Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello Sexy! This week I’ve been writing so much on Cravings, the second in my culinary romance series,  that I feel like my fingers need a break! There’s a lot of good writer-stuff in this week’s round up and a few sexy surprises thrown in. Enjoy! Interested in BDSM or writing about it? Check out

Outdoor Playtime

On a trip to Italy last fall, my husband and I were in Siena when a sudden downpour overtook the city and had tourists scrambling for cover. Most of the tourists, that is, except for one intrepid young couple who remained alone in the middle of Siena’s large main square, kissing passionately while the rain

Teledildonics? Q&A with Nara Malone

NARA MALONE is an erotic romance author with a cutting edge vision of the future.  Forget e-pub–Nara talks to you about transmedia fiction.  Part of an elusive techno-tribe, this Ellora’s Cave author trolls the internet horizon to explore the boundaries of Second Life, researches potential medical evils in biomedical-engineering and also applies her writing chops

Artful Sensuality

I went on a to D.C. last weekend to visit a friend and fellow art lover. She and I are fervent devotees of renaissance art (I am, after all, @renaissance 11 on Twitter) and plan trips to Italy around the best museums. Gazing at a Caravaggio gets me as excited as a teenage girl at a One

Digging for the Hero’s Wound

I love having smarty-pants writer friends who give me all sort of interesting ways of looking at my work and my characters. You know, I just plow ahead and create. The writers who plot everything out before hand amaze me. I swear I am going to try that some day. Yes. I really will. But

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello, Sexy! Are you ready for another round-up for your weekend? We are thinking of changing the name of this column. But never fear it will still be the same Internet wanderings. You just never know what you’re you going to get. This week I have a lot of useful information for writers and also

Heroine, Flawed

In corporate interviews, it’s advised by recruiters to put a positive spin on every question that’s asked. So if a hiring manager wants an admission of what a candidate’s “weaknesses” are, the potential employee is coached to say something like, “I’m always having to be told to get out of the office and take some vacation!” Part of my

Charlotte Stein Is In Control

Charlotte Stein first caught my eye when she posted on a group blog called Passionate Reads about her obsession with Michael Fassbinder.  After that, my friend Nara recommended I read a novella Charlotte Stein’s called RESTRAINT.  It blew me away.  Loved it!  And then, the same friend Nara Malone, who recommended Charlotte’s story Restraint, recommended I

Taking A Position

Have you seen the movie Showgirls? Yeah, I know. It received wretched reviews, was universally bashed by critics and received the Razzie® for worst picture of the year and worst picture of the decade. Egad. In spite of all the bashing, though, I do have to say that I thought the sex scenes were .

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