Reawakening Sleeping Beauty

Several years ago I attended a romance conference in which Anne Rice made a guest appearance in order to help promote the new release Beguiled, written by her sister, the late Alice Borchardt. After a brief discussion about Alice’s book, the conversation quickly turned to Anne’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. One intrepid but shy audience member

Man-Love at Ellora’s Cave

Hi there! Taking a quick breather from packing for  a NJ tomorrow–I’m going to the NJ Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. (Woot!) Before I go, I wanted to pick up a thread from Elizabeth’s earlier post about erotic romance for couples/men. Yes! I too have had lots of neighbors & friends share with me

Couples who read together . . .

By Elizabeth Shore I have a good girlfriend who told me once that she and her boyfriend enjoyed reading passages from my historical erotic novella to each other as a prelude to lovemaking. She said reading to each other like that really got them in the mood for some good time fun. I was flattered –

Fifty Shades of Cozy?

As I mentioned in another blog post, I write cozy mysteries, along with my steamy romantic suspense novels. I’ve just returned from the huge mystery fan conference, Bouchercon, which was in Cleveland this year. It’s fascinating that I heard a lot of discussion about “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Yes, even at a mystery conference. Most

Readers, I Hug You

Hello! Madeline here.  I’m on my way to the NJ Put Your Heart In a Book conference at the end of the week, but I’d like to take a moment to share with you some feedback that we’ve gotten about Lady Smut.  A reader of our blog says: “What I like is that it offers

The Ultimate Buzz Kill: Unrealistic Sex

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think many readers of erotic romance transpose themselves with the heroine in the book they’re reading. They become someone named Catherine St Claire, feisty, wealthy, smart, savvy, head-turning beauty, who attracts men like flies to honey. Any not just any men, mind you, but the men all


By Madeline Iva In case you missed it on my website, I’m reposting it here:   Are You Addicted To Smutty Romance Novels? – A Quiz   Please take this simple quiz to find out if you are addicted to Smutty Romance Novels. 1) Say you’re reading a non-romance novel text.  (For example: a mystery, an

Concerning BJs

As an erotic romance writer, I’ve thought a lot about oral sex. Personally, I’m not squeamish about it at all. Neither are my characters in my current projects. But I do know people who are very squeamish and will not do it or let it be done to them. Now, as a ER author, I

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