Pain, Vampires, and a Really Good Read

I’ve been thinking about pain. Not just pain—but that mind-blowing EDGE of pain and extreme pleasure. I’m sure we’ve all felt that.  Some long for it, play with it, in all aspects of their lives—not just their sex lives. So when I think about the popularity of vampires, I think about this “exquisite” pain factor.

Frankenstorm Freak Fest Line-Up!

Greetings ghoulish girlies and other vampyr fans! Madeline here, to tell you about this week’s special Halloween/Frankenstorm book give aways. On Tuesday, one lucky commenter who responds to Liz Everly’s blog post will win THE VAMPIRE AND THE VIRGIN by Kerryln Sparks.                 Wednesday, Elizabeth Shore will be

Frankenstorm Freak Fest!

Because it’s Halloween this week… Because a Frankenstorm is staggering our way… Because we like you! Lady Smut is giving away four great vampire romances this week.  Check our blog on Monday when we list the authors and titles of the books we’re giving away. Leave a comment on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday’s blog,

Sexy Saturday Round-up

I’ve got just a few blog posts for you to check out, but there’s are a couple of blogs here that you should linger on and explore for a richer experience. This is one of them: Remittance Girl. Love this blog. But I’ve been a fan of the Remittance Girl for many years. While you’re

Ms. Fifty Shades of Gay

By Madeline Iva   Hi readers! Today Daisy Harris is with me to chat about her erotic romance oeuvre. ;> Daisy Harris, as her fans know, has two distinct bodies of work in writing erotic romance.  She used to write for the futurist (Aeon) category of Ellora’s Cave.  Her books were full of sexy Frankenstein

Seductive Scent

While conducting research for one of my historical erotic romances, I studied the art of perfume making extensively. It’s an intoxicating lesson. As Mandy Aftel says in her excellent book Essence and Alchemy: A Book of Perfume, “Fragrance has the instantaneous and invisible power to penetrate consciousness with pure pleasure. Scent reaches us in ways that

Hunks o’ Steel

Hello, it’s Madeline, back from being out in the glorious fall weather. (If you garden like I do, you don’t see rotting dead leaves everywhere, you see black gold for your raised beds.) Ah Nature! It’s exactly the opposite of today’s post: hunks o’ steel.  Those glorious man-made creations that have marched out of science fiction

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello sexy friends. Liz here, with an interesting array of some of my favorite blog posts from this week. Do check them out—they won’t disappoint. Have fun! Interesting write-up on Scrivener. Writers: File this under tools to try. A romance editor’s pet peeves.  Read and learn, baby. Great post on museums of prostitution. Selena Kitt

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