Funny Girls

Happy Sunday! Madeline here — just wanted to give you a head’s up that funny ladies Daisy Harris and Tiffany Reisz will be answering questions on Lady Smut in the month of October.       Are you excited? (I’m excited). Are there any questions you’d like me to ask them?        

Howling Good: Wolf Tales

I gotta confess, sometimes the mood hits me for a really hot read. You know, as in smokin’-until-my-insides-dissolve hot. Until my mattress spontaneously combusts while I’m reading. That kind of hot. I rarely read “sweet” romances, but my tastes varies between steamy and downright scorching. And as long as the romance is strong and present, I’m open to

Let’s Hear It For The Girls

In tribute to the recently announced passing of Tereska Torrès, who’s credited with writing America’s first lesbian pulp novel, Women’s Barracks, I thought it would be fitting to talk about romances for girls who, you know, like girls. According to the obituary in the New York Times, two years after Ms. Torrès’  novel was published, The House Select

Bad Boys and Circus Freaks

Been reading some interesting stuff this week and I’ve got a couple of recommendations for your weekend downloads. Sheltered, by Charlotte Stein, is quite a good read. There are some interesting elements to her characters that drew me in from the start. The heroine is Evie, an only child who lives with a horribly abusive, domineering father who

Horror Sex Camp

Hi there–Madeline here today.  I’m picking up from where Elizabeth Shore’s post left off yesterday.  She was talking about how well horror and erotic romance go together. Meanwhile my favorite type of horror — campy horror — goes even better with sex.  I’m talking hot, uninhibited, I-don’t-care-that-you’re-not-my-boyfriend sex. I mean, before the 80’s you had

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