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Never Have You Ever Ever, sex-positive game, home and office edition.

12 May

Can you believe they trusted me with the mic?

What do sweet tea, brownies, free books, prize boxes filled with sex toys, swag bags featuring sexy body chains from Unbound Boxes, and highly personal, potentially inappropriate questions about your sex life have in common? If you joined us at the raved about Lady Smut Blogger’s RTBooklover’s convention event, Never Have You Ever Ever, you already know the answer.

If you weren’t able to join us, no worries. You don’t have to wait until next year to play. Here is the Never Have You Ever Ever home and office edition. How do you play?

  1. Gather a group of your friends.
  2. Do a trial run to make sure they know how to raise their hand. Do this by asking, “Do you want to play this highly personal and potentially inappropriate game?” Anyone who raises their hand is in.

Now that they’re in, here are the rules:

  1. You ask a question.
  2. If their answer is “yes,” they raise their hand.
  3. If their hand is up, they are still in the running to win.
  4. If their hand goes down, they’re out.

Variation: allow game players to rejoin if their subsequent answer are “yes.” To do this, they simply raise their hand to get back in. Later, you can switch to sudden death.

Variation: add your own questions.


Unbound Boxes, filled with sex toys.

The first round is the sweetness round. Here, the sweetest of the sweet is revealed. The sweetness finalists who attended our RT event were gifted with a box of sex toys…but, maybe you could simply offer your winners the great, well-kept secret underground website that only very few people know about: PORNHUB.

Ready, set, read the questions to reveal the sweetest of the sweet.

  • Raise your hand if you’ve had less than 2 sexual relationships in your whole life.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve NEVER given or received oral sex.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve NEVER EVER tried masturbating.
  • Keep your hand up if you’re a vaginal virgin.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve NEVER EVER EVER French kissed someone.

The second round is the naughty round. Who among you has done…if not all, a lot. Same rules. Hand up for yes. Down for no. Again our RT finalists were gifted with an awesome box of sex toys. What should you give your winner? How about a pad of paper and a pen, so they can start writing some steamy romances for us all to read.

  • Raise your hand if you’ve ever done any role-playing.
  • Keep your hand up if you have any piercings below your neck.


    Hostesses Kris, Elizabeth, Isabelle & Stephy. 

  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever intentionally seduced someone.
  • Keep your hand up if it’s not your bellybutton.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever gotten or given a lap dance.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever done any bondage or spanking.
  • Keep your hand up if you’re a member of the mile high club.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever had sex with a younger person (by which we mean you were over the age of 30, and the person was at least 9 years younger).
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever had anal sex.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever used a strap on toy .
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever interacted with a stripper or stripper–male or female.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever had sex with more than one person at the same time?
  • Keep your hand up if you have been, or been with, a unicorn.
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve ever participated in an orgy.
  • Keep your hand up if you have a rumpus room at home.

There you have it, the official, abbreviated home and office edition of the first ever Lady Smut sex-positive game.

Start playing, folks! Share your discoveries and results in the comments! Follow us at Lady Smut! Subscribe to our saucy monthly newsletter!

-An Anthology of Romance and Horror-mediumIsabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Her latest story, BAIT, features a woman who hunts and sells zombies, can be found in the horror anthology GONE WITH THE DEAD.

Scandals, Secrets, and Subversion: Why I’m hooked on CW’s Riverdale

14 Apr


Die hard fans of Archie and Betty and Veronica Comics will either love or hate the CWs new series Riverdale. Aside from the characters names and appearances, pretty much the only thing that is consistent with the old school comic series is the setting–the small, idyllic, East coast, town of Riverdale. Most everything else everything is different and way more scandalous. The series pushes the boundaries for sure and, as a die hard vintage Archie Comics fan, I’m here to say I love it.

**Spoiler warning: from here on out I will tell you some things about the story-line. Not enough to ruin it, only enough to entice you.

The series starts with the death of Cheryl Blossom’s brother, Jason Blossom. A suspicious death isn’t scandalous but the near incestuous relationship between the twins it. Its hard to ignore the did they or didn’t they questions the relationship provokes. Don’t believe they’d put that on mainstream  TV? Check out this picture.


Many of the relationships go beyond what you typically see in a teen series. All-American high school football player, Archie Andrews, and Mrs. Grundy, the music teacher, are making music. But not in the classroom.


The characters are awesome too.

Moose, a stereotypical dense jock in the 1950’s Riverdale, is a more realistic, complex, and actualized human in this new version. He has a brief  fling with Kevin Keller who quickly moves on to the town’s bad boy.  Who could blame Kevin? We’ve all fallen for the bad boy. At least in our minds.


Is it wrong of me to think the brooding writer Jughead is hot?


Vixen Veronica provides a continual vintage-inspired fashion show.

image rrr

Already checked out Riverdale? Love gritty, scandalous YA stories? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers.

Why don’t you? The appeal of Fifty Shades of Grey

10 Mar

“Why don’t you write something like Fifty Shades of Grey?”

We romance writers get asked this question by friends and family. I have to admit this question puzzles me. Each time I’m asked I wonder:

  • Do you mean, why don’t I write something about two people seeking love and connection?
  • Do you mean, why don’t I write something erotic?
  • Do you mean, why don’t I write something that pushes the boundaries of relationships?

I only wonder these things because me asking them aloud would draw attention to the fact that the person asking the question hasn’t read any of my books. Of course, I don’t care whether or not the person has read my stuff but …well, I don’t want to make things awkward by pointing that out. Besides, as a writer, here’s the question that makes the most sense to me:

  • Do you mean why don’t I write something that sells millions of copies and creates just as many devoted readers and fans?

That one I don’t have an answer for. Nobody does. Many–many–of us writers have tried to figure out why that series in particular took off like that.

50 2

In my other life, I teach freshman composition at a college. We write essays, the standard sort that college freshman have been writing for years. Thesis statements, MLA formatting, research. All the usual stuff. One place where I get to mix things up is in the prompts. So, wondering what my students think of the 50 phenomenon, I include a prompt about the widespread popularity of the series. The prompt encourages the students to question the contrast between the book’s content, the relationship between the two characters, and the current wave of new feminism. Bottom line–why do women connect this book?

As you might imagine, the prompt generates interest. After reading seve50 3ral essays I’ve found a distinct difference between the younger, 18-20, and older, 25-30 women in regard to Mr. Grey’s relationship appeal.

The younger women find him super romantic. They are drawn to the idea of having a man so dedicated to you that he is “interested” in every aspect of your life. They don’t find him stalky or boundary-crossing, they find him devoted. These younger women write very little about the sex; they write almost exclusively about the attentive relationship. It seems that while young women view career and societal contribution as essential and validating, they still long for a dedicated partner.

The older women write about the sex. They are drawn to the idea of an extremely intense almost completely sexual relationship that has no emotional commitments. These women reflect that while they hope to have an emotionally intimate relationship in the future, they are, at present, busy with school and work and don’t have time to develop “that sort of thing” right now. This staying-single-longer, waiting-for-real-commitment life plan is on the rise,  but as noted above with the younger set, this older set seeks devotion. They simply define devotion in a different way.

If you’re one of the thousands, maybe millions, of people who’ve had this conversation–why is 50 so compelling–we’d love to hear what you think. Give us a shout in the comments.

And – follow us here at Lady Smut. We’re always here to inform, entertain, and keep you up to date.

Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers.

Bondage Rope Starter Guide: the busy woman’s cheat sheet on what to get to get what you want.

10 Feb

by Isabelle Drake

Thinking about buying some bondage rope? If you are, you won’t be alone this weekend.

First time thinking about buying rope? Again, you won’t be alone this weekend.

Headed to the hardware store because you want that rope – in – a – hurry?

Sounds good. But you may want to think about what’s going to work best for you ahead of time. You know, to avoid that awkward moment when the helpful salesperson asks you what type you want then, in attempt to assist you better, asks you what you want it for. See what I mean?rope-tape-cable-ties

There are three things to consider.


Think of fiber as the rope’s texture and appearance. It’s what the rope is made from, so fiber determines the look, texture, pliability, smell, and overall aesthetic. The four most common fibers used in bondage are hemp, jute, nylon and MFP.


Hemp rope


Thanks to the fact that its natural, hemp offers great smell and texture. It’s soft but strong. It ‘breathes’ and bends, tucking itself into the contours of the body. The texture makes it easy to secure knots and this rope adjusts to varying tension levels.

Bonus, it has great old-school appeal, making it easy to imagine you’re being bound by a pirate or roped by a cowboy.

Notes on hemp:

  • it can be put through the washer but looses strength with each washing.
  • it looks wonderful in person but is hard to photograph.
  • its more expensive than the other commonly used roped.



Jute rope


Jute, the other natural choice, is nearly the opposite of hemp.

This fiber starts out very strong, sturdy and rough. This makes it a favorite of those who prefer edge in their rope play. That same firm texture makes it hold knots very well and photograph really well.

Bonus, this rope is light and so travels well. And yes, it also has that old school appeal of hemp.

Notes on jute:

  • it has enough grip to stay in place, but not as much as hemp. As a result, careful tensioning is required when using jute.
  • it can be tricky to wash and must be stretch dried to retain length.
  • it requires careful selection when purchasing. Be sure to ask about the weave, as loosely woven jute will not last very long.

Nylon and MFP (multi-fiber polypropylene)


Nylon rope

These are manufactured, oil-based ropes, so cost quite a bit less than the natural alternatives. Because they are not natural, they maintain their round shape consistently and over a long period. They both wash easily and can be used in the water.

Something to consider, they don’t hold body heat. As a result, some users find these feel less natural and say they fell disconnected from these ropes.

Bonus, these fibers comes in many bright colors, are super shiny and photograph great.

Notes on nylon and MFP:

  • in regard to weight, they are about the same as jute.
  • they are very strong.
  • they can be tricky to use as they are slippery so tension can be difficult to control.


A good diameter to start with is between 4mm-8mm. 7mm and 8mm are frequently selected due to strength and comfort. Obviously, strength is very important when considering suspension. Also, the thicker ropes are easier on the skin and, as a result, are the better option for longer bondage sessions.

Thickness impacts rope stiffness and weight. Thicker ropes are more stiff. The stiffer the rope is, the less pliable it is. Therefore, knots and intricate patterns can be difficult. Thicker ropes are also heavier and, consequently, more difficult to transport.


In regard to length, consider what the rope will be used for, ie, simple wrist ties or full body suspension, and the size of the person being bound.  The North American standard is about 30 feet, with 15 foot spares. The Japanese have a more complicated system of deciding rope length, basing the decision on the measurements of the rigger. The idea is to use a length that the rigger can work with easily and fluidly. That measurement is typically between 23 and 27 feet with 12.5 foot spares.

Not buying any rope for yourself? No worries. In an effort to make this knowledge useful, take yourself to the opening of FIFTY this weekend, reread your tattered paperbacks, and check out what they use, see if you would have made the same selections.

Be sure to come back all next week for our Fifty Shades Darker Celebration and Valentine’s Giveaway. We’ll be doing it Lady Smut style!


Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. She’s also working on her own sexy android erotica.

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Full body coverage, slick and dirty: Wet & Messy Fetish 101

13 Nov


We’ve been talking dirty this week on Lady Smut. Dirty dates, dirty guys, and dirty ideas. Here’s a different kind of dirt.

WAM, wet and messy fetish, is exactly what it sounds like. A person becomes sexually aroused by seeing a slick mess-covered person or being messed with a streaming liquidy substance. Dirt, oil, paint, shaving foam, whipped cream, slime, ketchup…if its slick and has the potential to coat and make a mess, it’s good for WAM.

People with this interest refer to themselves as messey fun folk, sploshers, and wammers, and may prefer to have the mess applied to themself or prefer watching it be applied to others.  Those who prefer to get messy themselves enjoy the feeling of the substance on their skin, the overpowering scent of it as it coats them or the sensation it creates when interacting with others. Or, it may simply be the idea of being “a mess” that turns them on. For others, its not getting dirty themselves, its seeing the mess on others that does it.

In either case, the substance may be applied to bare skin or inside or over clothing. In the case of being applied under or over clothing, while white is a popular color, anything goes–bathing suits, formal wear, uniforms, wedding dresses, full PVC or leathers. The individual may have a specific clothing preference or maybe not.

What’s hot about girls getting hit in the face with pies or guys being covered with green slime? As this fetish is one of the less common, and seemingly less controversial than others such as bondage or pony play, there is not much research on why some individuals are turned on by WAM fun.

One possibility is that individuals with low tactile sensitivity benefit from the extreme and unusual sensations. The theory is that an early experience became a formative one. For example, playing in the mud as a child enabled the person to feel more fully and more completely than was typical and so the mud becomes a cue for a positive physical sensation. This theory, the early imprinting of relating sexual satisfaction with a childhood experience is often linked to the WAM-related “wet-look” fetish in a way that does not include low tactile sensitivity. So it makes sense that perhaps the WAM interest starts that simply. A guy wrestles with a girl in the mud, goofing around as a kid, and likes it in ways he doesn’t expect. Years later, he’s wanting that mud again.

Another possibility is that this fetish is linked to erotic humiliation. In WAM, however, the humiliation is much more light-hearted than in traditional humiliation fetish acts, such as name-calling or being treated like an animal. In this way, it is possible that there are links to from WAM to Dominance/submission interests.

Lastly, there is the obvious, that being bad, in this case by making a mess of oneself or others, is a source of rebellion and is therefore freeing and ultimately fun.

Fun appears to be one of the key components of this fetish. When compared to other fetishes this one may seem downright silly. Pies in the face, ice cream melting across thighs, hair coated with mud. The slapstick aspect of this interest is very serious.

swinger 2Wondering if you’ve even seen WAM in action? Remember the scene in Tommy when Ann-Margret gets sploshed by bubbles and baked beans then rolls in some mud? Or how about that time in The Swinger when she was coated with paint then rolled around on the floor? (The scene from The Swinger, by the way, has some of those humiliation and D/s touches mentioned above.)

Prefer something less, artsy, more slapstick?  Try Taryn Maria Plays in the Mud or Messy Fun.

We can’t get dirty enough here at Lady Smut. Good news, you don’t have to leave your house to get dirty–if you haven’t already gotten your copy of our very own Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Dirty Dates. What happens when date night involves a blindfold, a corset, handcuffs, or a spanking? Hit this link to get your copy of Dirty Dates and find out. Then settle in for a hot, messy weekend.

Click to Buy

Click to Buy

Beards cause problems? Who knew?

10 Apr

1798427_888225617907612_7969085629406817340_nProblem: How to describe a character’s beard without sounding like a barber textbook.

This one is for us writer’s to tangle with. As this awesome chart indicates, not all beards are the same. Different lengths, intricate angles, without the inclusion of the mustache, with the inclusion of the mustache… You get the idea.

Let’s say a hot guy character has some nice scruff on his lower jaw but he’s cleaned up the strays on his upper cheeks. Does the writer need to include a high level of detail in that description? Nah. A simple note of the dark shadow or the woman’s desire to run her fingertips across the bristles will take care of it.

But what if the hot guy has a nice mustache and well-trimmed growth over his chin. Many people refer to this simply as a goatee; however, to be accurate goatee refers only to the hair on the chin. So to describe this character accurately, and correctly, the writer would need to say goatee with mustache. Mmmm…that’s kind of distracting. Too many words. Want a shorter option? The correct term for this arrangement is circle beard. Um, yeah. We’re still talking about the same guy, with the same awesome facial hair but using the words ‘circle beard’ kind of throws things off. Want another option? The circle beard is also called a door knocker. Oh. That’s not making things better, is it?

So readers, if you’re ever wondering why you aren’t getting specific details on the hero’s facial hair, or all the guys sound the same with their rough stubble or neatly-trimmed jaw line its because we writers are doing our best to save you from accurate terms such as ducktail, anchor or bandholz.

Masculine-beard-styles-for-men-to-Try-in-2015-8Another problem: How to kiss a guy with a beard without getting a ‘tash rash.

Here’s where city girls can learn from their country sisters.

Everyone knows the trend of guys having beards–long, short, full, trimmed, totally wild, you name it–came from the country. County dudes have been wearing beards for forever. Don’t believe me? Try watching any movie or television show set in the country. Then compare what you see on the screen to what you see on the city streets. Nuf said, ‘cause there’s your proof. So, it makes sense that country girls have the 411 on dealing with this itchy situation.

Here’s what you do:

Coat your face with lotion before for the smooching starts.

Sound unromantic? No worries. Embrace some hipster irony and use the country cure-all for skin irritations–3985d8f3e8a318107c55b39ba05ff7f5Bag Balm. Yep. Bag Balm. The stuff that comes in the cute green and red square tin. Yep, with the clovers and cow head on top. Don’t have any on hand? No worries. Just go ask a dairy farmer for some. He’ll have it on hand because what Bag Balm is actually for is treating cow udders after milking. Bonus to rubbing it all over your face before you start locking lips? If you have any stitches the Bag Balm will loosen them up so you can pull them out yourself. Later, of course. There are many other very practical uses for this awesome ointment but you’re getting the idea.

Thinking rubbing your face with cow udder cream all sounds a bit too country? Prefer something more citified?

How about soy milk? Soak a washcloth in soy milk then hold it to your skin for five minutes.  Then apply some aloe. Then hydrocortisone cream. Do that a couple times a day. ‘Cause you have time for that and it’ll make you smell nice and not ruin your makeup at all.Masculine-beard-styles-for-men-to-Try-in-2015-18

Okay. So maybe you don’t want to layer your face with oily ointment and you don’t have time to lay around with a soy-milk soaked washcloth on your face a couple times a day. Here’s another thing to try: ask your guy to grow his beard longer. Long, like Santa’s. Because kissing Santa would be so hot. If your guy is worried about looking like a hipster or actual bumpkin with his long, Santa beard, suggest you both move out to the country where things such as men with long scraggly beards are commonplace.

No, you won’t be able to get any good sushi but on the bright side your guy, with his new rugged, rowdy beard, will fit right in. And if he decides to trim it later, Bag Balm will be easier to find and coating your face with it before kissing won’t seem odd or awful at all.

So yeah, beards cause problems. But we’re all okay with that.

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

14 Sep

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

Photo by Dollen

Photo by Dollen

Hello sexy! We hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. This Saturday’s round-up includes some fun and sexy posts, as well as some good writing and industry links. Enjoy!

From Liz:

Top five women’s sexual fantasies.

Indian men have the least sex? Shame!

Kristin Lamb asks:  Are we  being busy or fruitful?

From CMK

How to Pitch Your Project

Jacobean Plays about Women to be featured at RSC

From Madeline:

The spy who slobbered on me.

Everybody hates Miley.

But maybe Miley got the idea by watching the sexiest cat walk ever? (The underwear is hot, but I’m still rolling my eyes.)

Links—to more Links! Jane Friedman’s top 8 picks for what you need to know about writing.

From Elizabeth:

KT Grant gives us her take on writing strong female characters.

Casting change on Game of Thrones! Dany’s love interest, formerly played by Ed Skrein is now played by Michiel Huisman. Frankly, I think the new guy’s hotter.

Don’t spook  your guy in bed by doing any of these things.

Ladies, get to know yourself better . . . down there.

Stay Hungry,


Sexy Saturday Round-Up

23 Feb
Photo by Dollen

Photo by Dollen

Hello Sexy! This week we are ushering in a new system for our sexy round up. Each one of the LS bloggers will chime-in. The more, the merrier, dontchya think?

From moi, Liz Everly:

Inquiring minds want to know, from Erotica Everywhere, what is the best kind of sex?

From Live Science, any interesting look at polyamory.

Not forcing the romance in your writing, from Ava Jae’s blog.

Jody Hedlund on finding the time to read.

From the Just Effing blog, a look at how four busy writers find time to write.

From Madeline Iva:

Armadillos? 99 words for boobs.

On Joshilyn Jackson’s mid-novel blues cycle.

Rent a boyfriend? Sure, for Chinese New Year.

From Elizabeth Shore:

It’s always fun to see what they’re talking about on the other side of the pond. Here are the Guardian’s Oscar picks, from the U.K.

Medieval romance writer Heather Grothaus on why she writes and what inspires her.

The ultimate artist’s retreat: a remote island in the middle of Lake Superior.

Men With Pens talk about sexy writing that satisfies.

Stay Hungry,


Sexy Saturday Round-Up

2 Feb

Hello sexy! I’m  traveling this week so the list of goodies is a bit short–but would I forget you?  No. Never. Enjoy.

On keeping authentic to your time period.

Erotic romance writers: do you ever feel like you’re running out of words?

Another one from One Handed Writers  on cock worship.  Hmm.

Since we are there, here’s oneon NOT making friends. Erotic Romance writers listen up.

Greco and Roman Sex.

Rachelle Gardner asks: Does story trump craft?

Kristin Lamb on how social media can make us crazy.

For chuckles and grins, what not to say after sex by way of Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Stay Hungry.


Sexy Saturday Round-Up

26 Jan
Photo by Dollen

Photo by Dollen

Hello sexy! I’ve been surfing the web this week and think I’ve come up with some fascinating blog posts for you. But first, a bit of blatant self-promotion. SAFFRON NIGHTS is launching on Feb, 6, just around the corner. If you get a chance hop on over to my site and check out all the blogs that will be a part of my launch day. If you comment on them that day, you’ll get a chance to win a lovely saffron and cedar body wash and soap–organic and handmade.

Back to our regularly scheduled post! I hope you love the posts I found for you this week as much as I do.

This first, even thought it’s the last one I’m adding. I met Jennifer Porter on a Twitter chat about romance yesterday and she’s done a “Great Spurt Study.” I’m not going to explain because you really have to read it to believe it.

Jayne Ann Krentz answers questions at Bookpage.

Have you seen The Romance Man blog? Check it out

I loved this post on how to write what you don’t know and the research it takes. I also loved the thoughtful comments.

Slate runs a piece on porn for women.

Steve Almond pens a brilliant manifesto on why he writes smut, posting on the Rumpus.

Erica Chilson on saccharine romances. Much to chew on there.

Check out what one blogger has to say about critique partners.


Stay Hungry,


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