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Spanking the White House Gets an Award

28 Sep

By Elizabeth SaFleur

I’ve often said this book was the best-timed or the worst-timed book of my career. The jury is still out on the verdict. But, look! The BDSM Writers Con awarded the White House Gets A Spanking with a Golden Flogger Award in the Best Female Dominant/Male Submissive book category.

Check out the full list of winners. Never say we don’t help you add to your mountainous TBR pile. There are some fabulous reads there!

About The White House Gets A Spanking

The last place Washington D.C. investigative journalist Stella Martin wanted to cover was the White House. But when a friend’s request to watch over her latest submissive plaything when she’s out of town turns out to be the White House Communications Director, Stella’s unwelcomed and unbearable assignment becomes quite interesting.

Laird Harkness hadn’t expected his perfect Domme would show up in his office—the most famous house in the world and a place where his secret desires could end his career. Stella calms his fears, but can she sate his craving to submit, serve and belong to someone?


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“…if you enjoy BDSM stories you will be enthralled…”

“…put this on the top of your reading pile…”

“…will rev you up and have you twisting in your seat. This one is chocked full of exhilarating scenes…”

“…a page turner with a fascinating, confident female protagonist and an equally interesting male sub…”

“…a rare glimpse into the Femme Domme, male submissive dynamic…”

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