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The Holiday Craze

It’s Theme Week at Lady Smut as we gear up for the holidays and Lawdy, but they are fast approaching. Some have even already begun. Happy Chanukkah to all our Jewish readers! Hang on. Wasn’t it just January a minute ago? Let’s face it, the holidays are damn stressful and I’m not only talking about

Choose Your Own Scandal

by C. Margery Kempe I had an idea on Twitter: I need to manufacture a good juicy scandal involving me to increase book sales! What should it be? Some suggestions: GET CLOONEY TO BREAK THOSE VOWS Okay, a very unkind thing but it was the first suggestion someone gave me on Twitter. Not that I

Rolling Around Naked In The Snow

By Elizabeth Shore I’m headed off to Finland tomorrow for Christmas with family. Despite the fact that it’s cold and dark there, it’s a good time. Friends, family, great food, incredible pastries, and icy cold vodka. Oh, and there’s also an opportunity to get naked, plunge headfirst into a snowbank, and roll around like a

Silver Foxes

by Madeline Iva Clooney’s single again.  Any takers? ;> Even with a relationship shelf-life of two years, Clooney is still tragically hot. You know your subconscious is whispering “Me, George.  Over here.  Pick me.” I mean, it could happen.  He’s had waitress and bartender girlfriends that he presumably just happened to meet.  He’s also dated actresses,

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