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Gimme Some Ichabod: Thank God It’s October!

3 Oct

Sleepy Hollow has a great horseman, and a great Ichabod. Too bad it’s really kinda stupid. 😦

By Madeline Iva

It’s October already.  I think October is becoming my favorite month of the year.

Blog List for October:

-Loving Monsters


-Does Zombie Lust Count as Necrophilia?

Meanwhile, gimme some of that Ichabod Crane guy.  The actor is Tom Milson and he is a long tall drink of water. I could stare at him all day, but tell me honestly readers–do you like the TV show? Not to be a hater or anything, but I can’t STAND it!

Bill...wait! You're not Bill...Stephen Moyer playing in ANOTHER vamp/synthetic blood TV show.

Bill…wait! You’re not Bill…Stephen Moyer playing in ANOTHER vamp/synthetic blood TV show.

There’s another show you could watch instead.  A show that’s about vampires, with Stephen Moyer, vampires and a synthetic blood plot line.  No, astonishingly, it’s not TRUE BLOOD–it came out years before True Blood.  It’s a British show called ULTRA VIOLET cancelled after six measly episodes.  It had a young (hot!) Stephen Moyer in it and was like True Blood meets X Files.

I kind of like these shows that don’t go heavy on the special effects.  They rely more on character.  When they are successful they create a sense of impending doom — like this show does –and I just love it.  The impending doom of humanity’s future lurks just off screen, in the viewers imagination.  (Now that’s what I call successful TV!)

Another reason to watch is that the show stars Idris Alba.  You can find the show on Hulu.com.Ultra

But if you’re sick of TV and want some paranormal goodness in your life, might I suggest a little YA paranormal romance? I recently bought these three hot titles: VAMPIRE ACADEMY, FALLEN and DIVERGENT.

I have a bone to pick with Vampire Academy.  It’s pretty okay, but it reads like there was some book that came before it.  Major summation of back story.  Yawn! Annoying.  Whatever.


Divergent meanwhile, is a Hunger Games wannabe.  DivergentAnd so my hopes are on Fallen.  Going to start it tonight.  Southern Goth(ic)–we’ll see.  Updates to come.Fallen

So how do you celebrate glorious October? Do you par-tay? Do you like scaring kids who come to your house for Halloween? (It’s so sad most kids don’t go trick or treating anymore.) Do you break out the dry ice to create a witch’s brew–or celebrate with a horror film fest for your friends and loved ones? (My favorite horror film is THE SHINING, followed by SCREAM and ROSEMARY’S BABY.)

Leave a comment–and pretty please follow our blog. 🙂

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