I Sing The Body Adorned

I recently read the results of a Pew survey stating that forty percent of adults aged 25 – 40 years olds have tattoos. The statistic on piercings for that same age group is a bit less – about a quarter of them – but a healthy number nonetheless. With piercings and tattoos no longer relegated to scary

What’s New Pussycat?

Hi, Madeline here! Just back from the NJ Put Your Heart In A Book Conference. It was excellent to hear all about the great new things going on in the ever-exciting world of romance. You can imagine my great pleasure at the prominence of erotic romance at this year’s conference.  We’re definitely having a moment,

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Yes, dear readers, I am back from my adventures. Did you miss me? Have fun reading these great blogs posts from this week. I know I did. Grin. Kensington Brava authors on happy ever afters. Nara Malone’s fascinating experience with her creativity. This one is right up my culinary alley! Eating Your Way to a

Reawakening Sleeping Beauty

Several years ago I attended a romance conference in which Anne Rice made a guest appearance in order to help promote the new release Beguiled, written by her sister, the late Alice Borchardt. After a brief discussion about Alice’s book, the conversation quickly turned to Anne’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. One intrepid but shy audience member

Man-Love at Ellora’s Cave

Hi there! Taking a quick breather from packing for  a NJ tomorrow–I’m going to the NJ Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. (Woot!) Before I go, I wanted to pick up a thread from Elizabeth’s earlier post about erotic romance for couples/men. Yes! I too have had lots of neighbors & friends share with me

Couples who read together . . .

By Elizabeth Shore I have a good girlfriend who told me once that she and her boyfriend enjoyed reading passages from my historical erotic novella to each other as a prelude to lovemaking. She said reading to each other like that really got them in the mood for some good time fun. I was flattered –

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