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What’s Worse Than Faking an Orgasm? Fake Science Slamming Porn

26 Mar

By Elizabeth Shore

Legislatures in Kansas have a lot keeping them busy these days. School funding is an enormous problem. Corporate control of the poultry industry and fighting pesticide-resistant noxious weeds are two more. But the legislatures of Kansas recently decided that their focus should be on something even more pressing: drawing inaccurate conclusions about porn, backing them up with fake science, and passing resolutions to deal with a hazard that doesn’t exist. Good on ya, Kansas legislatures!

While it’s tempting to blow off these nitwits with a chuckle and a snort, the problems they create with their puritanical agendas are all too real. As pointed out in a recent Huffington Post article, the Senate Resolution 1762 declaring porn a public health crisis is more ceremonial than anything, putting a stamp on conservative politicians’ ideology. It has no immediate bearing on the law. Yet what it does do is ellicit conversations that start on the basis of falsehoods and inaccuracies. Suddenly, like brush fires in a stiff wind, such conversations swirl wildly out of control, spreading their fallacies from water coolers to watering holes and beyond. Politicians pick up the baton, deciding they need to save us all from something that doesn’t exist and before you can say WTF we’ve got a resolution on our hands.

Beyond conversations where people quote falsehoods as fact, a very real downside of passing resolutions such as 1762 is that, according to Kansas Senator David Haley, it could “funnel precious funding toward what is indeed not a health crisis, when we really need those dollars for true health crises.” Like fighting the flu epidemic, for example. Kansas recently surpassed Missouri to claim the #1 spot in the country as having the highest percentage of people showing flu-like symptoms. And that, legislatures, is based on scientific fact. Not fake. Perhaps your attention should shift to that? Just sayin.

We all know the porn industry is made up of all things titillating and as such is simultaneously sought after and shunned. People are quick to denounce it while searching for free videos on RedTube.com. Those in the adult film industry can have life-long stigmas attached to them, as if they alone have cast the world into a cesspool of debauchery and corrupted innocent minds. And hey, we all have choices. If you don’t like porn, or think it’s wrong, or don’t want your kids exposed to it, have at it. That’s the great thing about a free society. We all have that choice. What’s not great is when others try to make choices for us by quoting “facts” that are untrue and twisting the truth to support an agenda.

In the case of the Kansas legislature, the measure it passed about the porn industry references a study supporters say backs their claims about the evils of childhood porn consumption. Except the “study” is actually nothing more than online surveys funded by the evangelical Christian church. As sexual psychophysiologist Dr. Nicolas Pause notes, such surveys are definitively “not science.”

What else do passing these types of measures do? They divert funding away from addressing actual health issues, thereby endangering the very children the fake science porn resolution is supposedly helping. And that’s not fake news at all. It’s just plain dumb.

Elizabeth Shore writes contemporary and historical erotic romance. She’s the author of Hot Bayou NightsDesire RisingThe Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires and (as Liz Madison) Season of Splendor and With His Promise. Her next release, Hot Bayou Fire, the second in the Bayou series, will be out in 2018. Release date announced as soon as it’s known. 

Sexy Saturday Round Up

26 Mar

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

It’s spring! Finally! In the northeast it didn’t feel much like spring this week as we were slammed with another snow storm. Argh!!! Yet not to worry. It’s melting already and soon we’ll see buds on the trees and flowers in the ground. In the meantime, being cooped up is an excellent excuse for all kinds of indulgences, so give in, I say! Give in! And just like that walk through the tulips we’ll all be doing when spring actually appears, you can take a walk through the fun and fab reads we’ve rounded up for you this week.

Say “hi” to the raw cannabis smoothie – the next awesome superfood.

The true big boys of fashion: plus-size male models.

Need a workout, wanna do something for the environment – what to do?! Why, go plogging, of course.

So what’s actually inside that Mickey D’s shamrock shake?

Where are all the uncircumcised men?

Victorian perfume advice.

From Madeline:

From Cosmo: Would you rather — a sex quiz.

Pucker up! From Lifehacker: How to eat Ass

From WaPo: Iranian woman are pulling off their headscarves in the streets! (If this doesn’t inspire your spirit of rebellion nothing will.)

From Jezebel: The male birth control pill is just around the corner — but don’t hold your breath.


Okay, who’s the a**hole trying to sow division amongst women? Some say Gen X women and baby boomers are telling Millennials to suck it up, buttercup when it comes to obnoxious dates.  Not so, says VOX.  And they’ve got a sexual harassment poll to prove it.

Jedi master? Try cunnilingus master.















Sexy Saturday Round Up

16 Feb

By Elizabeth Shore

Where in the world is February going?! We blinked and suddenly the month’s half over. But that’s not a bad thing. Before too long we’ll be doing more than just dreaming of spring, we’ll be living it. In the meantime, do some living this weekend and curl up with some great reads we’ve gathered up for you. Happy Saturday!

How do you explore your kinky, exhibitionist side? Here’s how.

A guy’s guide for giving you a blended orgasm.

Well, this is handy. Lingerie created specifically for oral sex.

The latest fashion trend taking the world by storm? Why, vagina wigs, of course.

What the flu does to your brain.

If you want to know about hot consent, just ask a romance novelist.

Breaking things off kindly by caspering. It’s like ghosting, but nicer.

From Madeline:

He’s Philippino and he’s HAWT — Who else wants to suck up all the goodness of The Good Place’s Manny Jacinto?

Stressed? Disinterested? Erotic — from Lifehacker: How to identify your partner’s libido type.

Why do we hate it so when some super-hot dude gets shackled for life? Idris got engaged. Sigh.

Lady Smut’s BEDROOM OLYMPICS: all the olympic news relating to sex, gender, and romance:

Got giant penis-headed men? The Olympic park does.

On The Ideological Front: From The New Yorker: The mesmerizing spectacle of North Koreas Army of Beauties.

This is the horniest Olmpics ever! Too bad gold medals aren’t handed out…











I know what I want go see around Valentine’s Day –and it ain’t 50 Shades.










Summer’s a long ways away—beach wave hair is not!








Sexy Saturday Round Up

3 Feb

By Elizabeth Shore

Happy weekend, everyone! Happy Black History Month! And of course, as lovers of smut and romance know, the high priestess of smut and romance, a.k.a. Valentine’s Day, is right around the corner. So kick back – don’t forget there’s also kick-off, as in Super Bowl this weekend – and settle in. As always, we’ve gathered up some great reads. This week we’re giving you an extra jumbo edition of SSRU so you won’t run out of things to scroll through on your phone while THE BIG GAME is on.

From Elizabeth:

Who needs a box of chocolates when you can have chocolate-covered strawberry deodorant. Even if the taste isn’t so great…

What else can robots do better than we can? Predict who’s gay.

Making your nachos even more epic than the big game. 24 mouth-watering ways.

Yoga puts you into a demonic trance. And here you thought it was good for you. So silly…

If you can’t find the exact plaything to set your world on fire, why not just print one? Free 3D sex toy designs are here at last! Justin Bieber dildo, anyone?

The best sub-Reddits for porn.

From Madeline:

Buzzfeed wonders if romance writers post-election are taking power and changing the popular female romance narrative.

What does your husband think? How male readers ask female authors for a punch in the nose.

Stephanie Myers & her Twilight franchise should be re-evaluated” — A thoughtful discussion of the vitriol phenom suroundin Twilight. I agree with so much of this article—and it explores some feminist concepts surrounding the response to Twihards.  I really like this video–except the part about that dismisses Jacob’s ‘creepy’ behavior. It’s pedophilia peeps! Pedophilia! Plain and simple.

Remember when Stevie Nicks was a white witch in AHS: Coven? Well, the Aussie singer Lorde has a witchy vibe that’s au currant.

Man Repeller discusses the appeal of a black bra under a white shirt.

So those classic Greek and Roman sculptures–why are their weenies so small? The answer.

I loved how this article articulates the expressive genius and charisma of Tiffany Pollard and how her fame lives on in these political times through a dictionary of facial memes.

The employment opportunity some women have been seeking all their lives: how to get paid for treating men like shit

This weekend we’re offering you Our Special Aziz Ansari Section in case you only scanned the headlines and didn’t get a chance to chew on the whole situation–here is:

The Bebe original article about Azia Ansari’s douche-y behavior.

Why many insist Aziz’ behavior does not technically qualify as sexual assault, it’s still far too common problem in America.  Why women don’t just say “WTF?” to men who behave this way, slap their face and leave? A sexual educator talks about intimidation and alienation that afflicts America’s women.

Men as a way of processing and grappling with the Azis Ansari incident have resorted to education and (mansplaining) consent to other men.

The whole incident brings up the issue of how consent is modeled in fiction — an article which in itself has other interesting links. Enjoy going down that rabbit hole, my friends!

Finally–it’s Super Bowl weekend–Go Pats! Why Tom Brady the gorgeous, immortal, perfect hunk of a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) has become the quarterback everyone has decided to hate.










Sexy Saturday Round Up

27 Jan

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Is it true that this is the last weekend of January? It is! Crazy as that seems the winter is zooming away. Soon we’ll start noticing buds on the trees and bugs on the ground. But not quite yet. As Madeleine notes below, we’re still dealing with cold weather and chipped nipples! OW indeed! We’ve got some fabulous links for you this weekend, so pull up a glass of Jon Bon Jovi wine – yes, that John Bon Jovi – and settle in.

Feeling a little short on cash? Come to NYC and meet a rich guy. Here’s where lads with loads hang out.

The hottest new drink in the Hamptons – John Bon Jovi wine.

What your horoscope says about your love life in 2018.

Do you need a vibrator that warms up? Well, yeah, maybe…

Make sure your guy doesn’t start pulling away by avoiding these six things.

From Madeline:

The history of romance novels – with Lucy Worsley (to know her on You Tube and her historical docu-films is to love her)

This woman protests the wage gap by writing erotic fan fic at work.

Is this The Onion? This is NOT the Onion: Irish woman legally marries 300 year old pirate ghost.

We need bodice ripper sex ed. How modern Bodice Rippers teach us about the need for women’s pleasure to come first.

Baby it’s COLD outside! So keep those nipples warm, eh? Hospitals across Maine report epidemic of chipped nipples this winter. OWWW!

Why we’re obsessed with student-teacher sex.

She writes romance novels, but in reality she’s have “Cat Person” sex — author Andie J. Christopher shares her new resolutions in this #MeToo moment.

They’re the WORST: A gilded age satire on comedy central is all too apt in pointing to the worst class crimes of our modern age.

Sexy Saturday Round Up

20 Jan

By Elizabeth Shore

The SAG awards are on tomorrow night and Oscar nominations will be announced on Tuesday. You know what that means – it’s time to binge watch movies this weekend! Three Billboards? Ladybird? The Shape of Water? Who cares?! Grab the popcorn and pull up a chair. There are plenty of great options to choose from. But before you do, don’t forget to catch up on your reading. We’ve rounded up some great stuff for you, peeps. Enjoy!

From Elizabeth:

Thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day but have no cash? Here are 9 great gift ideas you can even manage on a shoestring.

Naked yoga, anyone?

Puzzled about what to do this weekend? You could always clear out your junk drawer.

Man baffled that not every home has a poop knife.

Best. News. Ever. Lying in bed all weekend is good for you!

From Madeline:

Is Aziz Ansari like Harvey, Matt, Kevin, and Louis? Or do we have here The Cat Story from the New Yorker, part two? Vox explains.

I know who I wanna be when I get old: Advanced Style features fashion iconoclasts over 30 who kick ass.

Is dating your boss bad for your career? Duh! But Science of Relationship explores why…

Smoking a doobie while breastfeeding? You’re not the only one, apparently.  

These amazingly creepy doll house crime scenes were created by America’s first woman police captain and “The Mother Of Forensic Science” so her cops would learn not to muck up the evidence collecting and spot important clewsCheck it out! 





Sexy Saturday Round Up

12 Jan

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Hey Sexies! Here we are, two weeks into the new year. Who’s tired? Anyone? I gotta confess, I’m not just tired but downright exhausted. Work is going gangbusters, madness has ensued. The holidays feel like I can barely remember what happened they were so long ago. I’m ready for another break. But, hey! There’s one on the horizon. For those of you who’ve got Monday off in celebration of Dr. King, good on ya. Enjoy, relax, remember how great he was. For those of you who will be toiling away on Monday, take your break now and check out this week’s fabulous round-up of goodness. Put your feet up and stay awhile. You’ve earned it. 😉

Movie awards season is getting underway. One of the films with buzz is I, Tonya. But what does Nancy Kerrigan think of it all?

A woman of color sex worker who’d like to elevate women of color.

Fire and Furythe podcast!

Here they come…the most anticipated books of 2018.

Are you a micro-cheater?

Turns out, the fad of eating laundry pods is a really bad idea.

People lie about their sexual desires. Just ask Google.

From Madeline:

Why you shouldn’t focus on what an ugly toad Weinstein is.

So supposedly these facial exercises kinda work to make you look younger— wanna try them?

Don’t believe the nasty narcissist when he tries to make you feel inferior to someone else.

Ready for the WOMEN’S MARCH again? Sure ya are!

Four sisters, one king, & a lotta f**king goin’ on.

Roxanne Gay calls out a writer’s workshop for their fatphobia and they cringe in response. Huzzah!

Sexy Saturday Round Up

6 Jan

From Madeline:

From Slutever: The RuPaul alum Trixie & Katya serve up a radical wild webseries.  Check it out! 

Russia’s first Female Muslim Presidential candidate.

Orgiastic geeks? Oh yes.

Ready for 2018?  How to make a pussy bow.

Shondaland crossover—coming your way!

New Year, New Man, New Approach

1 Jan

By Elizabeth Shore

Happy new year, Sexies! Candles are all blown out on the old year and we’ve lit them brightly for the new one. Adios 2017. Helloooo 2018. How ya doin?

If you’re anything like me, when the commercials come on for whatever TV marathon stuff-your-face-while-in-jammies fest you happen to be watching on new year’s day, you start to ponder. What will the new year bring? New job? New book contract? New slim body? New president?? (one can dream). Or, if you’re like one of my very best girlfriends, hope springs eternal for a new man in the new year.

For many the new year is time for change, which makes it the opportune moment to shed that frustrating loser you’ve been dating and get yourself a real man. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Onine dating sites see anywhere from a 20 to 60 percent spike in usage during the first month of the year. But for my girlfriend, whom I’ll call Destiny, looking for a new man isn’t just something she does as the calendar turns to January. It’s what she does throughout the year, every year.

Destiny wants love more than she wants health insurance (she has none, but don’t tell), or money (very little), or any other fill-in-the-blank aspirational juggernaut that many of us strive for. Not my Destiny. Forget that other nonsense! Her hope, above all else, is to find her soulmate. Her lover. Her man. The guy with whom she can laugh, and grow old, and love above all others. In her heart of hearts she believes he’s out there; she just has to find him. There is one little catch, however, Destiny’s pool of candidates is pretty selective. It’s not the whole xy 35-55 age range across the globe type deal. Oh, no. Oh, hell no. Destiny’s future man must be tall, dark, and handsome. Literally. ‘Cause for her forever man, she’ll only consider African American guys. Why? It’s who she’s physically attracted to.

Trust me, I get the attraction thing. Let’s say you’re sitting with your besties at a bar and two hot dudes walk in. One’s a tall, fit, blond Swedish-type guy, and the other’s his equal except he’s Latin. Who ya gonna choose? Or maybe it’s more accurate to say, who’s nature gonna choose for you? We all have our types, right? And we can’t help who we’re attracted to, right? It’s nature!

Well, hold on there, pardner. The good folks at Psychology Today have something to say about that. Evolution definitely plays a part in desire. By nature, men are drawn toward women who appear fertile. Emphasis on appear. Even if your childbearing days are far in the rearview mirror, looking young and youthful – as marketers in the annual $64 billion U.S. cosmetics industry are quick to point out – is a must for attracting a mate. The same is true for women toward men. Statistically speaking, we’re far more attracted to strong men who seem like they can provide and protect. It’s evolutionary, my dear.

But what about that whole “type” thing? The fact that Destiny will only consider African American guys. I admire her eternal optimism, but it does seem as if she’s vastly limiting her prospects, no? What if she met a ginger, average height, average looks, but super funny and a fabulous supporter and provider guy, for whom kids and family are equally important for him as they are for her? If she writes him off without a speck of consideration there’s every danger she’s missing out on an amazing future mate.

The Psychology Today article, “Laws of Attraction,” says that when people state they have a type, what they really mean is they have a “preference.” You’d prefer a brunette to a blond, for example, if you could paint a picture of your ultimate guy. But being stuck on a type limits your opportunity for love. Instead, advises Psychology Today, date yourself out of it. Broaden your range. Take chances. Consider potential partners who don’t at first glance make you swoon. What they might do, in the long run, is make you fall in love.

So cheers to 2018 and to expanding our worlds. I’ll drink to that. Happy new year, everyone!

Elizabeth Shore writes contemporary and historical erotic romance. She’s the author of Hot Bayou Nights, Desire Rising, The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires and (as Liz Madison) Season of Splendor and With His Promise. Her next release, Hot Bayou Fire, the second in the Bayou series, will be out in 2018. Release date announced as soon as it’s known. 




Sexy Saturday Round Up

16 Dec

Sexy Saturday Round UpBy Elizabeth Shore

Hanukkah’s here and it’s the last full weekend before Christmas, Sexies. So you could dash around like Prancer and Dancer, or you could kick back and read what we’ve rounded up for you this week. You decide…although I know which option I’d choose… 😉

Sex toys to the rescue! Long distant relationships feel a whole lot closer when using these.

Man flu – men really do suffer more.

Marijuana may have more benefits in addition to the medicinal ones. Like inspiring you to have more table sex.

R.I.P. net neutrality…or is it? How it might be stopped.

What’s uglier than an ugly sweater? Christmas eyebrows.

Study finds women prefer stronger-looking men. This is news?

From Madeline:

How candid can you be with a friend when you don’t like their significant other?

Stories of Roaches: peeps who are seemingly in a monogamous relationship–but secretly date others.

Where’s the fat Disney princess???

Did you read that New Yorker story about the women who’d rather have bad sex then bail on a guy? Everyone else did, apparently…







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