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Femdom back in the day: thanks Ingrid Pitt for starting something awesome

10 Nov

Thanksgiving is awesome, family is great, shopping–online or actually in a store–it’s all wonderful stuff, but if you’re like me…sometimes you just need some sexy, over-the-top drama. If you’re fan of classic vampire movies, campy horror, or sexy girls, you have to watch Hammer Film’s, The Karnstein Trilogy.

ingrid-pitt-madeline-smith-the-vampire-lovers.jpgThis first one, The Vampire Lovers (1970), centers features a lesbian vampire who uses her awesomeness to lure young women to her. Not just any gorgeous vampire, but the courageous Ingrid Pitt, a woman who spent her childhood in a Nazi concentration camp.  It’s based on the 1872 novella Carmilla by J. Sheridan LeFanu. Coolness from back in the day.

If you aren’t a vampire classics fan, there’s another reason to watch this: to see if you think the girl on girl action is hot. Or, in this case, how hot. Maybe ask yourself why. What is it about two woman being sexual together–without a man–that’s so intriguing to mainstream audiences? In the past this scenario was a ‘naughty pleasure,’ something to be enjoyed but not taken seriously. However, in recent years, female-driven erotica and erotic romance has taken off. The popularity of cuckolding and femdom stories is also on the rise.

My thinking is that there are two reasons for this. Social media, the obvious one. Privacy and easy access afford the opportunity to enjoy, or experiment with, whatever intrigues. The second reason is the increase in younger readers. In the past, the typical age of the romance reader was about 30-60. Thanks to the popularity of YA books, and the creation of the new adult genre, younger women are reading romance–and women this age don’t want ‘the usual.’ Young women aren’t looking to reinforce their traditional values, they want to test boundaries. They want adventure. They seek vicarious thrills.

76575832-256-k38300Readers of Pink Bow, my cuckolding story on Wattpad, are over 70% female and mostly under thirty. A story about a husband who arranges a ménage for his new wife is untraditional, to say the least, but with 31,000 reads, its definitely popular.

Have I gone off topic? No. Not at all. There’s a history for everything and this sexy, forward thinking, if campy, film is part of the history of female driven entertainment. Curious? Want to check these evil-but-gorgeous vampires? Start with the trailer. It isn’t as awesome as it could be, but it gives you an idea of the treat you’ll be in for if you hunt down this 70’s classic


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No matter how you watch it, plan ahead: red wine and dark chocolate will be a must.

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Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Her latest story, BAIT, features a woman who hunts and sells zombies, can be found in the horror anthology Gone With The Dead.

Ahh Italy! The food, the sights, the art . . . the romance?

12 Sep

Having just returned from a vacation in Italy, I was struck by how much that country is a venerable feast for the senses. Smells and tastes of sumptuous food, sights of stunning art and architecture from cities steeped in history, the soul-stirring ringing of church bells, the rugged feel of the cobblestones beneath my feet while strolling the streets.

As a writer of both contemporary and historical erotic romance, I look at Italy as a near perfect setting. Certainly the Italians don’t shy away from love, and they’re not exactly prudish when it comes to the naked body, either.

Take a gander through any art gallery and you’ve got pisellos gone wild. Pisello, as I’ve come to learn, is Italian slang for penis. (the actual definition is peas) They’re all over paintings and sculpture, and contemporary Italy continues to celebrate the phallus through calendars. Yes, calendars. Every year you can get your copy of “Pisello,”  a standard wall calendar that comes with a different picture every month of the penis in all its glory. Ancient pisellos from the frescoes in Pomeii brothels, sculpted pisellos from Michelangelo. You want a pisello, or any form of nakedness, you can get it in Italy.

So we’ve got the nakedness, the sensual experience, the fascinating history . . . think powerful Italian families like Medici, Borghia, Farnese, Sforza . . . and it seems like Italy would be the perfect setting for historical romance. But yet, dear readers, we just don’t see it. Historical romances in the U.K. abound, and there are plenty in the U.S. as well. But Italy?  In my years of reading historical romance, I can recall reading exactly one book that was set in Italy. How about you? Anyone have a different experience? And if not, then why? Love to hear your thoughts on why publishers say “no grazie” when it comes to setting a historical romance in Italy.

Arrivederci until next time,


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