Steele.

“Because I see you, not what he did to you. You are an amazing man. Dedicated, caring, and so damn strong. When we were together I saw the hot flush of arousal build over your chest and creep up you neck. I saw your eyes darken into the most intense shade of brown, so dark with desire that they’re almost black. And that mouth… Fuck, you are every gay man and straight woman’s dream.”


A Heart’s Desire is available on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited.


Kris Michaels believes in meeting life head on…as long as there is an ample supply of coffee, whiskey and wine! She believes love makes this crazy life worthwhile. When she isn’t writing Kris enjoys a busy life with her husband, the cop, and her two wonderful sons. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter and check out her webpage.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

15 Jul

Don’t look now, friends, but we’re midway through July! Yikes, where’s summer going?? You better be sure to set aside ample time for some fun or summer will fade as frighteningly fast as your tan. But don’t worry about having to hunt around for great reads this weekend, ’cause we’ve got you covered. Just check out the fun stuff we’ve gathered below.

From Madeline:

Please do not put glitter in your vagina.

This mom wants you to know that she f*cks.

This one’s for you, Alexa Day: abduction fantasies played out in real life. 

I wanna see Atomic Bomb! How Charlize Theron navigates playing a female spy who kicks ass and takes names.

How you make a relationship work when you identify as a pansexual man and your partner identifies as a lesbian who likes casual hook-ups.

Are your hook ups practicing good hook-up etiquette? Are you demonstrating good boundaries with your hook-ups? See what these women have to say about how they expect to be treated when doing a little bonk-da-bonk with no expectations.

From Elizabeth Shore:

One gutsy woman’s response to a guy trying to rape her – biting off his tongue.

Are you a THOT?

A two-fer: 10 yoga poses that double as sex positions.

Yeah, Dirty Dancing turns 30 this year – but here’s how not to celebrate that.

Finally! Game of Thrones season 7 kicks off on Sunday! Get caught up on everything you need to know before the big event.

And watch the trailer to get yourself in the mood to fly atop dragons and kick some Lannister butt.





I Care About You, Stranger: Guest Post by Charlotte Stein

10 Jul

My lovely Vaginas! We have a treat for you today — Charlotte Stein is here to tell you all about her newest publication.  Lean forward darlings, and soak in the joy. xoxo

I’m here to talk about my latest novel, WAY DOWN DEEP. More specifically, I’m here to talk about the fact that it isn’t just my novel at all. That’s right, I co-wrote it with another author: the fabulous Cara McKenna!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. I know, because before I co-wrote with Cara I used to think exactly the same thing. How do people manage to get something like that going? And the answer is: it was pretty easy really. We were mates, we had similar writing styles. We talked about doing something together. I was scared everyone would hate my style clashing with Cara’s, so totally loved the idea of writing in text messages.

Cara suggested it, and I jumped on it, and here we are. After that, it was easy. The format wasn’t limiting, because we decided to express quite a lot through each message. More like the kind letter writing we often do with our friends through texts. And we gathered readers would appreciate that, because it gives you all the character detail people are used to.

Writing with Cara was a dream and a doddle. We were of one mind a lot, and I very much enjoyed being able to defer to someone else and have that reassurance. Plus she’s funny and kind and I enjoy her company!

Couldn’t ask for more, really.

Ten out of ten, would recommend.

Anyhoo, if you want to investigate the book for yourself, here are the details:

A steamy, deeply emotional tale told entirely through text messages.

Blurb for WAY DOWN DEEP:

The words he typed were never meant to be read, yet they found their way to her. Two wounded strangers, prisoners of their own lives, brought together by a wayward text.

Without ever hearing each other’s voices, a friendship blooms between them. Without ever seeing each other’s faces, an attraction grows. Without ever touching, the two become lovers.

But when words suddenly aren’t enough, will this bond be able to tear down the walls that keep them apart…or was it only ever fantasy?

Amz pb:

There you have it kittens! Buy WAY DOWN DEEP TODAY. Follow us at Lady Smut, dear hearts, and Subscribe! –especially if you want to follow more highs and lows of the delightful Charlotte Stein in the future. ; > ;> ;> 



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