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Billionaire Romance Will Never Die

by Elizabeth SaFleur Let me be Captain Obvious. The rich aren’t like us. So it tracks that we’d be fascinated by these super rich creatures, right? Who wouldn’t want to live in that world, albeit virtually and vicariously, through romance stories? The “economic one percent” make problems disappear with the swipe of a credit card. They board

Why don't you? The appeal of Fifty Shades of Grey

“Why don’t you write something like Fifty Shades of Grey?” We romance writers get asked this question by friends and family. I have to admit this question puzzles me. Each time I’m asked I wonder: Do you mean, why don’t I write something about two people seeking love and connection? Do you mean, why don’t

Kinky F*ckery in 50 Shades: Interview with Jackie C. Horne

Ladies—Jackie from ROMANCE NOVELS FOR FEMINISTS is here with me today to delve deeply into the core themes of the 50 Shades phenomenon. We focussed on two questions: Why do women love this fantasy? Does 50 SHADES represent a step forward in women’s sexual freedom—or a step back? If you like 50 Shades and smart

Fifty Shades of Sexy Success

By Liz Everly I was on a road trip with Madeline Iva and we were JUST talking about Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie. I wondered out loud about my small-town Southern community. We happen to have a wonderful movie theater—new, comfy, and huge. Folks travel from nearby towns just to come to this theater.

Fifty Shades of Cozy?

As I mentioned in another blog post, I write cozy mysteries, along with my steamy romantic suspense novels. I’ve just returned from the huge mystery fan conference, Bouchercon, which was in Cleveland this year. It’s fascinating that I heard a lot of discussion about “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Yes, even at a mystery conference. Most

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