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The Smart Woman’s Guide to Buying Sex Toys

12 Jun

sex toys The idea of using sex toys is riddled with misconceptions. Mainstream society perceptions still keep them stuck somewhere between taboo and normality. The belief that they are the realm of single and lonely women doesn’t help, either.

If you are a young woman who has decided to explore sex toys as a new level of experiencing pleasure, information and support is often scarce. (Check out this guide for some good sex toy advice.) It might entail hesitant discussions with your besties or reading a naughty article or two on Google.

The process of choosing a toy to buy is often paired with embarrassment and the concern that people will think there is something wrong with your sex life that needs fixing. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth! The whole purpose of sex toys is to enhance your love life, not fix it. So what do we girls really need to know in order to get the most out of our first sex gadget?

Figuring Out What Your Needs Are

If you already have an idea about the kind of thing you would fancy, good for you! But you probably wouldn’t be reading this article if that was the case, right? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most people can’t immediately decide on what would be the best choice of a first sex toy. This leaves room for some self-reflection and an analysis of what you want and need the toy to do.

Do you want to use it alone or with a partner, is there a specific part of the body you would like to stimulate, do you want to be able to take it to the bath/pool with you or when travelling? And last but not least, what budget are you willing to set aside for the purpose? Try making a list of your expectations before you head for the sex shop.

What To Look For In A Toy

Once you have figured out what it is that you want, finding the right toy is easy, because there is a real abundance on the market. Unfortunately, there’s more than color and style to take into account, materials and functionality are actually the greater part of the equation. recommends that whatever the toy, you should definitely make sure it is made of body-safe materials. A great choice would be silicone, because it is non-porous, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Why non-porous? Dirt and bacteria enter porous materials, getting into difficult to clean areas, greatly increasing the risk of yeast infections. Silicone avoids that potential hazard. That said, a product that is easy to clean should probably come as the second most important criteria after safety. And the hypoallergenic part is self-explanatory. If you are prone to allergies, make sure you are not getting anywhere near a substance or material that might endanger your health and well-being.

In addition to paying attention to a toy’s appearance and make, don’t forget to buy something that excites you, rather than intimidates you. The bigger, the better is not the motto here. Actually, something small and discreet would be a great starting point. If it is safe, durable, and comes with manufacturer warranty, all the better.

sex toysThings To Avoid

Based on the strictly individual nature of the purchase, the list of things to avoid will mainly consist of the opposite of the abovementioned suggestions. A good tip would be mentioning phtalates and jelly toys, since the first are hazardous to your health, and the latter are porous.

Also, do your best to avoid cheap, low-grade materials. If a toy has an off-putting, chemical smell, chances are high it was made of toxic stuff that is going to break down over time and endanger your health.

Visiting A Sex Shop Vs Buying Online

How you are going to buy your toy depends on whether you need to check out the item in person, or if a good web review will do the job. If you need to ask the experts a few questions on how to use and look after your toy, then make sure you shop in person. Of course, there are always those who are too embarrassed to be seen at a sex shop or entering into a discussion their purchase with strangers. For them, buying online is a must and a solution to all problems.

Look for legitimate, popular or trusted web sites which have decent payment methods and look respectable enough. If a website looks like something’s not quite right, go somewhere else. And make sure you keep your invoice or receipt!



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