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Dark Desires of Goblin Men

by C. Margery Kempe The Pre-Raphaelites seduce so many; I have the Tarot of Delphi to the left of me and a collection of postcards from the recent exhibit to the right of me, a ménage novelette Man City: Lizzie  that features an art historian who tends pre-Raphaelite paintings in Manchester — and later this month, a

Friday Fun: Girl Groups

by C. Margery Kempe I’ll be honest. I am flat out exhausted. I’ve been running like mad through my year of sabbatical writing like a machine. So here are some fabulous ladies to inspire you to get up and move around. We writers (and readers!) often spend a lot of time sedentary. Dancing is good

Beware the Ides; Embrace the Madness

By Alexa Day The NCAA Basketball Tournament starts in a few days. The selection show, which will formally announce which teams are playing this year, is later this evening. The very first games (I can’t make myself call that the first round) start on Tuesday. The real action starts on Thursday. I’m so excited that

My Secrets Are Safe With Me

By Elizabeth Shore We’re all aware of the old adage, “write what you know.” For some writers, that wisdom is like a mantra. John Grisham, attorney, writing legal thrillers. Same with Dr. Robin Cook on the medical front. They have the expertise and credentials to write novels in their chosen fields, and readers trust that

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