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Sexy Saturday Round Up

7 Oct

The week has whiffled by and now it’s Saturday.  Time to cuddle with our sexy round up of crazy links from around the web.  Sip your hot tea, sit back in bed and enjoy!

From Madeline:

Taking the joke engagement photo to a whole new level.

Savage love breaks out into really good sex stories.

The infamous “romance round up” NYTimes article—was less an ode and more of a snarky, condescending hate letter.  A man named Robert Gottlieb, who despite supposedly being ‘a voracious reader of contemporary romance’  clearly despises the genre. Romance readers one and all were howling with rage after reading his article.  Now comes the  #sorrynotsorry response by Radhika Jones of the times.  In this article she attempts the difficult hat trick of sneering at a genre while at the same time trying to engage the genre’s fans.

Have you been put on the backburner?

The wonderful world of Renaissance fair kink.

Drag Queens Rule–at Bushwig.

Saudi women take the wheel — now to abolish male guardianship.

Harvey Weinstein’s name is synonymous with the term ‘aggressive assh*le.’  This article suggests feminism took a giant step forward in 2017 when women started not only speaking out against sexual harassment, but expected U.S. media to notice and listen.

From Elizabeth Shore:

“Medabation,” anyone? Getting in the mood to give yourself some love.

Does having less attractive friends affect your relationship with them?

What else (besides the obvious) could you use a dildo for? Why, putting on your foundation, of course.

Who are the most vocal clitoris activists right now? The French. Naturally.

Meet Simon, the BDSM furniture maker.


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