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Who Wants a PERFECT Hot, Sexy Spanking?

by Madeline Iva Time for some research, folks! I’ve been thinking about Elizabeth SaFleur’s latest book PERFECT, which has a fair amount of suspense, but also focuses on some smexy spankings. Here are things I know: Our Lady Smut followers lurv spanking–or at least reading about it. Many of my girlfriends shrug when it comes to spanking, don’t get

We're All Kinky Monsters. Yes, We Are.

By Elizabeth SaFleur I have no frickin’ idea how to start this post, except to tell you the truth. I was minding my own Internet business doing research when I came across  this Psychology Today blog post talking about how fetishes aren’t so, well, fetish-y anymore. It’s a fascinating short read in which I learned in some parts of Japan you can

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