Seductive Settings

There’s nothing like a cozy winter night to set the stage for cozy winter fun. Snow gently falling, fireplace merrily crackling, and your sexy partner relaxed and ready to frolic. Of course, getting the atmosphere just right for an intimate evening requires more than cooperative weather. Setting the stage can go a long ways toward

Great Romantic Movies For the Holidays!

Merry, merry! It’s your Lady Smut elf, Madeline here to revel once more in the holiday spirit with some holiday movie suggestions.  Whether you’re baking cookies, writing out Christmas cards, or decorating the tree, it’s a great time to put a movie on and soak in some tinsel town happiness. Two caveats:  I’m a nut for

What’s So Sexy About Christmas?

Well, I know what’s NOT SEXY: I don’t care for diamonds, but I really, really dislike Christmas jewelry ads.  To me  there’s some weird diamonds-for-sex discomfort going on in these ads directed at men.  Or at least diamonds-for-love.  Ish! MY IDEAL CHRISTMAS COMMERICAL: I could totally see flipping this on it’s head.  In my Christmas

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Ho-ho-ho Christmas revelers.  Here is a bit of holiday cheer, just for you. Smutketeers is rockin’ around the Christmas tree with a 12 day massive book give away, including a 200.00 gift card. 50 Shades of Grey is the Gift that Doesn’t Stop Giving—to this publishing house at least. We think eggnog is an aphrodisiac–so

Long haired hotties

Since my fellow blogger Liz wrote about sexy bald men on Tuesday, it’s only appropriate to finish out the week by giving their hairy counterparts equal consideration, and I am happily taking on this mission. In Western culture today, super hairy guys are not typically viewed by females to be in the super sexy category. And

Just The Wright Present

Ho-ho-ho readers, Madeline here.  Tis the season to be giving & I’m a big believer in women gifting themselves first.  After all, it’s not elves making that holiday magic happen, is it? ;> If you’re the one making sure visions of sugar plums are dancing in their heads, you deserve a treat–so we’re giving away a copy

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