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What’s the worst thing people are capable of? MISTRESS OF THE UNDEAD, out now.

9 Nov
Vulnerability makes use human; our decisions define our humanity. What better way to explore this idea than through a zombie tribe that feeds off sex—the ultimate power struggle.
That was my thinking while working on the sequel to Servant of the Undead. Mistress of the Undead cover
The city of Boston is infected with zombies, roaming the streets and seeking human flesh—not to eat but to use as sexual servants. Mattie, one of the tribe, wants out. She’ll do anything—manipulate, cheat, lie—to get what she needs to break free from the sex cult.
Hayden Thomas, tabloid reporter and wonderkid, knows first hand how cruel and consuming Mattie can be. Book smart, a good writer, and willing to do anything to get the story that will take his career to the next level, he’s made some depraved enemies.
In a city that thrives on scandal and conspiracy, nothing is coincidence. Beware: once you’re in, you’re in.

Sex cult zombies wearing camo shorts soaked with fake blood, mud smeared torn black t-shirts, ripped sequin tube tops and moth-eaten suits off the Goodwill racks packed the halls of the Boston convention center. None of them had it right. These people playing dress up were sexy and hideous, but they were nothing compared to the real things. Hayden Buchanan Thomas, wonder kid and tabloid reporter ought to know. He been fucked, tormented, and used by the best of the sex cult zombie tribe that’d silently invaded the city. The creatures had arrived with the blizzard and taken advantage of the crippling effects of Snomaggedeon. He’d lost his girlfriend to one of them. He’d lost his pride and humanity to another.

But those had been real ones, not these fake ass pretenders crowding the Sunday morning halls of the comic convention. If these cosplay wanna-bes knew the truth, what the so-called sex zombies really did to humans, they wouldn’t be so excited. They’d hit the snow-covered streets, head straight home, get drunk and hope like hell one of the things wouldn’t pick them for their next sexual servant. Hayden took another look around, watching the naïve faces rushing past. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t hide. Maybe they’d want to know firsthand how bad bad really is. After what Hayden had been through the past week, he understood there was no bottom to the pit of human, and inhuman, depravity. The more heinous, in fact, the more likely it was to happen.

A tug on his arm stopped Hayden’s already too slow progress through the slinking mob. “Hello, pet.”

That insulting voice, that bitter smell. He knew them as well as he now knew disgust and deep personal shame. Hayden wanted to keep moving, get back to cutting through the crowd as he had been, looking for his boss, but his muscles had already started to quiver. Matthew’s grip was unyielding.

“Surprised to see me? You shouldn’t be. Your articles are making me famous. I’m making all kinds of new friends.” Matthew shoved Hayden sideways until they both collided with a wall. The guy made a point of grinding his crotch against Hayden’s thigh before rolling to his side, locking them both just out of the human flow. His disgusting smirk lingered, his mouth making a game of the forced contact. Hayden jerked his arm, after three tugs he managed to free his arm from the cold grip.

Surprised wasn’t the word Hayden would’ve selected to describe how he felt about being in the clutches of the zombie tribe leader. Shock would have been closer. Terrified, closer still.

Isabelle Drake’s other new release, erotic contemporary romance beach read, Make Me Blush, is currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited. Find her on Facebook, Amazon, and pretty much everywhere else.

Sexy Snippet: Servant of the Undead…A Cage, Chains, and a Zombie Sex Cult

11 May

If you’ve been with Lady Smut for a while, you’ll remember Servant of the Undead. I posted it on the weekends, as a serial. Guess what? Now it’s out in ebook & print and even bigger and badder with a new ending. And–I’ll be at RT next week at the signing on Saturday.

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Having sex with an ice-covered, smudgy-eyed woman in tattered fishnets and a barely-there mini-skirt is Hayden Thomas’ first mistake. His second: thinking he’s in control of what happens next.

The city of Boston is held hostage by a snow storm and rumors are spreading about zombies roaming the streets, looking for human flesh. Hayden Thomas, tabloid newspaper writer, is out to get something fresh about zombies for his editor. At the Boston Public Library, Hayden uncovers some old research that suggests that some zombie tribes survive by having constant sex instead of eating human flesh.

Mattie, a zombie out looking for information on a rival tribe, finds Hayden and uses him for sex. After using him, she discovers his research. She wants to find out how to reverse herself and become one of the living again, so she decides to keep Hayden as her sexual servant so she can use him for information as well as sex.



Hayden ground his teeth, trying to crush the sensation in his jaw, but couldn’t pull his gaze away from Mattie’s glistening, exposed body. Tiny icicles clung to the tangles of her hair and flakes of snow dotted her thighs, bare above the edge of the tights. He cleared his throat, trying to keep his mind from acknowledging the blood flowing to his cock. “The guy I work for thinks they’re a great tie-in to the zombie stuff—my piece, the comic convention and the opening of Zombie Rites. And all that stuff about zombies—”

“Roaming the streets?” she cut in, grinning as she dropped her hand to smack snow off her limp skirt. Once she got the clumps off, she ran her fingers across the hem, inching it up her bare thighs.

Holy fuck, he was starting to remember what it felt like to be inside her. Driving into her tight core, pounding until he couldn’t think straight.

Hayden glanced at the apartment. Rachelle was not peering out the window, watching for him. Thank God. He shifted back. Most girls would probably get pretty pissed at a guy who took a video of himself grinding his dick into her, but this girl seemed anything but pissed. Hayden found himself watching the flicker of her stubby black fingernails as she inched up the hem of her skirt. He knew she wasn’t wearing panties. Five inches was all it would take and her bare pussy—

He took a sharp step forward, ready to shove her out of the way if necessary. She grabbed his arm and jerked him close enough for her nipples to brush against him.

“My girlfriend is waiting for me,” he said, pointing to the third story of the brownstone.

Mattie tossed back her mass of hair, exposing a small black device tucked into her ear. “I know. ‘Don’t make me wait.’ Isn’t that what she said?” A cruel smile tugged on the corner of her full mouth as she took in his expression. “You don’t understand yet, do you? Let me explain. You belong to me now. Until I’m done with you, that is.” She forced one of her legs between his thighs and lifted until her knee pressed into his solid cock. “I’m liking you more and more, so we may be together a while.”

Hayden jerked his arms free and reached for her pale throat. The skin beneath his palms was wet, slick, smooth. And cold, lifeless.

“Go up there and fuck your girlfriend,” she said, then shoved him away and moved toward the wall of the row house. She propped her booted foot on the cornerstone and lifted herself. She slithered up; her hands clutching the frost-covered bricks, then paused about ten feet from the ground. “And make it hot. Because I’ll be watching.” And with that, she crept up to the third-floor window and nestled under the eave.

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Femdom back in the day: thanks Ingrid Pitt for starting something awesome

10 Nov

Thanksgiving is awesome, family is great, shopping–online or actually in a store–it’s all wonderful stuff, but if you’re like me…sometimes you just need some sexy, over-the-top drama. If you’re fan of classic vampire movies, campy horror, or sexy girls, you have to watch Hammer Film’s, The Karnstein Trilogy.

ingrid-pitt-madeline-smith-the-vampire-lovers.jpgThis first one, The Vampire Lovers (1970), centers features a lesbian vampire who uses her awesomeness to lure young women to her. Not just any gorgeous vampire, but the courageous Ingrid Pitt, a woman who spent her childhood in a Nazi concentration camp.  It’s based on the 1872 novella Carmilla by J. Sheridan LeFanu. Coolness from back in the day.

If you aren’t a vampire classics fan, there’s another reason to watch this: to see if you think the girl on girl action is hot. Or, in this case, how hot. Maybe ask yourself why. What is it about two woman being sexual together–without a man–that’s so intriguing to mainstream audiences? In the past this scenario was a ‘naughty pleasure,’ something to be enjoyed but not taken seriously. However, in recent years, female-driven erotica and erotic romance has taken off. The popularity of cuckolding and femdom stories is also on the rise.

My thinking is that there are two reasons for this. Social media, the obvious one. Privacy and easy access afford the opportunity to enjoy, or experiment with, whatever intrigues. The second reason is the increase in younger readers. In the past, the typical age of the romance reader was about 30-60. Thanks to the popularity of YA books, and the creation of the new adult genre, younger women are reading romance–and women this age don’t want ‘the usual.’ Young women aren’t looking to reinforce their traditional values, they want to test boundaries. They want adventure. They seek vicarious thrills.

76575832-256-k38300Readers of Pink Bow, my cuckolding story on Wattpad, are over 70% female and mostly under thirty. A story about a husband who arranges a ménage for his new wife is untraditional, to say the least, but with 31,000 reads, its definitely popular.

Have I gone off topic? No. Not at all. There’s a history for everything and this sexy, forward thinking, if campy, film is part of the history of female driven entertainment. Curious? Want to check these evil-but-gorgeous vampires? Start with the trailer. It isn’t as awesome as it could be, but it gives you an idea of the treat you’ll be in for if you hunt down this 70’s classic


Enter a caption

No matter how you watch it, plan ahead: red wine and dark chocolate will be a must.

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Isabelle Drake writes erotica, erotic romance, urban fantasy, and young adult thrillers. Her latest story, BAIT, features a woman who hunts and sells zombies, can be found in the horror anthology Gone With The Dead.

You Had Me At ‘Psycho-Sexual Unravelling’ RAW: Feminist Horror Movie

10 Oct

by Madeline Iva

There’s nothing like a good feminist horror movie to get you in the mood for Halloween.  And such is our society that for the first thirty minutes of Julie Ducournau’s feminist allegorical film RAW, she doesn’t even have to go out of her way to create horror–she just turns the camera on all the normal, yet utter bullls**t young women typically go through in the world, simply by virtue of being young women.


A young woman named Justine (get it? JUSTine?) leaves her vegetarian parents to go off to medical college and become a vet.  She goes through an initiation everyone must go through, in which she’s covered in blood and made to eat raw meat (she’s a vegetarian too.) But the initiation goes on for weeks–that’s just the beginning of it all.

Are you getting the sense of moral violation on this still shot? Good.

La-la-la! You know, for the first half hour she goes through horrible stuff.  The whole point of these initiation rituals is a kind of semi-compulsive, semi-voluntarily trial of humiliation and degradation. Justine tries to get through it all while she’s being pushed and pummeled on all sides (literally, at one point, when she’s at a party.)

As we move through this set up the first scene of actual horror comes.  She’s been accused of cheating because she and another student (who is also her roommate) have the same answers on a test. Clearly he copied from her, but the professor wants her to confess SHE cheated because she’s a smarty-pants know it all, and it’s clear that this man just enjoys bashing bright, young women.  Afterwards, there’s a scene that’s analogous to purging.  But make no mistake–this is not a film about eating disorders. It’s allegorical. It’s about the f**ked-upness of our world.  First of all  it’s not food she’s purging. (No spoilers here!)  Second of all, when Justine emerges from the toilet cubical having purged, the response of another young woman at the sink is this: “It’s easier if you stick two fingers down your throat.” Thus invoking a kind of sisterhood of eating disorders! Yes, that’s messed up—and THAT’s what the entire film is like.  The horror of how twisted real life is with the volume dial turned up a little higher and then a little higher still.

The next special moment of horror in the film devoted to Brazilian waxing.

Let me pause here: imagine a movie in which women are tortured by having patches of hair ripped from the most private part of their body–and somewhat to the detriment of our own health (we’re talking micro tears of the va-jay-jay that lead to an increase in infections, etc.) —that’s a pure horror movie concept right there.

But wait! In this horror movie — the tortured women are somehow convinced to volunteer for this torture again and again. Moreover, to crank the horror up another notch–they start putting pressure on their friends and daughters to torture themselves the same way.  It’s eventually revealed to the audience that the evil people who started this whole thing have actually gotten the women to pay for their own torture.  The final scene answer the question of why would women ever do this to themselves in this way is that they’ve somehow they’ve been convinced in some nebulous, undefined way that men like it—men like women to be smooth down there like little pre-pubescent girls–as if all the men were pedophiles or something. (Insert scream of terror.)

I mean, — why hasn’t someone made a horror movie yet about popular grooming trends in modern life?????


Watching the film, I start to get the idea we’re witnessnessing a “pyscho-sexual” unraveling.


Like in BLACK SWAN.(Why have I never done a blog post on Black Swan?) Like in that classic French film REPULSION. (So good!)

The truth about sexual bullying in college is revealed here clear as a bell.  There’s one of those variants of college heteronormative, de-virginizing activities–certainly familiar to all U.S. college students as well–where two people are basically told “You git on in there and boink or else.”

sex with strangers

The pressure to loose your virginity to a stranger in college — it’s own unique horror.

The situation with the Justine’s gay roommate/study mate is also interesting – REALLY interesting. Like there’s so much I want to say but it’d be spoilers left and right. So I won’t.

Except…He’s hot. She likes him, and at one point –

Ah! I can’t go any further…you’ll have to watch the film yourself.

I will say this:

It’s fascinating, and I also, since I’m writing this blog post as I’m watching it—I’ll confess I have no idea where it’s going.


There’s a clear indication that the movie is allegorical. It’s not about vegetarianism at all. It’s really saying something about the initiation of young women into the world.  About the swift egregious violations of one’s own moral code just to get along.  And then what? How can you use your own moral compass when you’ve already been compelled by social pressures to smash it?

Raw, feminist horror film

Hate to break it to you, but this film is NOT about vegetarianism…

The movie definitely points out how those who are oppressed in turn victimize and oppress others.

Yeah, it’s like that. Justine turns upon someone weaker than her –and wants to inflict damage. Not only does she want to do that–she also instinctively blames the weaker person for the violation. Towards the end of the film, Justine yells at a victim in remorse: “How come you didn’t fight back? You should have hit me!”

If I had to guess, I’d say this movie is about how societal institutions (like a competitive college for vets) bully and harass us into becoming aggressive, compulsive consumers (in this case of flesh). The only other choice in this false dichotomy, is to become a victim yourself.

What I’m saying, of course, is that the movie is brilliant. It’s on Netflix right now. Perfect Halloween date night horror movie–if you’re a twisted, feminist vegan—like me. ; >

Hey! Check out this HALLOWEEN ROMANCE page on Facebook   Wednesday night, Oct 11th, the page is having an event where we’re watching PRACTICAL MAGIC at 9:30 EST. On Thursday, October 12th, I’ll be doing a take over and hosting some fun posts and giveaways.

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Thanks to women, the horror genre is changing and growing–come to this event and hear more!

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Horror Sex Camp

20 Sep

Hi there–Madeline here today.  I’m picking up from where Elizabeth Shore’s post left off yesterday.  She was talking about how well horror and erotic romance go together.

Meanwhile my favorite type of horror — campy horror — goes even better with sex.  I’m talking hot, uninhibited, I-don’t-care-that-you’re-not-my-boyfriend sex.

I mean, before the 80’s you had horror films that had sex stuff in them.  Sure.  The sexy popular girl always got slashed first, of course.  Female audiences weren’t supposed to enjoy the sexy part of these films though.  You had women taking off their sweaters as suspense built, blah, blah, blah to get men off.  They were thrown a gratuitous arousal boner as a way of staving off boredom until the part came where their date would jump around, scream, and cling unto her date.  Which led to boinking said date afterwards. (Apparently almost all horror films make bank for this very reason.)

Although, I never quite understood how that worked.  You just watched a film about a woman going off with a guy alone, getting all slutty, and then getting slashed.  So after the movie, you go off with a guy alone, and you get all slutty with him…

BUT THEN! Along came a time-warping little freaky-deaky project called The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).

This film was less about horror and really more of an excuse to display one giant, cross-dressing, trans-gender orgy. But the film was an important one.  First it gave teens across our suburban lands something to do on a Saturday at midnight.  Second, in this film Janet made it quite clear she needed someone to touch her.  Lucky for her, there happened to be this specially made big golden hottie around to do it.  We learned from Rocky Horror that even nice girls needed to get some.

And with Rocky Horror Picture Show, the age of the 80’s and political correctness was spawned.  But despite the money grubbing, despite the cold war repression, a new tradition was born.  Ironic Camp came of age.  Yes, Poltergeist, The Shining, and a remake of The Thing happened, but this new trend in horror films took our lives in a whole new direction.

For instance, American Werewolf in London (1981).A sexy, slightly unsure American tourist is bitten.

Now, it’s the cute guy getting naked, not the cute girl.

The film was also funny, providing a different kind of release.  Horror and camp go together. As certain horror films got campier, they also got sexy in a different way–in a way that was definitely aimed at women.

[People older than I would say–well, what about Michael London, Mr. Little House on the Prairie, who was in “I Was A TeenAge Werewolf”? And I would say, “What’s that grandma? I can’t hear you over the loose dentures rattling around in your mouth.” And they would say, “Fine, smarty-pants, but they’re remaking it–aren’t they?” And I would shrug, because I dunno, maybe they are? Was that show campy? I doubt it.  I’m talking about camp here, grandma. Camp.]

The Lost Boys (1987) came along.  They were troubled bad boys, their leader a totally hot Jason Patric.

Oh, and Kiefer Sutherland was sneering about in the  background too.

Then you had the (mostly forgotten) film Lair of The White Worm (1988) starring an unknown British actor named Hugh Grant.  (Which also had a hot Scottish guy in it, btw, pictured here, covered in blood.)

After that came Buffy — the movie (1992), wherein cute Luke Perry got to stand around and watch his girlfriend kick ass. Feminism had truly arrived.  (Luke, you are cute, but not enough for me to bother getting your pic and showing it here.)

And Buffy begat Scream (1996).  In which Skeet Ulrich seduces and betrays and slays — His best. Role. Ever.

And Scream begat Buffy again–this time the TV show (1997-2003).  Spike.  Angel.  Need I say more?

And Buffy the TV show, in some ways, begat Torchwood (2006)

Which was horror/sci-fi and very sexy, yes, but in ways you were never expecting—and in ways which left you totally uncomfortable afterwards.   Oy.  Not one person in that cast ever had hot, uncomplicated sex.  EVER.   It was Tortured, as much or more than it was Torchwood.

So, what’s coming next for Horror Sex Camp? Maybe there’s something out there right now that I’m missing–? Leave a comment.  Let me know.

Can erotic horror be romantic?

19 Sep

I”m always up for a good scare. Ghosts, abandoned houses, demonic possession, things going bump in the night . . . bring it on, I say. The horror genre fascinates me because I find it interesting to consider what truly frightens people. The causes can be so vastly different. A writer who’s figured out how to scare us in an artfully told story or film deserves a round of applause. (yeah, Mr. King. I’m talking about you).

Over the years, horror and erotica have become intermingled, and nowadays there are lotsa books and lotsa movies that are scary and contain lotsa sex. And hey, you’ll hear no complaints from me. I like the smexy stuff just like the next gal. But I did start to wonder whether it’s truly possible to scare the panties (oh my!) off the reader, make her tingle with arousal, and have a satisfying HEA or HFN to boot. Hmmm . . .

A quick Google search of erotic horror gives me results that I expect: references to dungeons and depravity abound. I also uncovered an excellent post by Gregory Burkart entitled Ten Landmarks of Erotic Horror Fiction. But there’s a paucity of results related to erotic romantic horror. Oh, you’ll find results, but are the stories truly scary? Like horror book scary? And truly romantic? Writer Brenna Zinn (on Keira Kohl’s blog) wrote a good piece on the subject recently. She says horror and erotic romance go together like peanut butter and bacon, except that peanut butter and bacon go pretty darn good together. She’s got some examples of what she feels are good erotic horror romance. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/QzRHoq

As for me, I’m still on the hunt. I want it romantic, scary, and hot, not necessarily in that order. All suggestions welcome.

Until next time,


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