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Angel, Devil

3 Jun
This is actually a painting of Icarus, but you get the general idea.

This is actually a painting of Icarus, but you get the general idea.

by Madeline Iva.

I wish I knew more about angels.  They have their rankings, but I can never keep them straight–can you?  I know that the middle age was all about hierarchy, and there are orders of angels, and they’re in choirs or something.  It’s a complicated system, but not–sez I, who loves order–not necessarily a well organized system.

Out of the Jewish angels, my favorite type is the Hashmallim — the glowing ones, amber ones.  Because it just sounds hot, doncha know.

I did not know for a long time that Gabriel was the angel of revelation (again totally cool), and that he has an islamic counterpart named Jibrail — which is great sounding name–perfect for a romance novel.

Jacob wrestled the angel and then...it's so wrong that I find this so hot.

Jacob wrestled the angel and then…it’s so wrong that I find this so hot.

Speaking of romance novels! Don’t you just love a good romance novel with a great angel hero? There is something about a type of angel — perhaps a little wild with the blaze of justice and the power of glory that’s appealing.  I think of your typical angel-hero as physically astounding and reassuringly good.  He has the tantalizing quality of a perfect temper and, often as well, the remoteness of a guy who you’re not supposed to touch.  Someone you want to want you.  Who you need to need you.

I could almost swoon looking at all the angel-ish romance novels listed at Goodreads. Angels:http://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/angel-romance

Which is not to give short shrift to the devilish side of life.


She has the best romance covers...

She has the best romance covers…

Now the classification systems for demons are much clearer, and they are multi-indexed.  There are lists based on the nature of the demon, the sin with which they tempt people, the month in which their power was strongest, and the saints that were their adversaries, or other characteristics. (Thank you wikipedia.)

Meanwhile, there actually are Grimoires–who knew? Most of which were written in the mediaeval ages–again who knew?  And There’s even something like a Hell’s Dictionary, the Dictionnaire Infernale. (cool!)

I liked the idea of a demon having a particular sinful forte.  Lucifer has pride, Satan has wrath, Asmodeus gets lust.  Me, I can just imagine three sexy beasts–three smoldering bad boys who exemplify these sins and…and…pardon me, I had to bite my finger and breathe deeply to regain a little control over myself.

The demons are even organized by which saint they battle.  By what type of angel they were before they fell.  By whom they have the most power over–I’m getting the sense that the OCD go to hell when they die — it’s very well organized down there.

Kresley's king's got poisoned horns and claws...but he's really just an uptight guy who needs a little pervy sex.

Kresley’s king’s got poisoned horns and claws…but he’s really just an uptight guy who needs a little pervy sex.

Ultimately, what’s attractive about some steamy hot demon anti-hero is that he’s supremely confident.  Having fallen, he’s got nothing to lose and no where to go.  The bad boy is grounded and he oozes with such charisma that you are tempted to sin and sin again.  Yes, a demon is mouth watering.

I’ve got demons on my mind because I’m writing a story now that includes a demon in it.  It adds a touch of horror to the story, and yet the demon forces down the heroine’s barriers–sexual barriers–that once breached cannot be put back up.  The demon’s presence adds a scorching touch of kink into the goodie-goodie heroine’s life.

Read any good demon/angel stories lately? Do tell. (Seriously, hit us with your recs in the comments section below)

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