Sheik It Baby

Hidey-ho, romance enthusiasts! Rock the casbah with us today as we discuss the early romantic works of Susan Mallery and her sheik themed Desert Rogues Series published by Silhouette. If you follow our Lady Smut blog or my own blog, (and please do follow us–there’s a button on your right) you’ll know that I, Madeline

The Nominees For Leading Hot Men Are . . .

The Oscar nominations came out yesterday, so from now until February 24th I’ll be on a movie-going frenzy trying to make sure that I see as many of the nominationed films as possible. But here at Lady Smut we’re not necessarily going to have debates over which film is the best because of plot, or

Kate McMurray Plays a Little Show & Tell

Heigh-ho, readers! Madeline here, ready to play a little show & tell with m/m erotic romance author Kate McMurray.  Kate’s books can be found at Loose Id–who publish the very “best m/m erotic romances in the biz”. (Click on photos links to buy books) MADELINE IVA: Why M/M romance? Have you written other types of

Literary Lust

In an earlier post back in October (“Couples Who Read Together”), I referenced a friend of mind who enjoys reading aloud passages from erotic romances to her boyfriend in order to get them both revved up and rarin’ to go. Along that same theme, a friend recently gave me a copy of Literary Lust by Stella Hyde,

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello my lovelies. Hope you all have had a relaxing break. It’s time to gather your energy and go back to work. I’ve got some juicy tidbits for you today. Relax..and explore. Fascinating, thought provoking post on slut shaming in novels written by women. A couple of posts on erotic romance writers: pen names and

Collecting The Classics

I’ve been subscribing to the book collecting magazine Firsts for many years. I’m fascinated by the idea of collecting books and all the knowledge that goes into assessing what makes a book valuable, what authors command what prices, how to tell a book’s condition between good (which, in the book collecting world, isn’t actually considered good

What Men Think of Erotic Romance

Do you wonder what men think of erotic romance?  Sure, maybe they sneer at straight romance as being far too emotionally gooey, but Elizabeth Shore has discussed couples who read together on our blog, and this made all of us at Lady Smut wonder: given that men DO like to read erotic romance with women

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