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Billionaire Romance Will Never Die

by Elizabeth SaFleur Let me be Captain Obvious. The rich aren’t like us. So it tracks that we’d be fascinated by these super rich creatures, right? Who wouldn’t want to live in that world, albeit virtually and vicariously, through romance stories? The “economic one percent” make problems disappear with the swipe of a credit card. They board

50 Shades of Love on Valentine's Day

by Kiersten Hallie Krum It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday which tends to bring out the anti-Valentine’s Day posts or pro-Valentine’s Day posts, whichever is your poison. As a romance writer, and romance novel reader and vehement supporter, you’d think Valentine’s Day would be my Nirvana. Honestly, it barely registers on my radar and that’s okay. I’m not

In Defence of P*rn

“The internet is 95 percent porn and spam” ― Margaret Atwood by C. Margery Kempe I only starred the ‘o’ out to avoid auto-censoring filters because there are people who won’t countenance even the sight of the word. My esteemed colleague came up with an idea for ‘lady porn’ that pretty much does not include any

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello my lovelies. Hope you all have had a relaxing break. It’s time to gather your energy and go back to work. I’ve got some juicy tidbits for you today. Relax..and explore. Fascinating, thought provoking post on slut shaming in novels written by women. A couple of posts on erotic romance writers: pen names and

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Ho-ho-ho Christmas revelers.  Here is a bit of holiday cheer, just for you. Smutketeers is rockin’ around the Christmas tree with a 12 day massive book give away, including a 200.00 gift card. 50 Shades of Grey is the Gift that Doesn’t Stop Giving—to this publishing house at least. We think eggnog is an aphrodisiac–so

Reawakening Sleeping Beauty

Several years ago I attended a romance conference in which Anne Rice made a guest appearance in order to help promote the new release Beguiled, written by her sister, the late Alice Borchardt. After a brief discussion about Alice’s book, the conversation quickly turned to Anne’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. One intrepid but shy audience member

Spanking the Princess, Pt. 2

Welcome to Lady Smut.  I’m Madeline Iva, and starting in September, I’ll be blogging about all topics smart and sexy on Mondays and Thursdays.  ‘Spanking the Princess‘, btw, refers to female masturbation. This is part two, you may have noticed.  Where is part one? It’s back on my web page blog.  You can find it here. Part

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