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Sexy Sunday Snippet: Marital Duty by Ingrid Hahn

Ingrid Hahn in the house with a sexy snippet from Marital Duty. Book blurb: Marital duty has never been so satisfying… Each morning while pretending to be asleep, Evaline St. John, Lady Kingston, submits to her husband’s attentions. She can never dare admit she yearns for more…until her friend Selina, Lady Beaumont, initiates a conversation

Sexy Saturday Round Up

By Elizabeth Shore It’s countdown to Thanksgiving here in the U.S. The turkey, the relatives, the shopping – oh my! But before your world explodes into holiday insanity, take a moment for yourself to unwind and enjoy the titillating reads we’ve got in store for you. We’re talking wine condoms, new ways to three ways,

Whiny, Pathetic Losers Who Can’t Get Laid – And Why You Should Know About Them

By Elizabeth Shore Remember right around this time last year when many of us were more than ready to kick the hot mess of 2016 to the curb? Don’t blink, but we’re now practically through 2017. While this year has had its share of crap, there’s positive momentum as we’re heading into the home stretch.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Sexy Saturday Round Up

By Elizabeth Shore A snap is in the air, leaves are changing, and the New York City marathon is happening this weekend. But instead of pounding the pavement, run on over to your computer, tablet, or phone and check out all the cool stuff we’ve rounded up for you this weekend. Now that’s our kind of

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