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Sexy Sunday Snippet: Marital Duty by Ingrid Hahn

Ingrid Hahn in the house with a sexy snippet from Marital Duty. Book blurb: Marital duty has never been so satisfying… Each morning while pretending to be asleep, Evaline St. John, Lady Kingston, submits to her husband’s attentions. She can never dare admit she yearns for more…until her friend Selina, Lady Beaumont, initiates a conversation

My Six Summer Obsessions

By Liz Everly Every once in awhile we here at Lady Smut delve into our obsessions. It’s been awhile for me, so I thought it was about time. 1. I’ve started watching “Orange is the New Black.” We all know how behind I am on pop culture things. It’s like I’m constantly playing catch up

Magically Sexy: Strange & Norrell

I hear that Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell has made it over to the other side of the pond now, so I want to say a few things about how much I love this show. I’m reading the novel now and it’s one of those rare cases where the pleasure of the programme increases the pleasure

Getting It On, Medieval Style

by C. Margery Kempe  The thing with being a medievalist is that you never run out of material; since the period covers roughly a thousand years, there’s always something you don’t know. So I’m always running across works I don’t know, especially in the later periods. I do the early stuff — Anglo-Saxon and Old

Poldark: The *Other* Outlander

by Madeline Iva God, I love lavish historical dramas.  This week at LadySmut we’re celebrating the last week of Droughtlander, and Kiersten will probably have much to say next Monday about the first episode of Outlander, Season Two, Episode 1. It was a harsh barren land for historical drama when I was growing up.  My mom told me

Adultery in a Romance Novel? Fuhgeddaboudit!

By Elizabeth Shore Some time ago I wrote an erotic historical novella where the plot went something like this: wide-eyed heroine is forced into an arranged marriage to afford her opportunities she’d otherwise never have. Heroine is determined to love her husband, but he’s a scum-sucking cruel SOB who physically abuses her. One night, after

Sexy Middle Ages

by C. Margery Kempe People believe just about any kind of foolishness about the Middle Ages, probably because of cartoons or bad teacher or I don’t know what. The truth is we still use a lot of wisdom from that time. The most outrageous idea is that people were prudish in medieval times. Pardon me

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