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Tom Cruise: Do we think he’s sexy?

3 Aug

Mission Impossible: Fallout, I saw it too. I know many of you did, because those box office figures don’t lie. Apparently, we all loved it too. Lots of action (believable and not) some bombs, bad guys who want to end the world–the usual action stuff. The plot was so straightforward, I had plenty of time to wonder about Tom Cruise…is he sexy?


It didn’t seem to me he was trying to be sexy. Ridiculous with his over the top action, sort of romantic with his lost love, kind of smart with the way he figures things out, and very determined–especially when he was hanging from the cliff, everything looking really, really bad, but he kept trying until he saved everyone. But sexy? I didn’t think so.

It didn’t seem to me ‘they’ were trying to make him appear sexy in Fallout. I liked that. There weren’t any shirtless scenes, no long tough-guy stares. It was only later that I had second thoughts. Maybe he was supposed to be sexy and I just didn’t notice.

maxresdefault (1)

I spent about an hour looking through many, many Tom picks. You know what I realized? He always looks the same. Same hair, same smile, same clothes. Even his expressions are pretty much the same.


Even though he looks the same all the time, his career really has been all over the place. He danced in Risky Business, flew planes in Top Gun, disturbed people out in Interview with a Vampire, surprised us in Tropic Thunder, saved the world in the Mission Impossible franchise. Maybe that’s his secret, how he’s gotten to be one of the highest paid male actors. Think of him as a Where’s Waldo for the movie biz.


His personal life, same thing. Married and divorced to very different women, jumped on Oprah’s couch,  is said to be one of the nicest people ever.

But wait! There’s more to show his life is very varied:

  • At age 14 he enrolled in the seminary, only to drop out at age 15 to become an actor.
  • In 1990, when he married Nicole Kidman, we wore no shoes.
  • 1996, he sued German Magazine Bunte for stating he had a zero his sperm count.
  • Ongoing, is huge fan of professional wrestling.

Now you’re intrigued. Right? You need to know,  what’s next for Tom?

Top Gun 2: Maverick! With Val Kilmer and Jennifer Connelly!

OMG! How excited are you!

What about you? Hot for Tom? Or not? Prefer a different action hero? Give us your thoughts in the comments.


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How I Married the Rock Star

1 Dec


By Alexa Day

In 1992, I married a rock star. Did you know?

I’m sure some people thought I was one of his phases. That was a big part of his career, the transition from one part of his identity to another. I’m sure people thought this was like that. Something new for him to try out.

How many times have you heard that one, right? I’ve always wanted to try one.

But this wasn’t like that at all. The man the world knew as a rock star was very different at home. When we were together, we didn’t have to wear the faces we presented to the world outside. We were just … us. Just the two of us, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, father and mother. Just us.

Our 25-year relationship might be the most vanilla thing he had ever done. But he made it extraordinary.

Fifteen days ago, I married a millionaire. Did you know?

When we started seeing each other, I didn’t know about Reddit, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t follow tennis. I wasn’t so sure about him at first. We spent a lot of time together, just hanging out. Six hours wandering around Paris. The rest grew out of that.

I wore three dresses at the wedding, starting off with a beautiful ball gown. It came with a cape. The sort of thing girls dream of wearing. Something that would let them be superheroes and princesses at the same time.

He called me a queen. He said his whole life had led him to me.

In the end, we were swept away on carousel horses.

Next spring, I’m going to marry a prince. Did you know?

How do you meet a prince? Through a well-connected friend. The same way lots of women meet princes. The same way they meet us, if they’re lucky.

His family doesn’t do things small. Spectacle might well be a shared middle name. But he and his brother know that all the opulence in the world can’t save a failing marriage, and the two of them know what makes a relationship work. More importantly, they care about what makes a relationship work. We were actually making dinner when he proposed. The prince and I. Making dinner.

The wedding’s going to be enormous. A word can’t capture how enormous it’s going to be.

After that, though, I think we go right back to being a couple living in the public eye, using the attention to do good for others, and enjoying dinners at home.

I remember the first time I heard I wasn’t beautiful.

I remember the first time someone let me know I wasn’t special.

I remember the first time I was told I’d never get married unless I shrank some part of myself and made myself small. I was too much. Too smart. Too talented. Too plain-spoken. Who would want that, after all? Who did I think I was?

I’m not the only one. You have friends — a lot of friends, I promise — who had exactly the same experience. If you’re good friends, she might tell you who let her in on these essential truths. She might tell you who made sure she knew she was so undesirable. She might not tell you. She might not ever tell anyone because she still feels a little silly for thinking she was beautiful and smart and capable and good enough and wonderful, just as she was.

The truth became a pericardium of stone. Protective at first for a little girl, or so everyone says when they realize there isn’t really an excuse for telling a little girl she isn’t beautiful. No one says that the stony wall will stifle a woman’s heart as she grows and the barrier doesn’t. That kind of a warning might lead her to think that the wall is unnecessary, and that really would be a problem. She has to live with the truth of her smallness and inadequacy, the reality that she is not beautiful, in a world wallpapered with cartoons that depict her as a man or an ape wearing a dress, where the only literature about her glorifies her for the depth and nobility of her endless suffering.

We’re not supposed to marry rock stars and millionaires.

We’re not supposed to wear glittering ball gowns with bejeweled capes.

We are certainly not supposed to face all the ways our lives will change when we join a royal family.

We’re supposed to live with the truth. Someone told us so, and they wouldn’t have sealed our hearts up with words like “not beautiful” and “not special” and “who do you think you are” if there were no truth to these words.

So it matters when someone tells any one of us that love is very different from the tomb we are taught it is.

It matters when he makes his way under or around or through the wall, like it doesn’t exist. It matters when he shows us a way under or around or through the wall.

It matters when he says, “Of course you’re beautiful! Who said that foolishness?!”

Or when he says he couldn’t sleep before your first date, like the rock star did.

Or when he says your life together is a fairy tale, like the millionaire did.

Or when he says he knew you were his match immediately upon being introduced, like the prince did.

When something like that happens to one of us, or three of us, or more of us, it happens to all of us, just like it’s happened to me.

So we all married the rock star and the millionaire, and next May, our family trees will reach up from slavery into the British royal family.

Maybe it shouldn’t be amazing, but it is.

So enjoy the spotlight. Revel in the magic.

And don’t forget to bring a little girl with you.

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Why Tom Hardy Won’t Play The Hero

19 Jan

by Madeline Iva

There’s scuttlebutt going around about Tom Hardy playing Bond. (My vote is still for Idris Elba).

It’s a tease, folks.  Don’t believe it.  Won’t ever happen.

Tom Hardy can look like that really bad boy–the one your parents worried about when you were growing up.  tom1He can look like trouble on a stick, and his lips are all smokin’ hot and sensual, making one’s panties go perfectly damp. Yet he’s elusive.

He wrinkles his forehead and all you want to do is clutch him to your cleavage and sooth him.  You see pictures of him cuddling his dog and your ovaries get all rumbly.tom2  Yet he manages to evade massive female adoration, mostly by doing projects like this that we’re not really that into.  It’s as if some gravitational pull of the universe was drawing him away from us.

He simply won’t play the hero.  He denies that women could be attracted to him, yet he knows how to look perfectly pretty-boy if he wants to.

You can play the pretty boy if you want to, Tom. If you *want* to.

You can play the pretty boy if you want to, Tom. If you *want* to.

However, he says he’s got crooked teeth, toothpick arms, and yada yada yada.  Bullsh*t. He’s got those lips, that nose, that voice and that smoldering something.  I submit to you the following evidence:

I see a toothpick, but it's not your arms, Tom.

I see a toothpick, but it’s not your arms, Tom.


I first noticed Tom and his wonderful British accent in RockNRolla – and I admit, one had to squint a little to see him around the combined mega-wattage of Idris Elba and Gerard Butler.  But I remember his role far more clearly than the characters that the other two played.tom4

I think Tom didn’t have much success with more woman-friendly roles at first. So he went sideways on us.

Clearly he wants respect.  In interviews he speaks with such concentration, as if not wanting to say anything ass-hat-ish and sorta squinting with multiple pauses.  It’s like he’s struggling to not say any words that aren’t spoken from his deepest principles, but these principles are hard to hear amidst all the other jostling emotions surging up inside him.

He’s had his troubles.  He was a wee bit bi at one point in his life. And did his baby-mama ever actually marry him? No.  Now he’s engaged married to Charlotte Riley, who’s that funny looking yet excellent actress from JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL.  They met on the set of Wuthering Heights, yet even while playing Heathcliff for god’s sake he still denies he’s the hero-type women want.

Because we don’t want someone intelligent, Tom? Because we don’t want someone who defies boundaries and stereotypes? Pah.tom3

Fine.  Make us chase you, Tom.  But your destiny is written in the sky, and you can’t escape fate.  If not Bond, then some other role will reach out and pluck you by the back of the neck.  Some other role will require you to once and for all demonstrate that you know how to hold a woman in the palm of your hand and with one twist of the fist make her all orgasmic.  You can’t fool us, Tom, even though you try.

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