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Why don't you? The appeal of Fifty Shades of Grey

“Why don’t you write something like Fifty Shades of Grey?” We romance writers get asked this question by friends and family. I have to admit this question puzzles me. Each time I’m asked I wonder: Do you mean, why don’t I write something about two people seeking love and connection? Do you mean, why don’t

Beards cause problems? Who knew?

Problem: How to describe a character’s beard without sounding like a barber textbook. This one is for us writer’s to tangle with. As this awesome chart indicates, not all beards are the same. Different lengths, intricate angles, without the inclusion of the mustache, with the inclusion of the mustache… You get the idea. Let’s say

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers Hello sexy! We hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. This Saturday’s round-up includes some fun and sexy posts, as well as some good writing and industry links. Enjoy! From Liz: Top five women’s sexual fantasies. Indian men have the least sex? Shame! Kristin Lamb asks:  Are we 

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

Hello sexy! I’m  traveling this week so the list of goodies is a bit short–but would I forget you?  No. Never. Enjoy. On keeping authentic to your time period. Erotic romance writers: do you ever feel like you’re running out of words? Another one from One Handed Writers  on cock worship.  Hmm. Since we are

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