Elizabeth Shore is Away

Today’s Wednesday, Elizabeth Shore’s day to blog on Lady Smut.  Yet she’s not around, she’s off in Europe at some wildly glamorous location, indulging in romance and luxury.  (Well, somebody’s gotta do it.) Look for her first blog post on Sept. 12th. Arrivederci! 

Slipping into a Sexy New Name

Unlike most people, I don’t wait until evening to slip into something more comfortable.  I do it every morning, after breakfast, exercise, and a shower. Yes. I slip into something more comfortable, more freeing, and even more sexy. And that something is my pen name. Liz Everly. Okay. So the name itself might not be

Spanking the Princess, Pt. 2

Welcome to Lady Smut.  I’m Madeline Iva, and starting in September, I’ll be blogging about all topics smart and sexy on Mondays and Thursdays.  ‘Spanking the Princess‘, btw, refers to female masturbation. This is part two, you may have noticed.  Where is part one? It’s back on my web page blog.  You can find it here. Part

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