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Dancing In A Cage And Other Fantasy Jobs

8 Mar

Looking sexy and dancing in a cage

By Elizabeth Shore

In my day job, I talk to a lot of people who come in my office just to vent. They plop down in the chair across my desk, lips ready to explode with frustration, and let it all out. I listen and nod and offer whatever guidance I can, but mostly they’re not looking for advice, they simply want a sounding board. They need to know that someone out there in day job world actually isn’t an insane corporate soul sucking lunatic nightmare but rather someone who’s well-balanced. Rational. Someone who actually gives two cents about what happens to them. That’s me. In the daytime world.

Once several years ago an exasperated employee who held a very senior-level job gave me a call. After ranting about this or that for several minutes he said to me, “I mean, f**k it, I’m like everyone else. Sometimes all I want is to just be a bicycle messenger.” That conversation stuck in my mind because I knew exactly how he felt. When Monday through Friday means spending essentially every waking minute imprisoned in the mind-numbing world of a corporate day job, your mind starts drifting into fantasy land. You envision how much better life would seem if only you could be a ____ (fill in the blank).

The guy who called me wanted to be a bicycle messenger. He said he’d get his exercise in every day, feel great about being outside, and – most importantly – not be stuck behind a desk and computer. That actually does sound pretty darn good. But for myself, I envision something a bit more…titillating. More decadent. And I’m not talking about writing erotic romance. I already do that, and love it, but since it actually is part of my reality it doesn’t count. No, friends. When I’m secretly thinking about my fantasy day job, it’s all about dancing in a cage.

This idea first took root when I saw a rock video featuring cage dancers. Well, it actually featured the band, but my focus wasn’t on the screaming lead singer or the heavily tattooed drummer. I don’t even remember who the band was, because for me it was all about the babes in the cage. Like this girl:


See, I want to be her. Gorgeous, fit, with moves and a body to match. She’s not in the least intimidated by the photographer getting up close and personal as he’s snapping shots. No way. She’s working it, baby. Smiling and dancing, swishing her hair and looking beautiful without a care in the world. And that’s me! Or so goes my fantasy. Why in a cage? Why not in a cage! It brings out the sexy, prowling animal in us all. Well, in me, anyway.

If one were to actually talk to that girl, we might find out she was paid all of a hundred dollars for that little dancing gig and that it’s the only one she booked that month. She might be living in a studio apartment with three other girls and having to share a single hamburger between them – mostly to stay thin, but also because it’s all any one of them can afford. She also might not be particularly educated. (Just sayin’. It’s only a guess). Global matters or an appreciation for art or literature may be denied my young beautiful cage dancer. But that’s not part of the fantasy. No way. My cage-dancing fantasy life also includes possessing intellectual horsepower and enough money so I don’t have to stress about finances. Cool, right?

I looked up what the top fantasy jobs were for other folks. A poll in the online U.K.’s The Telegraph posed the question to British workers, and their top fantasy was to be a pilot. Those big dreamin’ Brits! Pilots was followed by charity workers and writers. A poll over at Ranker lists movie critic as top fantasy job. But totaljobs.com is singing my tune. The number one job on their list is rock star. Yeah! As Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger sings in Rockstar, “well we all wanna be big rockstars, and live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars.” Exactly.

Of course, if you’ve really got it going on, you can be a cage dancer and a rock star. Like Shakira in her She Wolf video.


Now, that’s what I call a fantasy.

How about you? Cage dancer? Pilot? Or something completely different. Make your fantasies a reality – at least on paper – and tell us about it in the comments below.

Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her newest book is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press. Other releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires



Three’s Not A Crowd

20 Mar

Menage-a-TroisLike many writers, I belong to a critique group. We met last night and one of the writers happened to have brought in some pages for us to critique that included a very graphic ménage-à-trois scene. We all listened carefully and made notes for comment, but one of the ladies in the group summed it up well at the end. When the writer finished reading her scene, our fellow member said only, “Wow.”

It’s no secret that many male fantasies include either watching women-on-women “lesbian” sex or being able to participate in a ménage-à-trois, with only one y chromosome in the bunch. But three way sex isn’t just for the guys. Take a look at the hot sellers of any erotic romance publisher and you’ll see a good number of them include three-way sex, but as we girls like it – with two of the guys and only of of us.

It’s interesting to me that ménage is such a fantasy for women because it seems to go against how I often hear women describe themselves. We’re not the ones with the commitment issues; it’s the guys. We women want to find our one true love and, just like two turtle doves, mate for life. We sing the choir fidelity. So what gives with fantasizing about a three way?

Part of the answer, I think, it’s the fact that it is just a fantasy. I certainly don’t know a woman who lives and loves equally with a guy and another woman, and I don’t even know anyone who’s been in a three-way sexual relationship just for fun. So all that hot ménage sex only seems to be happening in our minds and in our erotic romance where it’s all just as safe as can be.

The “bad girl” element also comes into play when considering the attraction of three-way sex. It would definitely be a little bit naughty, wouldn’t it, to have sex with a girl and a guy at the same time? We’re often turned on by bad boys; maybe we secretly crave wanting to be a bad girl. Fueling the fantasy as a bad girl would definitely be having “bad girl” sex, meaning a good ol’ fashioned three-way romp.

Depending on one’s fantasy, a girl’s three-way sex may also include having her two hunks goin’ down on each other just as lustily as they go down on her. Oooooh, now we’re really being naughty! The m/f/f erotic romances I’ve read always have the characters being fully bi-sexual, which does lend itself to a variety of options in the bedroom if it’s a no-holds barred kinda relationship.

It’s easy enough to speculate on why women may have ménage-à-trois fantasies but in the end, who really cares what the reason is? Like all turn ons, it’s no single factor that makes us blaze with lust for one thing and roll eyes at another. As long as the fantasies don’t hurt anyone, I say the more the merrier. 🙂

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