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Beta Me, Baby

26 Jun

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

By now, pretty much everyone on the planet with the slightest connection to me knows of my mad love for Wonder Woman the movie and Wonder Woman in general. Loud and proud, baby. Loud and proud.


The film has stuck with me for weeks. I saw it a second time with a friend for whom it was a first-time viewing, and found even more to love about it. Those Amazons. Strewth.


I’m currently caught on the marvel (heh) that is Steve Trevor, the beta male. Amongst all the awesome female kick-assedness of the film, Steve Trevor is not so quietly being equally awesome. I touched on this a bit in my blog about the movie.

Because Steve respects her and he is absolutely not at any moment ever made to feel less of a man by her or because of her. He also doesn’t hesitate to follow her, to have her back while acknowledging her leadership. Nor does he think she’s less due to her gender. He doesn’t have to make her little to feel big. There’s no proving to be done by either one of them. She has her part and he has his and they both go to do them, no matter the personal cost. They are fully partners. When Steve fights with the Amazons on the beach, he doesn’t try to protect them or underestimate them. He immediately assesses their skill and fights side by side with them. More, he learns from them and proves this later in the movie when he copies an Amazon move in order to help Diana during another battle, sure she’ll instantly know what he means because he’s aware of her skill and training and more, confident she can carry it out to fruition. And he loves her, fast and sure as happens in such movies, but he doesn’t love her expecting her to change or become someone else or to set aside what she believes in or must do because of that love. He loves her for who she is, and makes him better, makes him want to be better.

Any cursory scan of my blogging history shows my affinity for the alpha male, at least in print and TV/films. In real-life, I can put up with that bossy, tough guy BS for about half a second before the guy has to show me something more. A guy can be masculine and manly and not be a jackhole about it, alpha or no. And this, I’m begging to believe, is the core of the beta hero, of which Steve Trevor may be the perfect example.

You lead, I’ll follow

I texted with my best friend about Steve Trevor this week.

Her: I dig the beta hero, so I’m biased.

Me: A lot of women do and if they were all like Steve Trevor, I’d definitely go there. I think he’s a mix of  both [alpha and beta]. Goes to show that beta doesn’t automatically mean weak or not a leader of men.

Her: He’s absolutely both and definitely a good example of someone willing to share the load. Smart enough to take the reigns and give them back as the situation changes. He doesn’t constantly have to prove himself. And I think the beta part comes through in that he doesn’t try to change everyone’s opinions of [Diana]. He tries to keep her somewhat within the social boundaries so they can be effective (not because he feels those boundaries are good) but lets her prove her own worth to others. So, not take-charge in that way, but sexy because he knows it’s unnecessary.

My bestie is one super smart lady.

With Steve Trevor on the brain, I paid more attention to Mon-el in the TV show Supergirl.

Chris Wood as Mike/Mon-El and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

I’m not a fan of Supergirl, or, more accurately, I don’t want to be a fan of Supergirl. I really don’t want to like this show for Reasons. Yet I find myself absently watching it, usually reruns and usually around 7 AM on weekdays when I’m doing my FitBit and lifting free weights and need the distraction. But Supergirl is girlie and feminist, empowering and a little campy. And in season two, it introduce a perfect beta male.

Mon-el starts out as a self-serving boy toy who isn’t so much interested in using his powers for good as is for using his powers to score. But as the season progresses (I’m guessing here a bit; I haven’t seen most of the season, only the first three and the back nine episodes. Don’t want to like it, remember?). Anyway, as the season progresses, and he and Kara, aka Supergirl, fall in love, he becomes less a dude bro and more the perfect beta male and partner for his super-powered woman.

Ah. Young, superpowered love.

Mon-el is not left with no role to play. His powers are different than Kara’s and so how he can help in their missions differs too. But he’s learning from her all the time, much like Steve Trevor learns from Diana and the Amazons. At the end of the season, again like Steve Trevor, Mon-el sacrifices himself and his and Kara’s happiness in order to save the world. Literally. He does this because he’s learned this kind of sacrificial service from Kara. And, again like Steve Trevor, he knows in making that sacrifice that he’s leaving the more powerful person behind to carry on.

I’m not of the belief that only beta males can be this layered and complex, this manly and yet not the primary in all things. Dyson of the Lost Girl series is unabashedly (and literally) an alpha wolf (and, admittedly, occasionally a bit of an emotional dumb ass). As he falls for the succubus Bo and as, episode by episode, they become partners in crime solving, he defers to her when the situation warrants it, none of which makes him any less alpha be it wolf or man. They save each other, time and again, not because one or the other is weak or incapable, but because they each have their own strengths and often, Bo’s is the greater one in the situation. (At least in season one. I’m still trying to ignore most of season two, all of season three, when the man-hating began in earnest, and the majority of seasons five and six.)

Above all, these “beta’ males are not de-fanged of their masculinity because of a powerful woman. Powerful in their own rights, be it as a super-powered alien from another planet or as a superior leader of men, a truly heroic person, who is as human as the guy next to him, or an outright alpha male who isn’t a bully or a jackhole, when partnered with a woman vastly more powerful than they are in physical capabilities, they are not made lesser–they do not feel lesser–which is super sexy.

We need more of these complex, empowered, layered, kinds of men in fiction today, because there are, I’m convinced, far many of them in real-life than media would lead us to believe. In which case, beta me, baby. Beta me.

Do you have a favorite book or TV beta boyfriend? Give him a shout out in the comments.

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Writer, singer, editor, traveler, tequila drinker, and cat herder, Kiersten Hallie Krum avoids pen names since keeping her multiple personalities straight is hard enough work. She writes smart, sharp, and sexy romantic suspense. Her debut romantic suspense novel, WILD ON THE ROCKS, is a finalist for InD’Tale Magazine’s prestigious RONE award! Visit her website at and find her regularly over sharing on various social media via @kierstenkrum.


Sexy Saturday Round-Up

24 Jun

By Elizabeth Shore

It’s summer solstice time! Long days, frozen drinks, and all things hot: the weather, the beaches, and the sizzlin’ summer fun! Too hot in your neck of the woods to be outside? Worry not. Sophia Coppolla’s historical thriller The Beguiled opens this weekend. Sexual tension, dangerous rivalries, Colin Farrell! It’s a recipe tailor-made for savvy Lady Smutters who prefer their heat coming from the inside. 😉 Oh, and we’ve got a round-up of some pretty awesome clips from this past week, as well. So grab a frozen margarita or three and enjoy.

From Madeline:

Love your period? This woman does.

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Jessica Chastain shudders over the representation of women at Cannes

From Elizabeth Shore:

Grab a book, hit the sand! And if you’re wondering what to read, here are some picks for best summer beach reads.

Here’s something you may not have seen coming: John McEnroe says Andy Warhol ruined his sex life.

Here’s some messed up s**t: in North Carolina, no doesn’t mean no.

Feel like stalking your ex? There’s an app for that. Thanks, Snapchat.

It’s Pride month, everyone! In celebration, here’s what kind of gay porn is searched for, state by state.





Passionflix Is Making Dreams Come True

23 Jun

by Elizabeth SaFleur

Can I get an Amen? Finally someone is bringing the Wild World of Romance to the Big Screen. Passionflix, which had the RT Booklovers Convention all abuzz about its fall launch, is a brand spanking new movie studio and streaming platform (think Netflix) dedicated to turning romance novels into movies and series. AMEN!

Don’t get me wrong, Armageddon is a favorite film. But sometimes you just want a movie where the romance is the thing and not relegated to a subplot to make you care more about the characters. Sometimes (okay, most of the time), you want the point of the movie to be love, passion and romance–one that will engage your whole heart and have you jumping, weeping and shouting for joy. Like Moonstruck, my all-time favorite.

Passionflix will stream not only the romance classics we love (Pride & Prejudice to Love Actually), but will produce original films of our favorite books. They’ll start with a few and move up to more than 20 original movies in a single year. We’re talking original filming my friends. Original.  In September, the first movie to debut by Passionflix is Alessandra Torre’s Hollywood Dirt. Check out the movie teaser here! (It’s good.)

We stalked talked to the folks at Passionflix (all women – double love!) to find out more.

[[Editorial Note: the Passionflix Great Minds include TOSCA MUSK, an award-winning producer of over 20 feature films, television movies and web content; JINA PANEBIANCO, an award winning, motivated and creative film & television producer, and JOANY KANE who has sold 12 screenplays and to date has had 9 movies made.]]

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: We’re so happy you’re here! We’ve been waiting for a Passionflix to enter our lives. Okay, tell us. Whose great idea was this? Do you have a brainstorm note on a napkin stained with spilled margaritas somewhere?

PASSIONFLIX: Haha! Tuna fish sandwiches sound a lot less sexy than margaritas, but yes, that’s almost exactly how Passionflix was born. After the huge success of Fifty Shades, Joany, an Emmy nominated screenwriter, had the innovative idea of bringing more romance novels to life, translating them to screen in movies and series.

Joany’s passion drove her to Los Angeles where we met for lunch and immediately jumped on the idea. We [Passionflix Founders] are all romance readers and crave more of the female gaze and there’s not enough content out there that focuses on women and what women want. We want to change that.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Thank goodness. I’m surprised no one has thought of this before! The romance genre has proven “staying” power. It’s the second best-selling book genre, worldwide and has been for a while. How much has this played into the development of Passionflix?

PASSIONFLIX: Romance readers are ravenous and as we said previously, there’s just not enough content for women out there in film or TV.  We’re passionate about romance, and empowering women through emotional strength and will provide content that encompasses both heartfelt and sexy, from all genres.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Speaking of genres, where do you draw the line regarding heat level? Can you give us something that you would film and something you wouldn’t?

PASSIONFLIX: We will stay as close to what’s on the page as possible. We know readers have favorite scenes they’re desperate to see on screen, and we want to give them that. Colton Donavan and Rylee Thomas in K. Bromberg’s Driven Series sneaking away to have sex on top of a car named SEX? Movie magic. *winks*

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Hate to drill down, but …. how high will your barometer of naughtiness go?

PASSIONFLIX: The Passionflix naughtiness barometer will go to a five. What does a five mean to you?

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: On a scale of one to five, a five would be the bedroom door is wide open and you see everything. But if we’re talking on a scale of one to 10, well, the door is open but we’ll see lots of shadows covering up the naughty bits. LOL  Let’s get off sex for a second. Are there any stories overall you’re seeking? Like M/M or multi-cultural, and will you actively seek those?

PASSIONFLIX: Absolutely. Passionflix is currently seeking diverse romance. We have optioned Brenda Jackson’s Grangers Series and cannot wait to get started on that project. We loved meeting her at RT this year and hearing about her passion for romance, and the characters she creates leap off the pages right into your heart!

We are also reading a few M/M novels and series and look forward to creating content that features compelling characters from all genres.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: So once you have a story selected, how much input do authors have in the creative process? You know how romance fans are! They view characters and stories as “sacred” …

PASSIONFLIX: The authors are involved in every step of the process from script development to casting. We will stay as close to the book as possible, and  strive to make both the author and the reader happy. As romance readers ourselves, we want to see the books, from page to the screen, come to life.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Great to know! So, how can an author (or reader) “pitch” you a story?

PASSIONFLIX:  We have been asked this question a lot, and we love that so many authors are interested in Passionflix and are passionate about our vision. We do take submissions from authors or agents, and we ask that they email and to be please patient with us, as our ‘to be read’ lists are piling up.  (YAY!)  We have heard from hundreds of readers via our social media pages and they love to let us know who they’re reading and which book boyfriend they’re falling in love with. We’re so grateful for their excitement and support.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Thank you Passionflix. We wish you every success. #PassionIsComing this September. Get ready, romance readers.

Sign up now and become a Passionflix founding member, or early subscriber HERE. Passionflix Founding Members receive:

★ A 2-year subscription (with a 30% Savings)
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★ An invitation for a walk on role in a Passionflix production
★ Discounts on Passionflix merchandise
★ Exclusive sneak peeks and casting information via The Passionflix Founding Members Lounge on Facebook.

Passionflix Love Links:





HEY ROMANCE LOVERS, what book do YOU want Passionflix to consider to make into a movie?
Romance titles only, please – any heat level. Let us know in the comments.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

17 Jun

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey, Sexy Readers! We’re halfway through the lovely month of June – Pride month, Rose month, African-American music appreciation month, and dairy month. To top it off, next week it’s officially summer! So as we streak toward the halfway point of the year, celebrate June by grabbing a pint of rocky road, chilling out to some Coltrane, and diving into the array of fun links we prowled through the web to find for you this week. Oh, and don’t forget to give dad a great big Dad’s Day hug.

Where do old toilets go to die? Why, New York City, of course – reincarnated to an oyster reef.

And the #1 key to selling more books is…

Seeing a new guy? Want to have sex with him? 4 questions to ask yourself before sharing your goods.

Do you have rhythm? Tap to the beat on this website and it’ll let you know – and even give you a score. Weirdly addictive…

Think you know what turns him on? Think again.

Why you must see the baddest badass female to grace the silver screen – Wonder Woman.

People searching for lesbian porn often have a hard time spelling it.

Searching for that most blissful of orgasms – the “blended” kind? Hand him this cheat sheet and he’ll get you to the promised land.

10 tips for first-timers having girl-on-girl sex. Tip: cut your nails!

Original and a bit wacky but a lot of fun Father’s Day gifts.

Dairy month definitely means ice cream. Go homemade with these 40+ super easy recipes.

Talking sex robots with heated genitals are about to become a thing.

Give him a Father’s Day gift for the ages – a blow job that’ll blow his mind. Here’s how.










Wonder Woman: Worth the 40 Year Wait

12 Jun

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

I was five years old in 1977 when I jumped off my older sister’s canopy bed and sprained my arm. Hers was a tall bed, tall enough to house a trundle bed underneath, and was as high as I could get at just past 9 PM on a Friday evening. You see, I’d just seen another episode of Wonder Woman. And I knew, even then, that was who I wanted to be in life.

After that stunt, my parents tried to forbid me from watching the show. You can imagine how well that went over. But I did have to promise no more leaps from high places. When my mother tried to curb our Saturday morning cartoon watching, I wheedled my way into her acquiescing to only the SuperFriends and the Smurfs. The SuperFriends are probably the only reason I was ever willingly awake at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. That year or the next, a girl in my class (who I went to nursery school with and, as it turned out, every other school through to high school graduation) got a full Wonder Woman kit for her fifth or sixth birthday. I was insanely jealous and, at that age, completely incapable of hiding it. Somewhere, there’s a picture of me at her party dressed in her birthday present (sorry about that, Kimmie).

You see, from as far back as I can conjugate, I knew I was destined to be Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was strong. She was never, ever bullied. Not for her looks, not for her size, not for anything. She rescued the underdog, the helpless and needy. She was respected by men–or at least by men worth of the title. She was honorable and righteous. She was kind and generous. She smiled big and knew how to have fun, but she never put herself above others, despite her power and strength and position. She could not only play with the boys, not only hold her own with them, but she could (and would) easily outpace their best efforts. She took care of those who depended on her and made sure they had what they needed, even at her own expense. She was a princess and a warrior. She was loved and lovable.

From a very early age, I longed to be all these things.

Wonder Woman didn’t get teased for her weight or her clothes. Wonder Woman didn’t get mocked for reading as she walked to and from grade school. Wonder Woman didn’t cry as she walked to junior high. Wonder Woman didn’t get ridiculed for reading romance novels because she needed to believe not only in romance and love, but that she herself was worthy of being loved. Wonder Woman didn’t worry about any of that shit. No one would dare.

So you can imagine my feelings to learn there was finally going to be a live-action Wonder Woman film. Or maybe not, because I’ve been trying for nearly ten days to figure them out, and I’m not all that much closer than when I walked out of the movie theatre.

For once, I did not learn every microcosm of information about the movie. I didn’t scan blogs or media sites, I didn’t haunt youtube videos of premieres around the world, I didn’t read or watch media blitzes and morning show spots and red carpet interviews.

I didn’t want the real world interfering with my life-long dream. A real, live Wonder Woman.

Some girls wanted a sparkly tiara. I always went a different route…

It’s been nearly 40 years since I was that young girl jumping off the bed. (Newsflash: that wasn’t my last jump.) Over time, my love for the Amazon princess has not abated. I have a Wonder Woman license plate frame. My best friend bought me Wonder Woman drinking glasses for Christmas. The Mother bought me Wonder Woman stud earrings (which I wore to the movie, natch). I had the Wonder Woman Underroos; as an adult, I have knickers and sleep shirts. I have Wonder Woman workout gear. I wore a different Wonder Woman shirt to the day job every day of the week the movie was released and still had another to wear Saturday when I went to see the film.

To say my expectations were high for this movie is to understate the emotional importance the film carried for me and that five and six and seven and fourteen and so on through the teenage years girl.

I’m here to say, it was absolutely, 100% worth the wait. It’s powerful, emotional, sweet, funny, sexy, emotional, and empowering.

“What one does when faced with the truth is harder than you think.” — Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman 2017

I’m not going to rehash every moment of the film or break down all the feminist principles or the (very few) places they went wrong. There are plenty of other places out there to read all of that. The nay sayers and trolls are making a lot of hay over the movie’s assertion that “love is the answer” as though the moral and theme of Wonder Woman can be summed up with a Beatles’ song. But it’s so much more than that.

“Be careful in the world of men, Diana, they do not deserve you.” Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman 2017

Diana’s strength isn’t in her weapons or her power. It’s in her heart where her true power lies. This is something our male superheroes struggle to convey and/or to capitalize on. They have honor and strength and commitment and sacrifice, but few have the courage to act solely from their hearts–from a place of love. Diana has so much love to give, her heart is so large, it can’t remain on an island sequestered from a world that needs her, however violent and cursed and male that world may be. She gives up the right to ever return to her home in order to go where she’s needed. Her mother, Hippolyta, reminds Diana that if she chooses to leave, she can never return. “How will I be if I stay?” Diana replies, to which Hippolyta has no reply.

Steve Trevor: I can’t let you do this…

Diana Prince: What I do is not up to you.

Wonder Woman 2017

That doesn’t mean she’s a pushover. She enters the outside world at a time when women’s suffrage had yet to happen and women were struggling for that very recognition. But Diana knows no world where she is not an equal. It doesn’t ever occur to her that she is less for any reason, but especially not because of her gender. Diana goes where she wants and does what she thinks is necessary and just no matter that all the men around her are telling her “no”. She is constantly being told “no” in this movie, and she just keeps on going. When Steve Trevor brings Diana with him to Parliament so he can update his boss, he tells her not to enter. He actually says “stay”. Diana ignores him and walks on in, bringing the entire room to a standstill because, good Lord, there’s a woman in the chambers of Parliament!

But to Diana, it is just another room and she rightly sees no reason why she shouldn’t be able to enter it. Later, she does the same thing with the war room. Why should she stay outside when the information she needs in in that room? Therefore, she must be in that room. She challenges the men because she doesn’t recognize their “superiority”. It never occurs to her that she’s anything but equal, or at the least, their superior. Not because she has a vagina, but because these worldly people, these men, have been corrupted by ambition or greed or war (there are a number of options offered in the movie) while Diana’s gaze remains clear and fixed. She knows the enemy and knows how to defeat him. She doesn’t accept “we can’t do that because of X or Y.” She knows what must be done and if the men aren’t going to step up and do it, then she is going to do it without them.

And here’s the thing: the men follow her.

Because Steve respects her and he is absolutely not at any moment ever made to feel less of a man by her or because of her. He also doesn’t hesitate to follow her, to have her back while acknowledging her leadership. Nor does he think she’s less due to her gender. He doesn’t have to make her little to feel big. There’s no proving to be done by either one of them. She has her part and he has his and they both go to do them, no matter the personal cost. They are fully partners. When Steve fights with the Amazons on the beach, he doesn’t try to protect them or underestimate them. He immediately assesses their skill and fights side by side with them. More, he learns from them and proves this later in the movie when he copies an Amazon move in order to help Diana during another battle, sure she’ll instantly know what he means because he’s aware of her skill and training and more, confident she can carry it out to fruition. And he loves her, fast and sure as happens in such movies, but he doesn’t love her expecting her to change or become someone else or to set aside what she believes in or must do because of that love. He loves her for who she is, and makes him better, makes him want to be better.

(For more on how great Steve Trevor is as a beta male who doesn’t lose his masculinity because he follows Diana, read this great post on Mary Sue, The Steve Trevor Factor: Wonder Woman Gives Us a Template for What Gender Equality Can Look Like. I could not say it better if I tried.)

Steve Trevor: “We can’t save everyone.”

Diana: “Maybe you can’t. But I’m going to.”

Wonder Woman 2017

Watching Wonder Woman, I thought of all the young girls experiencing Diana, Princess of Themyscira for the first time via this film, seeing and learning not that no matter what or who they want to be, they’ll always hear “no” and “don’t” and “no” again and “you can’t do that” or “women can’t do that,” but that they will be able to reply “maybe you can’t, but I’m going to.” That they too can be a wonder of a woman: Courageous. Kind. Wise. Loving. Beautiful. Strong. Undefeatable. That there’s not one of these elements they need to sacrifice to be any and all of the others.

Because Diana’s great capacity for love doesn’t make her a weakling. Oh no. She comes from far too heartier stock for that. The Amazons in Wonder Woman are feats to behold, fierce and fearsome, and more than one warrior’s cry brought chills to my spine–and an elated smile to my face. These are the ancestors of all the Black Widows and Supergirls and Buffys and Jean Greys and so on and so on. Every kick ass, bad ass woman hero or antihero, superhero or chosen one. They owe it all to the Amazons. And these are the women who raised and trained Diana to be all that is Wonder Woman, and to have Robin Wright, the Princess Bride herself, leading the charge, well, there are few greater ways to make the circle complete.


I’ve written before about how romance novels taught me to be the heroine of my own story, how they continue to embolden women to reach for what makes them happy, to be that heroine. With the arrival of Wonder Woman, I’ve realized she started me on that journey. She’s the first to make me believe I could be more–that I was worth more

I’ve been trying to be Wonder Woman for 40 years. Strong. Giving. Honorable. Righteous. Kind. Compassionate. Forgiving. Sacrificial. Loving. Undefeatable Striving to achieve that destiny, to be that woman in a mortal, real-life existence. And I’ve failed, epically, far more than I’ve succeeded.

There’s been no magic bracelets despite my propensity for silver cuffs (gee, wonder where *that* came from?). No lasso of truth to discern who is lying to me and guide me to the truths of peoples hearts. No invisible jet to get to places quickly (though that bit I never got–what good is an invisible jet when everyone can see you through it anyway?). No superior strength or effervescent beauty. Just me being, well, me.

As it turns out, that’s been more than enough.

I am, as I’ve always been, a wonder of a woman. We all are. Heroines of our own wondrous stories.

Looks like that was my destiny after all.

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Sexy Saturday Round Up

10 Jun

By Elizbeth Shore

It’s the weekend! If you’re in the northeast as we Lady Smutters are, you can also get jazzed about the fact that it’s also finally warm. Beach weather, baby! And what goes better with the beach than some good beach reads. You want ’em? We got ’em. So kick off the flip flops, dig your toes in the sand, and settle in with some hot Lady Smut reads. Happy summer, everyone!

How long should sex last? Exactly this long.

Wild weekend getaway. Checking out men thrusting their torsos – with your mom!

Bill Cosby feared being called a “dirty old man.” Ah, Bill? Got news for you, buddy. You ARE!

Doing a little shopping this weekend? Check out this guide to the best jeans for women.

The nude selfie. Feminist stance or a case for slut shaming?

The hottest romance book covers featuring naked hot men. Anyone got a problem with that? We didn’t think so.

What do people in Ireland love besides a pint o’ Guinness and singing sad songs? Pubic sex!

Did you know that yesterday was National Sex Day? No? Well, don’t worry. You can still celebrate this weekend – even if you’re single.

Why are you telling a perfect stranger personal things about yourself? Cause you’re sexually excited by him, that’s why.

What Japanese men do when women are skeeved out by their nipples.






Giant Girls and the Men Who Want Them: Macrophilia 101

9 Jun

According to Playboy and the recent Pornhub annual report, giantess women are the new big thing in fantasyland. The demand for macrophiliac images, videos, and stories are on the rise and show no sign of slowing.  macrophilia-fetish-the-men-who-want-to-have-sex-with-actual-giants-body-image-1477499129

In case you’re not one of those typing in “giant woman porn” and hitting search, a macrogynophile is someone, usually a man, who is sexually attracted to a giant person, usually a woman. The word macrophilia translates to “lover of large.” The largeness is typically in height. Even though new giantess sites are now popping up all over the internet this passion isn’t new. Are you familiar with the ’58 movie, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman? You know the one about the beautiful woman who’s turned into a vengeful magnificent giant after encountering some aliens? Oddly sexy, right? How about the adventures of Tom Thumb–I mean the original from the Brothers Grimm. Weirdly intriguing.

Men who long for giant woman dream about being smothered by her huge breasts, 280758d832bcd76453e03d891714f5a1squashed beneath her behemoth feet, or–a special subfantasy of the giantess crowd–vore–which is being eaten by this gorgeous gargantuan. Swallowed whole.

Why, you want to know? Other than the obvious, the idea of being overtaken by a giant woman is kinky and unique, why would a guy be particularly excited by a giant woman? One theory is that because in most societies men are seen as powerful and dominant, they find the idea of being released from the pressure and responsibility that comes along with those assumptions both freeing and frightening. This combination ignites the fight or flight instinct and by choosing to fight, even in their imagination, they get an adrenaline rush. That leads to arousal and… You see? In this case the fear is safe–like the rush you get from watching a good horror movie. Another theory is that one often applied to kinks and fetishes. An adolescent experiences something non-sexual yet he is suddenly and inexplicably powerfully aroused, and so from that moment forward the person associates sexual arousal with the otherwise non-sexual experience or object.

Frequently there are BDSM themes or erotic humiliation elements woven into the giantess fantasies. According to sex therapist Pamela Supple, “Power, domination and vulnerability are at the heart of macrophilia.”It’s allowing your mind to go wherever it wants to go, whilst engaging in play to gain the maximum sexual arousal. Some want to feel and experience terror – being crushed or controlled. Everyone is different in what they want to experience.” Supple also believes macrophilia has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity in the past few years, citing the internet’s crucial role in helping to both create and facilitate the fetish. And, in some cases, introducing the fetish to those who have been looking for a name for what they feel.

Obviously, this particular fantasy can be difficult to act out in real life, as 50 foot women are hard to find. However, there are some unusually tall women who specialize in catering to men who love them for their statuesque stature.

Women, if you’re feeling left out, and wonder if there is a parallel world where you get to fantasize about giant men, the answer is yes. It’s just not as common. The speculation on this is that there isn’t enough reality breaking to really give this traction. Men are already typically bigger, we’re accustomed to being somewhat smaller. So the step outside of the usual just isn’t that far. Still, if you’re one of the rare women who share this interest, check out

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5 Jun

by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Who’s excited for summer? Hopefully, all of us! I am looking forward to vacations by the beach, attending my first bachelorette party and, of course, beach reads, including my July Cleis Press anthology On Fire: Erotic Romance Stories.

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Sexy Saturday Round Up

3 Jun

By Elizabeth Shore

Happy June! It’s National Dairy Month, Rose Month, and Gay Pride Appreciation Month. As we make our way toward the end of 2017’s first half, grab an ice cream, smell the flowers, and show some love to our LGBT brothers and sisters. And while you’re thinking happy thoughts with your dessert, your roses, and your heart swelling with LGBT pride, Lady Smut adds to the fun with our weekly roundup of great reading. I’ll take a mint chip on a waffle cone. Make it a double. 😉

Pull up a chair, ladies! And get some awesome oral lovin’ while you’re at it.

She’s Wonder-ful! How model and actress Gal Gadot got her ass-kickin’ body in jaw-dropping shape for her starring role in Wonder Woman.

A dating app says, “no pictures, please.” You have to actually get to know one another first.

Are you watching American Gods? Are you utterly confused? Author Neil Gaiman describes what the heck it’s all about.

You mean people other than English women with royal blood wear hats? They do indeed – and the official hat maker of the Kentucky derby shares her secrets.

Although we’ve technically missed National Doughnut Day (it was yesterday, y’all), fear not. Oreo has just released their latest flavor – jelly doughnut Oreos.

Thinking aboug becoming a Playboy Playmate? Think again – it’s not all the fun it’s cracked up to be.

Something else to worry about – your vagina might be depressed.

Give some love to the back door. Why butt plugs are the toy you shouldn’t forget.

In a baking mood? How about salted chocolate and almond butter cookies. Here’s the recipe.






Sexy Saturday Round Up

27 May

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey Sexies! Happy long weekend. It’s time to pull out the grill, shake out the blanket, and get the summer started. While you’re enjoying the extra day off from the daily grind – and remembering to thank our brave men and women for their service – we’ve got some delicious reading to recommend. So if you happen to be in the northeast where the forecast is less-than-summery this weekend, at least you can still enjoy the heat. 😉

You know how you assumed that the Dirty Dancing remake was going to be bad? Honey, that was going easy on it.

We’ve almost reached the end of May, which means the end of Masturbation Month 2017. Send it out with a bang – or a slap – by indulging in mutual masturbation.

Fidget spinner porn. Yeah, it’s now a thing.

Do you want to give your man the best, most mind-blowing intense orgasm on the planet? According to Mr. Racy, try milking his prostate.

Who better than Bon Appétit to give us 30 simple Memorial Day weekend grilling recipes.

30 songs of summer 2017 that you won’t be able to get out of your head. You’ve been warned.

Like ’em or loathe ’em, suddenly everyone is talking about male rompers. Or romphims, as some say.

Winter is coming, at least for some of them. The top 7 candidates likely to meet their maker in Game of Thrones upcoming season 7.

Hey guys, got ED? Skip the Viagra, just get a Botox injection.

Oddly fascinating. Forensic scientists solving murders by using bugs.

Horror stories from those in the XXX biz.

From Thien-Kim

Shameless plug: I have a brand new author Facebook page. Will you give it a like?

Have you ever tried cannabis lube? I’m fascinated after reading this review.

Add these panty-melting beach reads to your ereader for the long holiday weekend.

These fairy and mermaid fishnets would add another dimension to your role play. Do you hear the sirens calling?

Are you #TeamBeard or #TeamClean? According to science, women find scruffy men more attractive.

May is almost over. Have you celebrated National Masturbation Month yet?












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