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What’s Worse Than Faking an Orgasm? Fake Science Slamming Porn

26 Mar

By Elizabeth Shore

Legislatures in Kansas have a lot keeping them busy these days. School funding is an enormous problem. Corporate control of the poultry industry and fighting pesticide-resistant noxious weeds are two more. But the legislatures of Kansas recently decided that their focus should be on something even more pressing: drawing inaccurate conclusions about porn, backing them up with fake science, and passing resolutions to deal with a hazard that doesn’t exist. Good on ya, Kansas legislatures!

While it’s tempting to blow off these nitwits with a chuckle and a snort, the problems they create with their puritanical agendas are all too real. As pointed out in a recent Huffington Post article, the Senate Resolution 1762 declaring porn a public health crisis is more ceremonial than anything, putting a stamp on conservative politicians’ ideology. It has no immediate bearing on the law. Yet what it does do is ellicit conversations that start on the basis of falsehoods and inaccuracies. Suddenly, like brush fires in a stiff wind, such conversations swirl wildly out of control, spreading their fallacies from water coolers to watering holes and beyond. Politicians pick up the baton, deciding they need to save us all from something that doesn’t exist and before you can say WTF we’ve got a resolution on our hands.

Beyond conversations where people quote falsehoods as fact, a very real downside of passing resolutions such as 1762 is that, according to Kansas Senator David Haley, it could “funnel precious funding toward what is indeed not a health crisis, when we really need those dollars for true health crises.” Like fighting the flu epidemic, for example. Kansas recently surpassed Missouri to claim the #1 spot in the country as having the highest percentage of people showing flu-like symptoms. And that, legislatures, is based on scientific fact. Not fake. Perhaps your attention should shift to that? Just sayin.

We all know the porn industry is made up of all things titillating and as such is simultaneously sought after and shunned. People are quick to denounce it while searching for free videos on Those in the adult film industry can have life-long stigmas attached to them, as if they alone have cast the world into a cesspool of debauchery and corrupted innocent minds. And hey, we all have choices. If you don’t like porn, or think it’s wrong, or don’t want your kids exposed to it, have at it. That’s the great thing about a free society. We all have that choice. What’s not great is when others try to make choices for us by quoting “facts” that are untrue and twisting the truth to support an agenda.

In the case of the Kansas legislature, the measure it passed about the porn industry references a study supporters say backs their claims about the evils of childhood porn consumption. Except the “study” is actually nothing more than online surveys funded by the evangelical Christian church. As sexual psychophysiologist Dr. Nicolas Pause notes, such surveys are definitively “not science.”

What else do passing these types of measures do? They divert funding away from addressing actual health issues, thereby endangering the very children the fake science porn resolution is supposedly helping. And that’s not fake news at all. It’s just plain dumb.

Elizabeth Shore writes contemporary and historical erotic romance. She’s the author of Hot Bayou NightsDesire RisingThe Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires and (as Liz Madison) Season of Splendor and With His Promise. Her next release, Hot Bayou Fire, the second in the Bayou series, will be out in 2018. Release date announced as soon as it’s known. 

Justice Wears A Stiletto

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Washington, D.C. is full of powerful women. In this series, each book will introduce one of three D.C.-based Femme Dommes—Stella, Candor and Julianna—and the submissive men who get what they need: discipline, love and a larger purpose. The White House Gets a Spanking is book #1.

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Elizabeth SaFleur is an award-winning author of contemporary erotic romance. Many of her books were inspired from her thirty years as a PR practitioner in and around Washington, DC — where she learned not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians. She writes, tweets and posts under a pseudonym since her business clients might be (WOULD be) shocked at her new career choice. When not writing, she’s dancing or drinking good wine. Life’s too short for bad wine. And, if her house were to catch fire, she’d grab 3 things: her furry baby, a Westie; her laptop; and her Sally Rand, 5-feet wide, ostrich feather burlesque fans — in that order. (Words of wisdom she shares with everyone: it’s never too late to learn to dance with fans and boas.)

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