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Guess the Lady Smut TBR Stack–Win $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Hi RT Orphans! Does your TBR pile have some of the same titles as ours? Let us know–leave us a comment below. ūüôā Want to buy the book on our TBR list? Click the link. ¬†Meanwhile, here’s another fun game you can play at home. FIRST Read the TBR lists. THEN guess¬†which list belongs to

I Was Enjoying DARK MATTER 'Til They ****ing Killed My Favorite Character

by Madeline Iva ***Yeah, this post is chock full of spoilers. ¬†You’ve been warned.***¬†Dark Matter is a successful comic book made into a Canadian television show that you can binge watch on Netflix–which is what I did. ¬†The gloomy ship, the tough characters and the cloudy mystery about their identity sucked me right in until

Sexy Saturday Round Up

You’re probably reading this on your phone while you’re surrounded by acres of women marching…Wait! You’re not? Okaaaaaay. ¬†(See article below.) Well while *some* of us at Lady Smut are toting clear back packs and shuffling along in D.C., we hope you’re settling back into a moment of calm this Saturday, and enjoying our links

Why Do We Wanna Boink Smart Guys So Badly Anyway?

by Madeline Iva People, I have long adored¬†the sexy geek as an iconic romance hero. ¬†Show me a fit, dorky guy with a great smile and glasses — and I’ll show you an obsessive crush. This week we’re¬†heralding Alexa Day’s re-release ILLICIT IMPULSE and OH! the memories when it first came out. Waaaaaay back, Alexa

Sex Bot…or Not?

by Madeline Iva There’s a new movie in town, my vaginas, and it’s called EX MACHINA. Alexa Day asked if you’d have sex with a robot. ¬†Sure! Who wouldn’t? But there’s robots and then there’s sex bots. ¬†Robots do robot-y things. ¬†Sex bots are enticing. ¬†They¬†represent the forbidden. ¬† Stepping away from humanity in order

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