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Making Merry?

26 Dec

by Madeline Iva

Hi fabulous people! Hope you’ve been festive and making merry this Christmas.  We’re going on a bit of a hiatus through the holidays — but if you’re looking to add to your reading pile here are a few things you might want to put in your Christmas stocking:

FREE READ: JACKSON, by Elizabeth Sa Fleur – Alpha male, BDSM

FREE ON KU: MISTAKEN, LITTLE LIES, BIG LOVE by Isabelle Drake – Mistaken Identity, Rom Com

MISTRESS OF THE UNDEAD by Isabelle Drake – Zombie sex (!), Erotic Romance

And if you want to catch up on your Lady Smut reading here are a few categories to check out:

I Want To Believe: Sex Magick and Strange Angel Alexa Day talks about Rupert Friend

Romance in the time of Black Panther by Alexa Day

Achievement Unlocked by Kiersten Hallie Krum – sharing her struggles and triumphs in her journey to achieve fitness & health

Donald Glover: TV’s Most Interesting Man by Madeline Iva

Excerpt Front SHAKE DOWN by Elizabeth SaFleur – Rachel’s ex-fiancé

shows up at the bar looking hot and looking for revenge…

Heroines Locked in the Erotic, Gothic Universe of David Lynch by guest blogger Chole Robbins

The Ghost of Hot Relationships That Never Were…by Madeline Iva – in which Madeline’s dirty imagination pairs up various couples from The Good Place, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Black Panther.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

23 Nov

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Full up on turkey and shopping and relatives, oh my? Take a break from early onset holiday madness with our round-up of this week’s fun reads. We promise it’ll be the perfect pause that refreshes you.

Feeling like the TV is the place to be this holiday weekend? Then check out the shows you should be watching.

Dumb crook alert! Laundering money doesn’t mean actually laudering money. D’oh!

The quest for good sperm. A gay woman’s tale.

An easy way to drive him wild? Smell like pumpkin.

Think you know about a thing or two about the Big O? Think again.

How not to go broke this holiday season.

The 69th annual National Book Awards.

Keep your sex appeal forever. Here’s how.

Why the decline of newspapers is bad for the environment.

Ever been curved? Hope you haven’t.



What’s the worst thing people are capable of? MISTRESS OF THE UNDEAD, out now.

9 Nov
Vulnerability makes use human; our decisions define our humanity. What better way to explore this idea than through a zombie tribe that feeds off sex—the ultimate power struggle.
That was my thinking while working on the sequel to Servant of the Undead. Mistress of the Undead cover
The city of Boston is infected with zombies, roaming the streets and seeking human flesh—not to eat but to use as sexual servants. Mattie, one of the tribe, wants out. She’ll do anything—manipulate, cheat, lie—to get what she needs to break free from the sex cult.
Hayden Thomas, tabloid reporter and wonderkid, knows first hand how cruel and consuming Mattie can be. Book smart, a good writer, and willing to do anything to get the story that will take his career to the next level, he’s made some depraved enemies.
In a city that thrives on scandal and conspiracy, nothing is coincidence. Beware: once you’re in, you’re in.

Sex cult zombies wearing camo shorts soaked with fake blood, mud smeared torn black t-shirts, ripped sequin tube tops and moth-eaten suits off the Goodwill racks packed the halls of the Boston convention center. None of them had it right. These people playing dress up were sexy and hideous, but they were nothing compared to the real things. Hayden Buchanan Thomas, wonder kid and tabloid reporter ought to know. He been fucked, tormented, and used by the best of the sex cult zombie tribe that’d silently invaded the city. The creatures had arrived with the blizzard and taken advantage of the crippling effects of Snomaggedeon. He’d lost his girlfriend to one of them. He’d lost his pride and humanity to another.

But those had been real ones, not these fake ass pretenders crowding the Sunday morning halls of the comic convention. If these cosplay wanna-bes knew the truth, what the so-called sex zombies really did to humans, they wouldn’t be so excited. They’d hit the snow-covered streets, head straight home, get drunk and hope like hell one of the things wouldn’t pick them for their next sexual servant. Hayden took another look around, watching the naïve faces rushing past. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t hide. Maybe they’d want to know firsthand how bad bad really is. After what Hayden had been through the past week, he understood there was no bottom to the pit of human, and inhuman, depravity. The more heinous, in fact, the more likely it was to happen.

A tug on his arm stopped Hayden’s already too slow progress through the slinking mob. “Hello, pet.”

That insulting voice, that bitter smell. He knew them as well as he now knew disgust and deep personal shame. Hayden wanted to keep moving, get back to cutting through the crowd as he had been, looking for his boss, but his muscles had already started to quiver. Matthew’s grip was unyielding.

“Surprised to see me? You shouldn’t be. Your articles are making me famous. I’m making all kinds of new friends.” Matthew shoved Hayden sideways until they both collided with a wall. The guy made a point of grinding his crotch against Hayden’s thigh before rolling to his side, locking them both just out of the human flow. His disgusting smirk lingered, his mouth making a game of the forced contact. Hayden jerked his arm, after three tugs he managed to free his arm from the cold grip.

Surprised wasn’t the word Hayden would’ve selected to describe how he felt about being in the clutches of the zombie tribe leader. Shock would have been closer. Terrified, closer still.

Isabelle Drake’s other new release, erotic contemporary romance beach read, Make Me Blush, is currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited. Find her on Facebook, Amazon, and pretty much everywhere else.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

9 Nov

Sexy Saturday Round UpHey sexy ladies-

You survived election week and now you can settle back to reap your reward: a mega-SSRU this Saturday.  As always, we’ve got news about strong women, gender, and whacky sex stuff. Enjoy!

From Madeline:

Jezebel looks at fatness, race, and food policies in America.

Slutever asks: Is it feminist to wear a strap on?

The Atlantic explores: How does puberty affect a girl’s confidence?

Guts Mag looks at how to become a butt slut: sexual mindfulness while having anal sex.

The new Colette movie focusses on the author’s bi-sexuality.

Trans women on losing their virginity-twice.

Squirting 101: Soak Up the Pleasure, Soak Up the Fun

Aftercare is not just for bottoms/subs.  Turns out tops and doms need aftercare too.

Beware of SWERFs: Sex work shamers who claim they are feminist.

BBC on how online dating is changing our perceptions of beauty.

Are you gassing up your friends? Here’s how and why you should.

Saggy boobs matter! A memoir/self-help book written by a young african-american reflects upon experiences of those often ignored by self-help books.

VENOM! Here’s a review about the latest Tom Hardy movie.

Simple tips on how men can last longer while having sex.

People had mixed reviews of the Sabrina reboot on Netflix–this Atlantic article explores the depiction of female power in the new series.

Last but not least–we wouldn’t be Lady Smut if we didn’t this female reporter exploring the latest in creepy Sex Bot technology. 

Sexy Sunday Snippet: The Arrows of the Heart

4 Nov

Here’s a sexy snippet to steam up your Sunday!

Fantasy romance, The Arrows of The Heart, by Jeffe Kennedy is part of the Uncharted Realms series.



As the Twelve Kingdoms and their allies are drawn toward war, a princess cast aside must discover a purpose she never dreamed of…

Karyn af Hardie behaved like a proper Dasnarian wife. She acquiesced, she accepted, she submitted. Until her husband gave her a choice: their loveless, unconsummated royal marriage—or her freedom. Karyn chose freedom. But with nowhere to run except into the arms of Dasnaria’s enemies, she wonders if she’s made a mistake. She wants love, security, a family. She can’t imagine finding any of it among the mercurial Tala.

Worst of all is Zyr. The uninhibited shapeshifter is everywhere she looks. He’s magnetic, relentless, teasing and tempting as if she’s free to take her pleasure where she wishes. As if there isn’t a war rising before them, against a vile and demanding force far stronger than they. But with Karyn’s loyalty far from certain, Zyr offers her only chance to aid the defense—a dangerous gambit to seek out a land not seen in centuries, using clues no one can decipher. Together, they’ll have every opportunity to fail—and one chance to steal something truly precious…


“What in Moranu is wrong with you?” Zyr had gone back to impatient, and I realized he’d been talking to me. He’d even set down the wooden chest and taken me by the shoulders. “Talk to me—are you ill?”

“Lieutenant Marskal left,” I managed to reply, the command spurring me to answer.

“Yes, that’s what I said.” Zyr sounded puzzled, ducking his head to try to look into my face. “Explain why that has you looking like you’ll faint.”

I had to catch my breath, my lungs too tight to draw air. “He… didn’t take me… along and now… I’m all alone… in this place…and I’ll starve… and die!” I finished on a wail that robbed me of the last of my breath and would’ve had me melting in embarrassed horror if I didn’t feel like I might fall into a puddle of faint instead.

Zyr cursed in his language, which would have sounded pretty if he weren’t so annoyed. He backed me up to the balustrade and made me sit, forcing my head down almost to the ground. “Deep breaths. Slow and even.” He spoke slowly and gently, rubbing a hand down my back. Far too familiar a touch, but it felt good and I could hardly throw him off. “That’s it, gréine. Calm and easy. Breathe.”

And I found I could. Being upside-down made my head feel funny, but I no longer felt like I’d fall the dizzying drop to the beach.

“You’re not all alone,” Zyr said, spacing out his words as if talking to a child. Which, I supposed was fair, as I was acting like one. “Only Zynda and Marskal left, on a private, stupidly heroic mission. The rest of the Hawks are still here, and you’ll keep training with them. My cousin Ursula, her royal high whatever, is sending more Hawks and troops here to Annfwn, to reinforce defenses in case there are more Deyrr attacks—remember? No one is going to let you starve. All right?”

I nodded.

“An actual verbal reply would be helpful, so I know you’re with me.” A hint of his usual teasing in there, but he still sounded gentle. Soothing. Totally unlike the Zyr I knew.

“All right,” I answered.

“Better now?”


“Can you sit up?” He helped me straighten, and I caught a glimpse of his concerned expression before I averted my gaze. “Also, you wouldn’t starve anyway. Watch this.”

I did as he told me, watching as he reached up a long arm to an overhanging tree limb, plucked a fruit and handed it to me. Bemused, I held it, the smooth globe cool from the night, the sweet scent almost like flowers.

“No one starves here.” Zyr tapped the fruit, then put a finger under my chin, lifting my face so that keeping my eyes averted became more difficult. “Your cheeks are all pink now,” he noted.

“From being upside down,” I pointed out, more tartly than I would’ve if I’d been feeling fully myself. Your impulsive tongue will get you in trouble someday. My mother’s words echoed in my mind as if she stood right there. By now she would’ve heard that my impulsive tongue had made me ask His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Dasnaria for an annulment of my marriage with Kral. She likely believed me dead. Just as well, as I’d never see any of my family again.

Zyr broke into my mournful thoughts, his fingertips feathering over my cheek, as if testing the color, sending a shivery sensation through me I didn’t know how to handle. “Your skin is so pale and clear all the blood shows through.”

“That’s disgusting!” I yanked away from his touch, shocked by his words and mortified that I’d let a strange man touch me. Even if it had felt nice for a moment. And not lonely.

“How is that disgusting?” he asked, laughing and not caring at all. “People have blood in them and have skin to hold it in. This is true of animals, too. The Tala understand this—don’t Dasnarians?”

“Yes, but we don’t discuss such things in public.” I smoothed my braid, refusing to look at him, no matter his antics. “It’s not an appropriate topic for mixed company.”

“Mixed, as in Dasnarians and Tala?” His tone held plenty of mischief.

“Mixed as in men and women.”

“So, are only conversations about blood not allowed, or all bodily fluids?”

I nearly choked, so I stood, straightening my skirts.

“I guess that’s all bodily fluids,” Zyr observed, uncoiling to his feet with that odd animal grace. “You come from a very strange people.”

“At least my people keep one body,” I replied, annoyed enough to be outright rude.

“There, you sound better now. Your usual prim and offended self.” He retrieved the wooden box and started walking, so I had to go along. “And you’re blushing even more now, by the way. Is that what bothers you about me—that I’m a shapeshifter?”

“It doesn’t bother me.” I looked out over the sea, bluer now with the rising sun that hadn’t yet tipped over the rim of the towering cliff above. “Zynda is a shapeshifter and I like her.”

“Then you don’t like me personally.”

“I don’t have an opinion about you one way or the other.” I kept my tone as neutral as I could manage. This man made it impossible to be polite.

“But you won’t consider taking me as a lover,” he replied with that easy openness of his people.

I pressed my lips together, mortified to be in this conversation, my face burning hot.

“I’m an excellent lover,” Zyr continued, uncaring of the group of Tala girls who passed us carrying baskets. They giggled, several of them calling out what sounded like agreement. Zyr replied in their language, obviously flirting with them.

I considered simply leaping over the balustrade and ending this. Instead, I quickened my pace, striding ahead while he dallied. Perhaps he’d forget about me and run after them.

But no, he immediately caught up. “I’m not bragging,” he insisted, ducking his head to catch my eye. “Well, I’m bragging a little, but I can back it up. You’d enjoy yourself in my bed.”

I stopped so fast he went a step past me, before whipping around. That was uncanny, too. These shapeshifters moved so fast they almost blurred, back in front of you before you realized they’d changed position. “Your bed?” I squeaked out, astonished and horrified enough to look him directly in his eyes.

They widened, searching my face, his expression abruptly serious. “Why do you say it that way—is that an insult?”

No. No, it couldn’t mean the same thing in Common Tongue. “It’s nothing.”

“I don’t think so. We must talk about this,” he said.

“Nooo.” I shook my head emphatically, drawing out the word so he’d hear it. “We will not discuss this. In fact, this whole conversation is over. I never should have talked with you in the first place. I’m going for my breakfast now.”

Head held high with all the dignity of the Hardie family, I walked on.

The Arrows of the Heart is out now! Get your copy!


Jeffe Kennedy is an award-winning author whose works include novels, non-fiction, poetry, and short fiction. She has been a Ucross Foundation Fellow, received the Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship for Poetry, and was awarded a Frank Nelson Doubleday Memorial Award.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

2 Nov

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

The calendar page just flipped to November on Thursday when I heard Let It Snow on the overhead at my local Starbucks. Gaaah! Say it isn’t so! We’ve gone from all things pumpkin to all things peppermint in the blink of an eye. But here at Lady Smut, we’re taking it all in stride. Despite ongoing madness in the political world – don’t forget to vote on Tuesday! – here we offer a sea of sexy tranquility. Read on, Lady Smutters, read on.

If you want to be friends with your ex, just ask a lesbian how it’s done.

An eerie mystery in Italy may be solved with the discovery of skeletal remains on Vatican land.

The best shower accessory you didn’t know you needed.

Why you must vote…from the world according to John Legend.

How men’s and women’s sexual fantasies differ…and are very much alike.

Booze-free bars…the future of going out?

Canada votes to legalize marijuana and then they ran out of marijuana.

Listen to the wisdom of nature. Ahhhh…

Your November sex horoscope.

Ryan Reynolds says wife Blake Lively has sex with ghosts.

And finally: woman who says she has supernatural sex now claims she’s engaged to a ghost. Spooky!


Sexy Saturday Round Up

12 Oct

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Happy weekend, sexies! Don’t know about where you’re at, but here in the Northeast it finally feels like fall. Crisp air, leaves starting to change, and boot weather to boot! Your ever-faithful Lady Smut has also gathered up some great quick reads for you. Seems like the makings of an awesome weekend. Have fun!

Love thyself – even if you’re fat. That’s okay, right?

Silver foxes….ooooooh yeah. So hot. So sexy. But why?

Stop working so much! It impacts your sex life.

The GOP’s take-away from the Kavanaugh debacle is to appoint 15 more male judges.

The bunnies are baaaaack! Playboy Club New York opens.

From Madeline:

What are the effect of embracing anti-heroes in our TV culture?…Are we possibly setting ourselves up to feel numb towards unsavory characters in real life?

Hey Guys! Here’s a Lifehacker tip on how to last longer during sex.

#HimToo speaks out! Turns out that his goofy mom’s goof is to blame for his sudden twitter notoriety. But his brother’s really happy about it.

Faux-cest porn–made by a woman.  Super-angsty guilt driven porn is the hot new trend–all you Stepbrother romance readers out there ready for this?

A new self-help book written by a black woman & Why Saggy Boobs Matter

Are you gassing up your friends? Man speaks to this friendship trend.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

5 Oct

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Nothing like a fall chill in the air to get our blood running hot. Warm apple cider, cozy sweaters, and sexy reads – or a movies! –  will do the trick. And for a bit of inspiration, check out our round-up this weekend. We bet it’ll get your blood running hot, too.

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga…we sure are happy these stars were born. And did somebody around here say Academy Award? Trust us, there’s buzz…

OK, let’s just get this over with. #MeToo girls, we’ve still got work to do. Lots of it.

At work and horny and don’t know what to do? Start with these suggestions.

Slumber parties aren’t what they used to be! Now they can come with sex ed lessons.

Cotton vagina – the downside of smoking too much weed.

Love and sex in China – where there are waaaaay too many men.

The 50 best and worst fall foods. According to men, that is.

Overwhelemed, overstressed, and wanting to be over it. How to take care of yourself emotionally.

Here’s a way to save some money – stop with the vitamin D supplements. Besides, they don’t work.

Here’s one for the guys: the science behind low-hanging balls.

Orgasmic meditation. It’s a thing.


Sexy Saturday Round Up

15 Sep

Sexy Saturday Round UpHi lovely vaginas! We’ve got some spiffy, sexy new links for you, while you nestle at home (hopefully out of the rain and floods.) Cheers!

This woman went vegan and her period cramps from hell became a distant memory.

Explaining men and their selfie expressions of pain.

Does revenge work? Only if you’re a certain type of person.

Sex and the Sugar Daddy: female students in Kenya find another type of school loan — but is there a price to pay?

Road testing 5 remote control vibrators.




Mistaken: Little Lies, Big Love–a Babes ‘N Beer anthology

14 Sep

Beer, conversation, music–for me these things lead to BIG ideas. About a year ago, the big idea was doing an anthology with two of my friends. One of the friends, Holly Halsey Mayes, wasn’t present but that didn’t stop Alexandria Sure and me from deciding she was in on our idea. We came up with a slogan for our project, Babes ‘N Beer, and were off.

We tossed around some classic romance themes: second chances, workplace, holidays, fantasies—then settled on mistaken identity. The idea of wanting to be someone else for a day, a week, or for however long, appealed to us because, well, we understood

it. The grass is always greener, and all that. Of course, our character’s thought so too, but after only a few pages, they realize we have some consequences for them–some more on the steamy side, others more on the sweet side. There more on the are happy endings all around as well-.

We settled down to the writing, got together for write-ins and planning (cover, photo shoot for the back cover, editing, promotion, formatting) and now, in only ten days, the book will be released. We’ll be having a release day party and donating 50% of the proceeds from books sold at that event will be going to the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing.

MISTAKEN: LITTLE LIES, BIG LOVE is an collection of three romances.

Have you ever wanted to be someone else for a day, night, week or a lifetime? Have you ever gotten caught in a teeny tiny lie?

Love–and lust–can make you do some crazy things.

Mistaken Little Lies Big Love banner


NAUGHTY LESSONS, by Isabelle Drake, from our Babes ‘N Beer Anthology.


Motivational speaker and personal improvement expert Jaya Vinar is out of control–or so people keep telling her. When her boss pairs her with a handsome personal consultant, things get even more out of control. She wants to scare him off, he wants her in his bed. Only one can win. And neither one is exactly who they’re pretending to be.

Sometimes wild, and rocky, starts lead to even wilder, and happier, endings.


Jaya paused outside the hotel room, staring at the number 726, posted on the right side of the dark brown door. The late-night crowd had gone to bed hours ago, leaving the hall empty and the row of rooms quiet. With the elevator only yards away, a few steps was all it would take to head back to her own room and forget the whole thing.

She wasn’t going to walk away. She wanted this. Wanted him.

After several heavy beats, the door swung open and he was there. Despite the late hour, he wore a navy suit. He even had on the tie. The bright white shirt collar cut against his skin, emphasizing the rough, late-night stubble. No smile, no hello. He just stepped back and motioned for her to come in. The heat of his body caressed her as she passed him in the small hallway. She heard him follow her as she moved into the room, felt him behind her when she stopped. The intensity of his presence was so intense, so piercing; it was painful.

What a magnificent pain it was.

His suite was larger than hers, with a sitting room separate from the bedroom. A floor-to-ceiling window offered a view of the glittering city. There was a balcony with two padded chairs and a low glass-topped table. She could tell by the arrangement of the room they wouldn’t be spending time out there, enjoying the view or the crisp night air.

She moved forward a step and set her fingertips on the single chair placed in front of the couch. The chair was centered in front of the couch, its back to the window.

Jaya moved in, feeling the heels of her pumps sink silently into the plush carpeting. She felt the hem of her dress brush the back of her thighs and the tug of her garters on her inner thighs.

“I see you followed the instructions on the dress. Are you wearing everything I sent?”

Thinking about the box that’d been delivered to her room an hour ago, she nodded. She’d followed the instructions on the card, putting everything on slowly, savoring the moment. Simply touching the intricate pink lace bra and matching garter belt had made her shiver with anticipation.

“I can tell by the look on your face, you are uncertain.” He came around, stood beside her and touched her elbow. “You don’t have to trust me. You just have to do what I say.”

Heat skittered up her arm, worked across her breasts, making them swell and become heavy. Following all of his instructions had been one of the requirements on the note. By coming to his room, she had agreed to do the other—follow his commands without question.

With a slow, deliberate gesture, Connor pointed to a chair. “For now, I’ll accept obedience. The trust will come next time.”

Next time?


Pre-order Mistaken: Little Lies, Big Love now for release on September 25!


Isabelle Drake’s newest release, Cowboy for Hire, is a sweet cowboy romance from ‘back in her day’. In other words, a rerelease of one of her Ellora’s Cave book. One of the few sweet ones they published.


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