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Sexy Armchair Travels with Liz

By Liz Everly I’ve just come back from a conference and am off for a research trip. I’ve been thinking about travel and thought I’d leave you with some of my blog posts about travel or sexy, faraway places. Plus, don’t forget, all three of my books offer exotic locales (Saffron Nights, Cravings, and Like

Just Dance

by C. Margery Kempe Do you love to dance? For some reason, dancing has been coming up this week in so many conversations online and in face-to-face too. Obviously I need to dance more and that’s good exercise. And it’s cold in the house so getting up to do some yoga or a little dancing

Spicy and Sweet Southern Nights

By Liz Everly In celebrating Elizabeth Shore’s newest release Hot Bayou Nights, so far, my fellow Lady Smut bloggers have extolled the sexy virtues of Southern accents and country and modern bluegrass music. I’m here to tell you that for me one of the best parts of the south is its cuisine. Whether you are

Lick Me Here: Q&A with our own Liz Everly

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a treat for you all—Liz Everly’s book SAFFRON NIGHTS  is out at Kennsington.  A fellow Lady Smut contributor and a good friend, her new book is the first in a culinary romance trilogy highlighting exotic foreign locations. MADELINE IVA: Hi Liz! Give us a little synopsis of SAFFRON NIGHTS to start

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