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Dear men over forty,

by Isabelle Drake. I little while back, I had an experience that got me thinking. While at an intimate party, a guy came up to me and gave me the once over. You know what I’m talking about, that head to toe assessment. While I’m wondering why he didn’t have the decency to at least

The Sexual Chemistry Is Off The Charts – But Are You Textually Compatible?

By Elizabeth Shore Relationship alert! Just when you thought it was difficult enough in today’s world finding someone to hook up with, there’s an added element on the dating landscape throwing a damn monkey wrench into the whole “compatibility” conversation. Because aside from feeling the initial spark confirming that his hotness factor is gonna set

Dirty Dating Made Easy

By Alexa Day Dating bores me. I spent a good deal of time on outfits and meeting people and, of course, on the dates themselves before I arrived at that conclusion and stopped dating altogether. I’m actually happier in a post-dating world. I tend to think many of us are dating out of fear that

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