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Bed Dance – Not Your Ordinary Lap Dance

…AS TOLD TO LADY SMUT BY SASHA SNOW SASHA SNOW: I’ve been teaching exotic dance for the last seven or so years in a professional dance studio with curtains drawn, and the doors locked.  The idea behind these classes is to help ordinary women reclaim a part of themselves they often lose to years of

Who Wants a PERFECT Hot, Sexy Spanking?

by Madeline Iva Time for some research, folks! I’ve been thinking about Elizabeth SaFleur’s latest book PERFECT, which has a fair amount of suspense, but also focuses on some smexy spankings. Here are things I know: Our Lady Smut followers lurv spanking–or at least reading about it. Many of my girlfriends shrug when it comes to spanking, don’t get

Bring Horns: Watching, Cuckholding, & Other Things Couples Do on Dirty Dates

by Madeline Iva Curious about cuckholding—a kind of couples kink? (Say that three times fast!) Then you wanna check out CROSSTOWN CRUSH.  Samira is married to Mike.  So Samira comes home from girl’s night out covered in men’s cologne so Mike can get jealous. (Cause it turns him on.)  Then he confronts her on it,

Could she have been saved by a pen name?

By Liz Everly No matter what your stance is on writers taking pen names and all of the explosions from the last few weeks on on the Internet that Kiersten Haillie Krum wrote about in the Professional Ethics of Pen Names, history is full of writers who took several names, especially women. And many with good reason.

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