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How I Learned to Love the Bard

by Kiersten Hallie Krum William Shakespeare’s official birthday (though the actual date is not known for sure) was last week. He looks good for being 450 years old. I came late to appreciating Shakespeare and spent my high-school years and some of college wondering what the hell the big deal was about such convoluted language and

Funny Women are Sexy!

by C. Margery Kempe Back in 1994, I had a weekend that seemed to be on a downward spiral. My car died, quietly and suddenly, and I was stranded in the part of Connecticut that people don’t talk about: the Quiet Corner. This was my experience of the state when I moved there from Cambridge:


by C. Margery Kempe We are focused on obsessions this week. I’m afraid mine are all a bit strange and not really in keeping with our sexy romance ambiance. One of my biggest obsessions is the Manchester band The Fall, which I’ve written about one or two times or maybe lots. I have taken lots

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